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Klopp's Passion so missing at Notts




So here we are, National League bound.. Capitulation against Swindon still fresh in the memory. Ardley's experienced midfield, O'Brien, Doyle and Vaughan ran through with ease by Kaiyne River Woolery a former Notts loanee, how the tide has turned! Only once, can I recall a passing move under Kewell, where a string of decent passes led to an opportunity for Tootle who didn't get hold of his shot.

We have just looked like a team of individuals, bereft of ideas or haven't been "coached" in the prior week before a Saturday game.

A similar goal to Swindon's first was conceded against MK Dons, the Notts team has had no real pace in it and have been opened up by teams that have.

Supporters were hurting, but maybe it's just me, I don't see the same level of hurt in the players faces. Losing 30k a week, how can a Notts team show so much economic mismanagement when compared to the cash generation of clubs like Macclesfield, Yeovil, Morecambe and the like?

Ardley and Cox need to voluntarily walk away now. The "highs" against Lincoln and Mansfield are a distant memory. Against the bread and butter teams, we have consistently failed to deliver.

A moment to ponder in Saturday's game, Notts had a free kick on the edge of the area, Doyle chips another pointless ball into a team that can't jump to win a header rather than having a shot at goal. 

We are where we are, we deserved National League football, from an owner that ignored the need for robust recruitment structures. 

Financial survival of the club IS the most important thing now. We must survive, move on and regroup together.

C'mon You Pies!!!

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Passion has been missing for years, it was bridged with the signing of Shola Ameobi and to some point Alan Smith.

Two people I would welcome back.

I think Notts could inject a lot more if they tried to rekindle a connection with the likes of Lee Hughes, he has a great sense of humour and is very much down to earth. I was at the Hastings Magpies game at the weekend and it was amazing to see him turning rings around players. I do feel, having someone like him in and around the dressing would only be a good thing. Get him back as a coach, he's obtaining his badges now and will retire soon from playing.

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The passion has been missing from for a few years now but I believe with the sale and welcoming the new owner Chris and Alex doing everything what owners are meant to do (in a good way) that should surely bring some passion back to Notts. The  Saying thst the fish smells from the head under Hardy I can well believe and see that but now we have owners who care and are already doing the right thing that will send positivity through the rank and file  of meadow lane. 

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