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  1. Quite uneventful so far, but I think Kyle Wootton should have just scored.
  2. He should do well, he's the type of manager that can re-group players and get the best out of them. Look at Nigel Clough, Steve Cotterill is similar. At this level he's one of the best.
  3. He played his football forward and looked to push, good player for us.
  4. I think comments in this nature just adds pressure, there's no need to say anything about hurting either.
  5. I am undecided, it depends on the quality and price. Pre-season footage wasn't always the best, sometimes it was the connection and other times shaky hands.
  6. It's got to be 442 or 433. The winger issue with Roberts being a doubt is a blow, but its not massive. I think a 1-0 win would be fine.
  7. Welcome to PON @Bennybigbear
  8. I can see Liverpool being given the PL title and Barrow going up, nothing else to happen.
  9. I do question why the airports remain open myself, they should be closed. I think part of the issue is nobody in the UK political scene has the balls to make such a big decision, it's almost like Boris Johnson wants it to be the last option and making the country force his hands further. Everything that could possible be done to fight this needs to happen quicker.
  10. Good work on the graphic front.
  11. How many more games has Notts listed to be streamed in full?
  12. Neal Ardley will be wanting the squad to come back stronger, if we are a National League team and this year finishes this way, I think adding a little more quality will see the club go one better.
  13. He still has a long way to go but he's proved himself at this times during this season.
  14. The National League held back suspending matches, but could be the first to make the whole campaign nul and void. Crazy!
  15. It's becoming confusing what might happen with different news stories being shared out there, I would think cancelling next season would make the biggest sense if it comes to it.
  16. I hope they put specials on during games and help fans to get home quicker.
  17. Welcome to PON @Rio Doherty
  18. I am sure I will find something, PON isn't a small community anymore. There are plenty of fans who can chip in and I just hope it doesn't deter anyone from joining up.

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