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  1. I think the momentum from doing well would naturally lift the club, it would ease the pressure on Neal Ardley and put Notts in a good position. Bromley are unknown to me, Notts just needs to respect them. Go for a win and see what happens, I just want to them work hard.
  2. B&Wstripes


    Enjoy your stay here on PON, welcome from me @OoooooTommy
  3. Welcome to PON, enjoy your stay @Mitch Whiley
  4. At least this is out of the way and should go along way to sorting out the lead up to games, being settled is as important as preparing to going into games with a proper plan.
  5. I haven't read anyone call for the messages head on the PON forum, it seems a sensible discussion to me. I would hope more would just try to get behind the club, I feel the media team at Notts should do more to encourage fans to be on side. There's plenty of creative ways to do this, it might not stop the idiots but everything is worth discussing if you can do it maturely.
  6. Unsigned? Good luck with the bidding. It might be worth asking one of the admins to feature this on the social media pages.
  7. Silly, why would any club or owner put the fans at risk at risk like this.
  8. Best to allow players to leave if they're unhappy, he will find a club and it will be down to him to succeed from here.
  9. It's been ages since I have seen Notts take on Wrexham. They've sold their allocation which is great, both teams should be fully up for the game. I hope they don't out sing us at Meadow Lane.
  10. Can we have these questions answered please Nottingham Post? I thought you had an exclusive with Alan Hardy recently, so why didn't you put the questions across for the fans?
  11. I wouldn't trust these types of accounts, those that spread any and every rumour aren't worth being followed.
  12. Welcome to PON @Ancient, how long have you supported the club?

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