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  1. 2-2 will be the score I feel, with a replay being forced to play out at Meadow Lane. I think Notts will start off strong, then get pegged back to level terms, only to take the lead again but to lose it near the final minutes of the game.
  2. I side with the Hartlepool fans here, it does not progress his career any more and its difficult to understand.
  3. What are your thoughts on what is currently happening with Notts right now? Why are the players leaking and giving goals away???
  4. If this wasn't to go ahead, it would be a missed opportunity for Notts.
  5. Followed by... What a day! A huge sigh of relief and optimism returned.
  6. Has someone left the coaching team? Extending it at this level doesn't seem to be our biggest priority I feel.
  7. I hope he can manage to play 25-30 games without getting injured, if he's as skilful as people say online he might end up being kicked about. Very good signing, I do agree it shows intent to succeed.
  8. Not a choice for me, its rather obvious.
  9. A lot of teams are signing a strong striker, we have Kyle Wootton but a more technical finisher is needed IMO.
  10. It won't take long for the fans to confirm if it is one of the players mentioned in here, I never understand why clubs try so hard to keep it quiet especially when they have a friendly coming up. Just sign them if they're good enough. Playing Coalville Town is hardly going to be a test for them.
  11. Shaun Brisley is a better signing for Wrexham than Ben Turner is for Buxton, one should get their wages worth.
  12. The home shirt will be my first purchase, I might get a training top this year.
  13. Happy with the signing, Taylor and Cameron both sound like players wanted by other clubs. Promising signs!
  14. Andrew Dallas could be a deal Notts completes, but with the signing of Joel Taylor can the club afford to bring in more faces for money?

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