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  1. I actually prefer the Orient goal, I just think it shows his class. Well taken goal...
  2. Welcome @ExiledPie You will enjoy PON if you join in, see you about.
  3. #19 I am enjoying the break from the club
  4. Lack of football minded people, even with the previous owners they struggled to appoint the right staff. That's half the battle if you want a properly ran football club.
  5. Yeah, I will be there. Notts are taking over Swindon tomorrow!!
  6. Welcome to the site and community @CUFC2019.
  7. Ross will be fine, the defence has improved and he knows this is his last chance. He would be on my release list but if he keeps up from his last performance I might just change my mind.
  8. I might go down on the day, at the moment I have work late Friday and a friends asked me to do something on Saturday.
  9. Mindlessly boring with very few positives to speak of, I agree due to it being one not to remember it does make it harder to give praise.
  10. Classy goals, I have seen the Mason Bennett goal numerous times and it just gets better.
  11. I imagine @Chris comes up with all sorts of jokes like this, it sounds like a cheesy dad joke. lol
  12. This would be my choice too. I think O'Brien's ability to get stuck in and work hard makes him head and shoulders above others, he's just a very tidy footballer. Jamie Turley was unlucky to go, considering Elliott Ward being absent, maybe the club should have tried to offload him? Mitchell Rose looks a capable player, I like him in midfield and at right back.

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