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  1. Welcome to PON and the community @Peter Wilhelmsson.
  2. Well done to the winners, lets see your prizes when they arrive.
  3. Interesting points raised, I would like to think the club can survive the drop but we all know what Notts can be like.
  4. Good all round player Jon Stead, always gives his best and nothing less. Well done to him.
  5. No loss, just need to find some other players who can fill the void. Some of the current crop need getting rid of.
  6. He's done enough to earn a one year deal, he has done much more than Duffy or Brisley. Some fans just like to moan.
  7. For our sake I hope he fails and that the current form of theirs go pop, it would be a boost to not only win them but knock their sail a bit.
  8. United won't hire Big Sam, he's not the type of PR they will want. They'll go for an overseas manager!
  9. Welcome from me too @George. Its a good site here.
  10. Lucky escape if he only played 8 times last season, he would have a wake up call playing in this league.
  11. Good preview, Notts have lacked pace and discipline so far but 2-2 could be possible,
  12. Think he needs to see whom can be brought out of a contract if its possible, signing wise rely on frees but its all down to budgets.
  13. Notts needs a stronger second half, so far it's a worthy lead for Grimsby. 2-0 down.
  14. All look well drawn but the best is by far Jimmy Sirrel, the likness and detail is superb.
  15. I refuse to compare or judge Neal Ardley yet, however I will say I enjoy listening to him speak. His decisions so far seem to be very good ones too.
  16. Some will always find something to complain about.
  17. Nice offer @Chris, watch you don't get others asking you for free prints because of this. You have a site to maintain.
  18. Good discussions! I felt Ross could have done better with both goals at the game but in hindsight I can see his reactions are limited. I think the first goal he could have tried but the second there was no way he would have. Merit to the Tranmere player for making the run and striking the ball well.
  19. It's just hate or foolishness isn't it? Young people think its a joke without harm and I am not suggesting this is okay, but a quick laugh for them and without little thought. You can almost see their ignorance but full on racism needs to be tackled too. There's a lot made of it happening in football and sometimes I wonder why the media ignores other incidents, the point I am trying to make is you can't ignore any times.
  20. Just me and my immediate family. We break the presents down over several hours, watching mostly TV. Then in the dinning room we get together and have Christmas Dinner. A few board games later we watch a film on DVD. Then it's just catching up and talking with snacks and drinks.
  21. This is exactly what we should be seeing and if Notts lose, they need to try and encourage a positive reaction by trying to salvage something and not just exciting the field when the games over.
  22. Sunderland deserved to be relegated and they didn't improve things when they dropped to the Championship, it's horrible for their supporters but something I don't have much interest in I am afraid.
  23. Welcome, welcome and here's another welcome but this time to PON.
  24. David Vaughan his passing unlocked the doors to allow some of the actual chances to be created.

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