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  1. @RetroPie doesn't look 2 footed, even Harvey Elliott has disagreed with the decision. Still images are damming and can make the best of challenges seen as a poor challenge. For me Struijk did it in a way that he was moving in from the side allowing him to take the ball as Elliott was moving the ball to the side of his body.
  2. @RetroPie I agree it shouldn't matter but EA Sports are showing that they care more about money than fans. As you said their are talented players in National League that should be showcased but they'd rather take into account of Hollywood owners bringing in more money from those people.
  3. @Chris absolutely but the same is to be said around the country even lower than Premier League some prices are just ridiculous. But having said that Arsenal even on their bad run and being the most expensive in the country are still selling better than City.
  4. Pep Guardiola has caused a bit of stir with his comments after their win against Leipzig. He's appealing for more fans to turn up for Man City games. Reports are that 14k tickets went unsold. This further gets rival fans taunting the name "empythad" Now, as I've always said there is a big difference between a club being a big club and a BIG club. Man City have all the money and success most clubs could wish for but they don't have the fanbase to match it. It's a little surprising tbf, once they got the money and success you'd have thought fans would have tagged along. They might be Premier League giants in terms of success but when it comes to following they're low down the pecking order even behind their city rivals Manchester United.
  5. @liampie but they won't because there's not much money to be made from that in their eyes.
  6. @Chris the lunge looks bad, yes. But the fact that he managed to win the ball and hook it away is good. It's only his momentum with his trailing leg that causes the issue. There's causes for injuries to happen in any tackle, example Ryan Shawcross and Aaron Ramsey. Struijk came from behind but at the slight side of Elliott making himself in a position to try and get the ball without going through the player. @liampie if it was a foul, why hasn't the referee pulled it up and carried on play? He was in a good enough position to see it.
  7. @Chris but as football fans we see these sort of challenges happen regularly. Even pundits on MOTD said it's one of those challenges you see often and it's a hooking challenge. Obviously it's not very good given the injury but had the injury not occurred, I don't think it would have been pulled up. The trailing leg is the issue here but as mentioned before and has been said for a while now and as someone once said on MOTD, unless you can detach your trailing leg it's always going to make contact. Had the trailing leg not been there, the ball was won.
  8. Before I get in to this, I wish Harvey Elliott a speedy recovery. No one wishes to see an injury like this occur to any footballer, especially a young lad with a bright future. Hope he comes back stronger. Now, it's a tricky situation. I thought it was a good challenge. There are angles that make you question whether he was in control or not. His tackling leg was placed well where as his trailing leg that caused the injury wasn't. But let's be honest there's not a lot we can do with a trailing leg unless we can take it off. Do I think it was a red card? No. Yellow card for me if they're going to call a foul. Referee was playing on until he realised the severity of the injury. I think it was the severity of the injury that forced the referee to give a red. Had it not been that severe I think Struijk might have seen a yellow. But where do we draw the line? If there is a 50/50 and a player comes off with a serious injury does it warrant a red?
  9. @Chris same here bud. Football Manager or Fifa I like to take teams from low down up to the top. @menzinho i have a tendency to dislike teams that have big owners come in like this tbf. I'm. On the same page, I will be rooting for teams against Wrexham. Just seen they've been added back in. Absolutely ridiculous. Boycott back on for fifa 22 now from myself.
  10. UPDATE: EA Sports have now removed Wrexham from FIFA 22. Must have faced such a backlash that they had no alternative but to do so.
  11. @Chris EA Sports don't listen and it's showing as the years go on. I mean for example FUT is saying elite players in the top division won't be relegated and will remain there. They're looking after those who spend the money in game. It makes sense for National League to be added because even normal football fans will go on, as you say Football Manager, and be a lower league team to rise them to the top. Now imagine if they included National League in to the game. You'd have more people invested in Career Mode starting from the bottom up. There's so many teams that deserve to be added and as I said without being biased Notts County are deserving of a spot in the game. The amount of outrage it caused when EA Sports announced they'd be adding Indian Super League over National League was overwhelming. They faced alot of criticism for that. It just shows you that they don't listen to their customers.
  12. Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Luton Town Bristol City 2-1 Preston North End Oxford United 3-1 Wycombe Wanderers. Joker. Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Crewe Alexandra Forest Green Rovers 2-0 Northampton Town Walsall 1-1 Mansfield Town Halifax Town 2-2 Southend United Stockport County 3-1 Yeovil Town
  13. @DangerousSausage I agree it's good from a business point but from a football point its bad and a lot of fans are against it. PES for me is slowly becoming better than FIFA. The last 2 fifas have been poor tbf and pes 2020 was better than FIFA 20. There is a football game coming to challenge fifa and pes. Ufl is a new football game looking to challenge them. On top of that former fifa ultimate team players are making a new game to challenge them too.
  14. So, Wrexham are being added to FIFA 22 making them the first National League side to do so. This is crazy. Obviously their Hollywood owners have something to do with this. Why not add other National League clubs too? Without sounding biased, Notts County have every right to be added too considering we're the oldest professional club in the world.
  15. @DangerousSausage that's some pretty good knowledge right there and interesting. It's amazing that something so basic as a league like this being introduced would create multiple leagues on a large scale like it has done.
  16. @RetroPie as I always say to my mates, we're just given everyone else a chance. We founded the league with a few others and we're the oldest professional club in the world so we're paving the way for others to have an opportunity
  17. On this day in 1888, the first ever Football League fixtures took place with 10 of the 12 founding clubs facing off against eachother. Although the 1888-89 season wasn't a particularly great one for Notts. Biggest Home Win - Aston Villa 9-1 Notts County Biggest Away Win - Notts County 0-7 Preston Highest Scoring Game - Notts County 3-7 Bolton Wanderers Finishing second bottom on "goal average" had it been based on goal difference we would of finished bottom rather than Stoke City. Things slowly got better for Notts though.
  18. I'll take that point. Second best throughout the game. Managed to deal with Tozer's long throw in really well time and time again. We were slow at moving the ball, they were able to regroup easily and pressed us down fast not allowing us to move the ball freely. Fortunate not to go 1-0 down as on replays it looked to be onside. There were times we looked threatening moving forward just a lack of support at times. Slocombe has to take full responsibility for the equaliser. Poor goalkeeping hesitant at claiming the ball in when he should he claiming it.
  19. @Feral Fox absolutely obviously as an England fan, I didn't want Scotland to do anything but his passion when they played was absolutely brilliant. Even when England played Scotland I enjoyed listening to his views. @Joshua I agree with this. When you have 2 commentators bouncing off eachother you can really get in to the game and it makes it that bit more enjoyable. @liampie that's how he always sounds though even on talksport. But his views and the way he delivers things is exceptional. He doesn't hesitate and is one of the most enjoyable ones to listen to in my opinion.
  20. @DangerousSausage I did have that in my head at the time of this writing tbf. "in your life Michael Doyle"
  21. Barnsley 1-2 Birmingham City Fulham 2-2 Stoke City Charlton Athletic 2-0 Crewe Alexandra. Joker. Oxford United 3-2 Lincoln City Barrow 1-1 Bristol Rovers Hartlepool United 1-3 Carlisle United Boreham Wood 1-1 Aldershot Dagenham & Redbridge 0-2 Bromley
  22. @Chris I have to admit there are moments I enjoy Lee Dixon's analysis of the game as he's usually spot on but I agree his commentary in the euros were very hit and miss at times and on Fifa he's annoying as hell. Clive Tyseley and Ally McCoist are one of my favourite commentary duos and hearing them at the Euros was incredible together. The line from 66 is memorable but the 2 I mentioned just give me goosebumps. As great as the 66 is and forever holds England football history it doesn't have the same effect for me. Sam Matterface is another one I don't believe should be a Commentator. He has his moments like his commentary for Luke Shaws goal is brilliant but other than that he doesn't do much for me tends to rely on others.
  23. I'm sorry but I can't believe this story. As @DangerousSausage@DangerousSausage has said why haven't other clubs done this? Not 100% but I'm sure FFP doesn't exactly exist in non league, hence Salford City when they were signing players for bug amounts. So if this was the case why don't they mention it? Something just doesn't add up as to how or why they have the money available like they have.
  24. Everyone here is from different generations and this is something I've always wanted to hear people's opinions about. What is the most iconic commentary line you've heard? What is your personal favourite commentary line? Iconic: "Aguerooooooooo" Personal favourite:"oh ya beauty. what a hit son. what a hit!"
  25. Coventry City 1-2 Reading. Joker. Stoke City 2-0 Nottingham Florist Fleetwood Town 2-2 Cheltenham Town Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United 0-1 Walsall Scunthorpe United 2-2 Sutton United Halifax Town 4-1 Maidenhead United King's Lynn 0-3 Southend United

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