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  1. It seems like you really enjoyed your time in N Ireland.Looking forward to seeing the photos. Welcome home.
  2. It would be nice to get a few experienced players signed.
  3. Glad you're getting the nice weather and enjoying yourself.Thanks again for sharing.
  4. Ooh,Super will be pleased,you've probably made his day Tony.
  5. Well done Notts, very encouraging.
  6. @super_ram I've not heard any of the traditional Irish music this time but I am quite a fan of it also, especially the older songs. Theres a show on at the Weymouth Pavillion every year called Essence of Ireland where they play all the traditional old "knees up" songs, thats usually a brilliant night! Yes,Super is always listening to The Dubliners, Fureys,Planxtey,Chieftains ,etc and Irish pipes(if not its The Sixties).He got me to go and see The Chieftains and The Fureys at The Theatre Royal and I'm hooked too. Thanks for the updates and enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  7. A chance for our team to start taking shape.Come on you Pies!
  8. Welcome Rodwell ,hope you enjoy our site.
  9. Went with Super to Castleton before our kids were born.The weather was drizzly in the morning so it gave Super an excuse for us to stay in the pub longer.We went down The Blue John Mine which was very interesting and then walked back around MamTor To Hope.In spite of the weather we had a very nice day.
  10. I hope you're getting the same lovely weather that we've had today
  11. I hope you enjoy your holiday and the weather is good for you.Looking forward to your posts
  12. Super will be pleased .He listens to Notts when Derby aren't playing or goes in the kitchen to listen to Derby and also has Notts on in the living room if they play at the same time.
  13. Ooh, Your grandad wont be very happy now.
  14. Thank you ,Super_pie. Your dad didn't care for my nick but I'm glad you like it. Love you too.
  15. Have a good holiday, Weymouthpie. I hope the weather improves for you.
  16. I enjoyed reading Treasure Island when I was a kid.
  17. I used to like watching Rainbow with my kids when they were young. My favourite as a child was Pinky and Perky.
  18. The kids might be a handful at times but they keep me and Super feeling young
  19. What about the fans who walk around with these shirts on.
  20. Thanks for the welcome Shrewswill. Super_ram has always kept me informed on site activity but now I can add my own twopennyworth .
  21. I wondered what Super_ram was laughing at. Now I've read all the above and I'm laughing too.Excellent stuff Weymouth and Joe.
  22. Aren't we all biased when it come to grandkids,Tony? We love ours to bits too.
  23. Super_ram always reads your posts to me and I always enjoy them. Well done, Weymouth,very much deserved.

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