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  1. Al_Piecino

    Match Discussion: Game 28 - United (H)

    Let's get the big flag out, that always looks fantastic as the players come out the tunnel. Then shout till your hoarse and definitely no booing... Cambridge are a bit like us and are quite fragile at the back, so a good start is a must..
  2. Al_Piecino

    Jim O'Brien Signs!

    Alessandro got a full shift in today. For me it's O'Brien, Kellet Alessandro.. And fingers and toes and everything else well and truly crossed
  3. Al_Piecino

    Who would you be happy to see leave this month.?

    Keep Fitzsimmons as back up goalie and let Pindroch go. He's done nothing in all the time he's been on the books. Jones Davies Brisley Hall Hawkridge Husin Oxlaid plus a few of the youngsters out on loan.. In... A big commanding goalie, left and right backs who can actually defend, two nasty ball winning midfielders, a big target man and a partridge in a pear tree..
  4. Al_Piecino

    Roll call .. Notts v Bury are you going.?

    We'll turn up but will the Notts team??
  5. Al_Piecino

    Hurst ruled out

    This is typical of this car crash of a club.. Get the fans hopes up just to disappoint them time and time again.. I've been watching Notts since 1975 but I'm just about sick of it now.. Mr Hardy just lock the fookin gates and put us all out of our misery.. FFS..
  6. Al_Piecino

    Match Discussion: Game 13 - Latics (H)

    Can't be arsed to be honest.. Season card will be stopping in my wallet tonight.. After 43 years supporting Notts this lot have finally done me.. I'll be having a pint and a game of skittles with just half an eye on the footy results.. Hope they win but can see a draw at best.. Al fed up pie...
  7. I think the teams around us are starting to fire on all cylinders and to be honest we've been punching above our weight all season. I can see us slipping out of the play off places altogether, but like someone said earlier, it's been a good season and something to build on for the future..
  8. Al_Piecino

    Have we bottled it?

    We've bottled it big style. To be honest we've been riding our luck since day one. This team was never going to be good enough to sustain a top seven spot never mind automatic promotion. Mid table finish at best.
  9. Al_Piecino

    Why your username?

    My name is Al and living in a small village we get a right assortment of football fans from Blades and red dogs to Stags and even a couple of Leeds and Macums, but I'm the only pie in the village. As such whenever I walked in the pub I would be greeted with "have you been to pieland" or " here's Al the pie". This eventually got cut down to AL pie and then some drunken wag decided to call me Alpiecino!! And the rest as they say is history...
  10. Al_Piecino

    best signing so far?

    As of today....Jon Stead. He'll rip this leagueleague a new one.
  11. There needs to be a better way to get served in the MLSB...the free for all is a joke and you can be waiting 15 minutes or more to even make eye contact with the bar staff..Doncaster have a queing system that works a treat and Notts should try the same. TBI or Navi for me and my mates on match days till its sorted (and believe me Notts, we sup some stuff so your missing out on plenty of cash in them tills)
  12. Al_Piecino

    Do we need more chants at / about Meadow lane?

    Definitely need more. Bla&white army over and over does my head in..At least we can resurrect build a bonfire even if its only for stags match. (Which by the way I'll miss cos I'm in Majorca :'( never let a woman book your holiday). We need a pop song we can sing all the way through, similar to Delilah We're black we're white we're kin dynamite Super Notts Oh when the Notts go marching in
  13. Al_Piecino

    Merry Christmas Folk

    HI Guys and a very merry Christmas to one and all...Just had a quick glance while I wait for me brussels to turn to mush and I like what I see..Looks like the mad website is eating itself and I'm very very happy to find somewhere decent to get my daily Magpie fix. COYP

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