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  1. I am surprised the game is going ahead but im sure most fans will still go this weekend.
  2. I think we should be more careful to be honest, i am surprised notts is going ahead tomorrow. I do think it will be cancelled after that. I think schools are looking into closing though because my eldests has asked if everyone has the internet so they can put in measures of being able to give kids work whilst out of school.
  3. These are my most recent ones(don't really take pictures of baking unless its for a birthday etc.
  4. I prefer baking desserts & cakes than actual cooking but i do both. I think my favourites are lemon slices, rainbow cakes, kids birthday cakes or chocolate fudge brownies.
  5. I dont think you can be a notts fan & a glory supporter, wheres the glory. I know they have good times but tends to be more bad seasons than good ones.
  6. We know about a bad transfer window as a notts fan... Theres been so many.
  7. They arnt loud, but very slow and take ages to get anywhere. They also break down alot.
  8. Like italy now, it really could spread anywhere, so i think if good hygiene is in place theres not a big issue yet.
  9. Probably the fact we can attend as a family and enjoy time together.
  10. Mcdonnell is doing ok, but i do think slocombe is more consistant.
  11. Prepare the squad to be able to play all those teams we did last year without going on a downward spiral.
  12. I dont play it but others in my house do, i prefer sims 4 myself.
  13. It is definetly going to spread, its just how far that none of us know.
  14. Nothing really any different to chris's. Spent time with chloe up at her grave for her 15th birthday and had a meal after. Movie night at the in laws and then relaxing weekend. Back to monday routine now and i feel ill.
  15. No but id rather be a notts fan than a forest one. One thing about forest that i find unfair is that kids cant go until they are 4yrs old.
  16. I dont watch rugby, my parents & family prefer it to football though.
  17. I dont really collect anything notts related.
  18. At the moment not much, i sometimes look what movies are on tv. I used to like watching father brown but its not on at the moment.

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