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  1. super ram and granny pie are two members who add a lighter side to pon, what with their comments about granny getting you with grannys walking sticks. some might not know that she is currently in hospital again. i think its grannys third time in 2021, i hope the doctors and nurses have gotten to the issue because i look forward to seeing grannys comments. i am sending granny all of my love and i hope you are okay @super_ram, please let her know we are all sending our well wishes.
  2. extended highlights against yeovil would be nice, but i wont watch the halifax game we all know what went wrong.
  3. i am pleased, not just for the win but ian burchnall who came under unfair fire imo. the football has largely been better and i can only see it improving over time, kyle camerons return to action looks to have settled things down. playing in the opponents half and winning the ball back quickly will always help, it was a good result against yeovil.
  4. i am not a fan of the league competition that was formed, i dont see the point in it and i think every tom dick or harry switching their nationality eligibility is ruining it. i mean those who actually play games for a nation before making a switch to either play for a stronger nation or in order to get more caps. a decision should not be permanent.
  5. i think if we put thought into whats happening, the simplest answer i can come up with is that we are not handling set backs very well. i do think its a mixture of things, possibly how we set up and how at certain stages of games the levels of focus are not at their best. losing slocombe, rawlinson and cameron have big loses in the area we are struggling the most. i dont think its a coincidence but i would say more care needs to be put into seeing out games.
  6. could this be why in the past notts have had flooding issues? anyone know?? i do remember talk of the club putting in a drainage system that would filter out but i am not sure if it was to the river. things like this are nice little finds, very interesting.
  7. notts needs to have a stronger mindset and better focus, we cant allow these types of things to constantly turn games. its just poor control of the dying moments of games.
  8. Ipswich Town 2-0 Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Bolton Wanderers Barrow 2-1 Leyton Orient Hartlepool United 3-0 Northampton Town Mansfield Town 0-2 Oldham Athletic Boreham Wood 2-2 Dagenham & Redbridge Dover Athletic 0-4 Barnet joker Wealdstone 2-1 Eastleigh
  9. i think notts will bounce back but i think it will be after this, i can see yeovil leading and notts pulling it back. a better performance and good game but not quite the win we need.
  10. if they have loses of over £20m, it does not look good for them. i hate seeing fans suffer due to stupid decisions by owners.
  11. the victoria train station, is that where the car park and bus station is now?
  12. i thought the fan forum would lift the spirits of the club, notts needs to beat yeovil. a loss will only put more pressure on ib and i dont think hes the issue. we play better football, just the defensive issues. someone should have asked what ibs plans are to tighten up the back.
  13. i thought ruben was quite poor aside from his goal.
  14. i would pass on tahvon campbell, he looks better when allowed to roam or play up top. notts does not need this type of player, yes he has scored a fair amount for woking this season but hes not a proven goalscorer. more a player pushed onto the wing.
  15. halifax are where ideally i would like notts to be, its going to be a big game because a point pushes notts back a bit more. a defeat will see us fall and only a win would really help the situation we are in right now. by situation, i mean having lost 2 games in a row. i think if everyone works hard enough, notts should be fine.
  16. i remember someone on here saying notts had two train stations, was that near vic centre?
  17. the video is a trip in a time machine, it looks a lot more enjoyable to go around nottingham back then. now its way busy.
  18. i dont understand why fans are writing the club off, the cup could make notts play out of their skins. it depends how much we prepare and take it seriously, if we allow it to pass us by then we will get knocked out. if the players want to prove themselves at a higher level, they should do well.
  19. Cardiff City 2-0 Reading Derby County 0-1 Swansea City Fleetwood Town 0-2 Charlton Athletic Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 Oxford United joker Bristol Rovers 0-0 Swindon Town Colchester United 1-0 Salford City Maidenhead United 0-1 King's Lynn Torquay United 2-1 Wealdstone
  20. i fear playing chicksen and brindley as cbs against woking, they drift out wide and forget to cover at key stages in the game. i do feel more confident about playing at home, i think that does help and if the fans make the atmosphere good, it should lift the game. i agree that o brien deserves a start, but i cant see ruben being rested.
  21. there will be more upsets, i remember last season when wealdstone went on a run which took them from near the bottom to the top. i made the point on the pon fb group that a run can change everything, especially when its a winning streak. yes they ended up falling wayward of the mark but that is where i think the teams with more together and quality will overcome the shortness of being limited. i dont think some fans really care about the long term, more what is happening right here and now. that seems short minded to me but i do think there will be many upsets along the way.
  22. i think our best formation is the one we use wing backs but the cbs need to be robust enough to cope and not be drawn out of position. we tended to leave one back and that caused issues, i think we need to be more supportive if this approach is to be used. notts are as good as anyone, but i think that playoffs is more likely. another goal scorer would make a lot of difference, i am unsure about mitchell but i do think sam can contribute if given more game time.
  23. went to devon and cornwall, usually i visit family on the isle of man but this year we had two trips. its really nice down there, much different to most spoilt parts of the uk.
  24. i think we are only seeing the start of something special, once we hit or true potential, i think the form will only build. turning some of these away games into wins would help massively, but i am impressed so far. starting a season off well, its something we have needed for awhile really. kyle wootton could hit 20+ goals by himself if he continues, he might even get his first hattrick. to say some was worried and panicked about where the goals would come from, i think we have proved already we have goals. its cutting out the ones we concede that will eventually stop.

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