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  1. Notts County 3-0 Weymouth - The perfect return
  2. The eve of the return to Meadow Lane
  3. Thanks @DangerousSausage for organising it all this year. This has been the toughest year for it, as for long spells I didn't believe I would win as I was 3rd for so long. Credit to @Dripsey3 and @Megan_Elizax for playing an awesome game this season as well.
  4. Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Birmingham City Derby County 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday Queens Park Rangers 2-1 Luton Town Carlisle United 2-0 Walsall Port Vale 2-2 Mansfield Town Salford City 2-0 Leyton Orient Halifax Town 2-1 Boreham Wood Wrexham 2-0 Yeovil Town (Joker)
  5. So glad you've posted this as it can open a lot of cans of beans in terms of debate Slocombe - Keep - Has his moments of sloppiness but has kept us in games with tremendous saves. Experienced hand Pilling - Keep - Fine back up to have. Good shot stopper just needs work on his kicking. Saves penalties as well Steele - Get rid - On a deal till the end of the season is fine. Nothing more. He's 36 and we've got Brooks coming on strong Kelly-Evans - Keep - Grafts his socks off and has the fight in him that we need. Work on his forward play and we've got ourselves a player Brindley - Keep - Good player on his day but needs to step it up again, now DKE has got back to being the #1 right-back. Intriguing battle lies ahead Lacey - Keep - Best ball playing centre half we have. On his day, he is a class above NL level but would help if we had a fitness coach at the club Rawlinson - Keep - An absolute warrior at the back for us. Hasn't had it great recently and sometimes isn't too good on the ball but is a fighter Turner - Get rid - Too many errors in him and slow. You can tell since the start of this calendar year he's been playing his last days of his career McCrory - Get rid - May be popular in the dressing room but if we are going to challenge for top spot consistently next term, we can't have a guy who spends the entire season on the treatment table Chicksen - Get rid - He may have been a regular in the side recently but he's not good enough over the full course of a season. Mistake prone and too inconsistent for a promotion winning team Barnett - Get rid - Another who is too mistake prone and I worry about every time an opposition team run down his side Doyle - Get rid - Maybe keep on as a coach. However, we need younger legs in midfield and whilst he has his days of brilliance, we can't keep relying on a 39 year old Doyle from season to season, to pull the strings Reeves - Get rid - I don't think we have a choice with Jake. I reckon he'll still be here next season due to his contract. His style of sideways first has to be binned. We bought him in to be the guy who was going to help the attack and make runs forward. Been so disappointing. O'Brien - Get rid - Started off his Notts career well but his influence in games has waned. His best years are behind him and I don't really know how he impacts games anymore. Boldewijn - Get rid - On his day, he is an excellent player but we haven't seen that Enzio at Notts. So much excitement but has never hit them high levels we expected. We need more consistent players if we are to be promoted. Can't have players, play well 1 in 8 and be ok with it. Roberts - Keep - Is this even worth an explanation? Sam - Keep - This was the toughest decision. He has been inconsistent but he's now had that year of getting used to English football. Could be useful in a front 3 if nurtured Rodrigues - Keep - A fine player with quick feet and has a moment of magic in him when we need it. Has had a year to get used to the rigors of English football. When we get going, he will be a fine baller Wootton - Keep - Our talisman this season and whilst he hasn't been great of late, he needs competition and good strike partners like he did when he had Dennis and Thomas Knight - Keep - A rough diamond and one for the future. Has positives about his play like his running in behind opposition defences. Can be nurtured and coached to work in a two up top, as well as play in a front three. In terms of loanees, Ellis is the only real one I'd potentially look at but that's a stretch. I think Wolfe would have been decent, if he wasn't so unfortunate with injuries. Showed glimpses of promise but never got a good run in the team. Knowles is not strong enough and is too greedy. More raw than an uncooked steak. Griffiths was a rushed signing at a time when we were running out of centre-mids and Crewe will want him back anyway.
  6. Steele 5 - Could have saved the goal but did make some decent saves when needed Rawlinson 4 - Got up the line a few times but some simple errors and lack of urgency to get to the ball first almost allowed Alty in Ellis 5 - Comfortable with the ball at his feet Turner 4 - Was ok in the first half with his passing, trying to link play with the strikers but still got an error in him Brindley 4 - Decent first 20 making runs forward, then looked bored sh**less for the rest of the game Reeves 4 - Too many sideways passes again. No cutting edge Doyle 4 - Same as Reeves. Error prone in the first half Barnett 4 - Tried to get balls into the box but if he's a footballer then I've got a chance still Boldewijn 4 - I think he knows he's going. Just going through the motions Wootton 4 - It's almost sad how out of form he is. Needs someone to pick up the pieces from him. Oh Kristian and Wes, where are you? Rodrigues 6 - The only player who was going to make something happen for us. May as well have done it on his own Chicksen/Knight/Knowles 4 - Didn't contribute anything to the game. Knowles seemed absolutely desperate either to give the ball away or get sent off Off to the seaside next season for Grimsby and Southend
  7. Got my hopes up being top of the table for the run in. Failing when it matters most now
  8. Luton Town 1-0 Middlesbrough Brentford 2-1 Watford Peterborough United 1-1 Lincoln City Accrington Stanley 1-2 Charlton Athletic Forest Green Rovers 0-0 Tranmere Rovers Newport County 1-1 Cheltenham Town (Joker) Halifax Town 0-2 Stockport County Torquay United 2-1 Eastleigh
  9. Blackburn Rovers 1-1 Huddersfield Town Coventry City 2-1 Preston North End (Joker) Lincoln City 1-1 Hull City Ipswich Town 1-2 AFC Wimbledon Carlisle United 2-1 Harrogate Town Exeter City 1-1 Newport County Halifax Town 2-2 Bromley Solihull Moors 2-1 Yeovil Town
  10. Preston North End 0-1 Derby County Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Blackburn Rovers (Joker) Accrington Stanley 0-1 Doncaster Rovers Shrewsbury Town 1-2 Wigan Athletic Colchester United 0-0 Southend United Mansfield Town 2-1 Scunthorpe United Chesterfield 0-1 Halifax Town Wealdstone 1-2 Maidenhead United
  11. First of all, I was Ardley in. I didn't want him to be sacked and whilst I was frustrated with performances, I didn't think he should've gone. He should have had till the end of the season at least. However, performances were becoming a concern. Since the start of 2021, we only played well against Dagenham and Yeovil and the last 20 against Solihull (h). I didn't think we'd win the league but probably would have slotted into 5th or 6th. He wanted us to take risks and gamble. He said it a lot in his pre-match and post match interviews that's what he wanted us to do but the team, more often than not, failed to step up. We needed to commit more players forward, find ways to defeat the high press and release out of our feet quicker. We needed to press the opposition back and give them more to think about as there is more players forward. This would've given us more options to pass to in the final third, which means a higher chance of putting a chance away. We needed to sign an upgrade on Rose to help us with this to allow the connection between the defence and attack but we recruited the wrong type of player in Reeves. We also never replaced Kristian Dennis. Knowles is raw and untested and instead of a 19 year old unproven talent from up the A60, we needed a goalscorer. Playing one up top has done nothing to help Wootton, as he thrived off playing with Dennis in a two man front line. In my opinion, the Ardley signings were Reeves, Chicksen, Pilling, Knowles and Wolfe and the Football Radar signings were Rodrigues and Sam (not counting Sloth cos he wasn't really here). There really should have been a more closer look into scouting methods. Let Ardley and his staff scout and let FR scout and then come together to compare to determine who we exactly is the best fit. Going back to carrying out instructions on the pitch. One word. MENTALITY. The thing that has been lacking at this club for what seems like an eternity. Ardley and Burchnall want us to take risks, get forward and press the opposition back, but we have this mentality of sitting back, inviting pressure and letting them come on to us when there is no need. It's like we're constantly worried that if we concede or make a mistake it's the end. There's no urge to have a go and take risks and take the game to the opposition and press them back into their penalty area. There's no mindset to rise above what the opposition will throw at us and come out with our just rewards. There's nothing there saying "no matter what happens, we will win." There's no mindset of we will win no matter if we play well or not and there's no belief. There's no standards and no motivation to keep on going and to run our socks off for the club. All this talk of "we want to go up cos it's a big club and we want to get the club back to where it belongs" is just talk. Show us you want to because in the last few games of Ardley's tenure and so far Burch's reign you haven't. I've stopped feeling angry about it tbh. It isn't even a numbness inside. I just don't feel anything. I don't feel attached. I love this club and I am never in it for the just the glory, but this is unacceptable. I may have not been there for the past eras but it's disrespectful to the past legends. It's disrespectful to the legacies of Sirrel, Warnock, Bradd and Masson and many others who helped build the history for this club. Show you care and sort it out because we can't carry on like this.
  12. Middlesbrough 1-0 Queens Park Rangers Stoke City 1-0 Preston North End Burton Albion 2-0 Plymouth Argyle (Joker) Blackpool 2-2 Sunderland Carlisle United 1-1 Port Vale Newport County 1-1 Cambridge United Chesterfield 0-0 Bromley Dagenham & Redbridge 0-2 Solihull Moors
  13. Slocombe 6 - Cracking save to deny Hudlin. Some of his late kicks gave me the scares Rawlinson 5 - Poor decision making. Lost his man for one of the goals Ellis 6 - Good distribution. Not much else Lacey 5 - Like Rawlo, poor decision making and erratic passing Kelly-Evans 5 - One good run forward in the first half. For all this "HE'S THE SAVIOUR" stuff, his forward outlet has been awful Reeves 6 - Started well but his impact on the game diminished. Tries to do too much Griffiths 7 - Controlled the play and put himself about a lot, trying to get things going. Only one of two who bothered Chicksen 6 - Got down the line well and linked with Knowles in the first half. Diminished impact Knight 7 - Made some great runs in behind and always looked a threat. One of two who were bothered Wootton 4 - Sorry I'm not having it. He scores that easy chance we win. Poor hold up play and lack of control Knowles 6 - Well taken goal but he scores one and suddenly thinks he's won the ballon d'or and becomes ball greedy Sam/Ruben/Enzio N/A - Didn't impact the game much There is a massive problem in the mentality department. We have this issue where we will happily sit deep and invite pressure for no reason. It's like we want to concede. It's been the same all season. Go 1-0 up and think we've won. IB is trying with a group of players who didn't create much under Ardley as well. Both managers want us to take risks, press high and get forward but when the players cross that white line onto the pitch, they freeze in the moment and don't do what the manager wants.
  14. Slocombe 7 - Commanded well Rawlinson 4 - Kept giving the ball away and didn't go forward enough with the ball out from the back. Goals may be his fault Ellis 6 - Dealt with Armstrong very well and was comfortable on the ball Chicksen 6 - Solid enough and seems better since being re-introduced into the team Enzio 4 - Started ok but his lack of closing down for the first goal cost us. Didn't contribute much from after that Reeves 5 - Didn't do terribly but his lack of creativity from deep was found out O'Brien 5 - Runs but that's about it. Not been the same since his Bromley and Chezzy injuries Griffiths 5 - Thought he was getting into the game just before he was subbed off. Need to give him the ball a lot more. Only midfielder who's going to create and run forward with it Barnett 4 - Will Hayhurst part 2. Few good performances to start his Notts career then just became poor. Not good enough for a promotion team Wootton 5 - Better second half with his hold up play but his movement in the box and his pressing was poor Knowles 5 - Too greedy. I know he's got confidence but too many wayward efforts. Had a better option on, but instead decided to shoot Knight 6 - His pace is a big threat and will help us. Still looking rusty so will need games Roberts N/A - Just want to give him a hug. Need someone to give him a vaccine DKE 4 - Been poor for a while now. Wasn't playing well in Ardley's last few games and still not playing well now. Too negative when the opportunity is there to go forward
  15. Bristol City 0-1 Nottingham Forest Huddersfield Town 0-0 Rotherham United Crewe Alexandra 2-1 Oxford United (Joker) Sunderland 2-1 Charlton Athletic Salford City 1-1 Stevenage Southend United 1-0 Crawley Town Wrexham 0-1 Stockport County
  16. Rotherham United 0-0 Wycombe Wanderers Stoke City 1-1 Millwall (Joker) Blackpool 2-1 Gillingham Oxford United 2-1 Accrington Stanley Colchester United 1-1 Barrow Stevenage 0-2 Bradford City Dagenham & Redbridge 1-0 Aldershot Town Wrexham 0-1 Torquay United
  17. AFC Bournemouth 2-1 Middlesbrough Bristol City 0-0 Stoke City Northampton Town 1-2 Shrewsbury Town Accrington Stanley 1-2 Burton Albion Oldham Athletic 0-0 Stevenage (Joker) Walsall 0-1 Harrogate Town Eastleigh 1-1 Chesterfield
  18. We've carried on the performances from Ardley's last games during his tenure. This isn't to do with Burchnall, it's to do with the players. That performance today was exactly like the ones we've been putting in, over the last month and a bit. The attitude and mentality of the players today was appalling. 3 times we went ahead and 3 times we thought the job was done. We absolutely deserve to be laughed at by everyone for that. It's disgusting, embarrassing and pathetic. We started decent as well, pinging the ball around with pace but the second half performance was dreadful. Didn't look bothered and we went back to how we've been playing recently. There is a serious need for some midfielders who run and create. I can't tell you how annoying and frustrating it is watching our centre midfielders just wander about. Reeves was horrendous and at times just had the ball at his feet and didn't have a clue what he was doing. Slocombe needs to be spoken to as well. That kick for the first goal was woeful and it lead to them equalising at 1-1. Also somehow managed to score an own-goal in the penalty shootout when it hit his legs. Unimpressed with Jake Kean's actions and I'm glad the bench told him to shut up. Jordan Barnett needs to learn how to control a ball since every time he had a first touch, it went to the moon. Thought Miller did ok and got into some good areas but his influenced stopped in the second half. Whilst I am no manager and never will be and I'm not going to pretend to know best as to what we need to do, I've got a "what players would I release in the summer list" going on at the moment and after today, three players were added to it. Players need to take a long hard look at themselves and I hope Ian and Mo realise what needs to be done.
  19. Thank you Neal Ardley, welcome Ian Burchnall
  20. AFC Wimbledon 1-1 Northampton Town Shrewsbury Town 1-1 Portsmouth (Joker) Leyton Orient 0-2 Oldham Athletic Morecambe 2-2 Cheltenham Town Stevenage 1-0 Barrow Solihull Moors 1-0 Aldershot Town Stockport County 1-1 Hartlepool United Wrexham 2-1 Bromley
  21. Preston North End 0-0 Luton Town Millwall 1-1 Middlesbrough Gillingham 2-1 Doncaster Rovers Plymouth Argyle 1-1 Bristol Rovers (Joker) Cambridge United 2-2 Forest Green Rovers Colchester United 0-2 Port Vale Eastleigh 2-1 Halifax Town Weymouth 2-1 Wealdstone
  22. Slocombe 5 - Didn't have much to do but did give me the panics when he didn't come for the ball when the defenders left it for him Lacey 6 - Solid and got forward on occasions which was good to see Ellis 7 - Excellent debut. Very good defensively and channeled his inner Jack O'Connell from Sheffield United, getting forward and supporting attacks which resulted in a goal Rawlinson 6 - Solid as per Kelly-Evans 6 - Strong in the tackle and was resilient. Was ok going forward despite the lack of end product Doyle 6 - Not a great first half but was better in the second when he got further forward with O'Brien and won the ball. Assist O'Brien 6 - Got forward numerous times and whilst he sometimes did give it away, he was willing to take risks and run with the ball Miller 6 - Was always looking to support the attack but gave the ball away when he got into the final third. Should've scored late on Boldewijn 6 - Received the ball quite a few times but didn't do much with it. Held it up ok Wootton 6 - Should have done better with a chance in the first half when he didn't connect with it properly but battled away Effiong 5 - Not a great first half by any means but improved after the break when he constantly pressed the Wealdstone defence Sam 6 - Helped us close the game out and almost had an assist
  23. Middlesbrough 1-1 Stoke City (Joker) AFC Bournemouth 1-1 Barnsley Blackpool 0-0 Fleetwood Town Bristol Rovers 2-0 AFC Wimbledon Carlisle United 0-1 Bradford City Morecambe 1-1 Newport County Aldershot Town 2-1 Altrincham Yeovil Town 2-0 Woking

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