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Notts County - View 20/02/13


This week we ask a series of questions to Natalie and Ben, with a fairly busy week for myself I haven't found enough time to get around to this but I appreciate the interest which we received when we requested fans to come forward. If you are interested in taking part please do let us know, this is something we would like to continue. Many Thanks to Jon and Iain, aswell as Natalie and Ben who answered our questions very swifty. We're very much looking forward to Friday night and hope to see a good crowd! Come on youpies!

Firstly, could you tell prideofnottingham.co.uk a little about yourself, such as how long you've been a fan for?

Natalie: I've supported Notts for over 20 years, done 70 plus grounds watching the Pies.

Ben: I am 16 year old Notts fan and have supported Notts since I was about 11, before this I was not really interested in football at all!

In our last Notts County fan view Vicki mentioned that she had met Jimmy Sirrel. Can you share any similar experiences?

Natalie: I didn't have any similar experiences really.

Ben: I have met most of the players over the last few seasons and I own a signed Sam Sodje shirt from last season which I won through Magpie Player!

What's your thoughts regarding the recent events at Meadow Lane? I.e Keith Curle sacking, High Court Appearance.

Natalie: The sacking of KC was rather premature I think and was unexpected despite 2 wins in 11 games, the high court appearance did not worry me I assumed if it was bad we would have known more about it.

Ben: I am sad to see KC leave, but can’t help but feel if he hadn’t have been sacked, attendances would have remained low until the end of the season. Some Notts fans just never gave him a chance.

Can you share a memory from your childhood and can you tell us who used to be your Notts County hero?

Natalie: Memory from childhood, 1st ever Notts game when I was around 7 years old Vs Liverpool, my Dad took me to the game and I sat in his season ticket seat DP stand and he stood somewhere else!!

Notts hero hmm never really had a hero, I liked Tony Agana for some strange reason

Ben: Lee Hughes and Luke Rodgers were my favourites! Great strike partnership and we won the league. Great season with a great ending!

What got you interested in football and are there any other Notts County fans in your family?

Natalie: My Dad got me into football he has done all 92 grounds watching Notts,he needs Crawley to complete again.My sister and her kids and my daughter are all Notts fans and my Dad.

Ben: My dad took me to Notts when I was about 10, I was reluctant to go at first but as soon as I’d been a few times I became hooked.

Do you have any outstanding football memories from the past and what are your highlights of this season?

Natalie: Football memories the trips to Wembley in the play off final especially gaining promotion to 1st division and the championship winning season 2010.

Ben: My first away game, Chesterfield when we won 3-1 sticks out for me, first time I’d been amongst fans who sang and an all-round quality day. The highlight of this season… well I’m hoping it’s still to come!

If it were possible to bring a past player to the present team who would it be and why?

Natalie: Past player I would bring back would be Tommy Johnson just for his enthusiasm and shooting power and precision.

Ben: So many to choose from, I think the current team needs a prolific striker, Lee Hughes is an obvious candidate but other players that have been in a Notts shirt have gone on to do better things, Brandy, Gow and Bogdanovic all fairly quiet at Notts but now regular goal scorers for their teams. I’d probably bring back Brandy although I would be very happy to see any of these players back!

Do you travel to many away games, previous and this season?

Natalie: I have travelled to many away games hence visiting 70 grounds, not so many this season because of funds, but I do enjoy away games.

Ben: I have been to a few Notts away games, but only the local ones. When I start earning I will try and get to more!

Where do you see us finishing this season?

Natalie: I see us finishing around 12th, but hope to get into the playoffs.

Ben: Play Offs or just outside.

If we could sign another player from a league one team who would it be? (Personally I would sign Paddy Madden)

Natalie: Signing from another league one team would be Dave Kitson, awkward and scores goals.

Ben: Clayton Donaldson, Brentford; Pacey striker who scores week in, week out.

How do you feel about our connection to Juventus and the amazing work that Italian Magpies do?

Natalie: Connection with Juve is unbelievable because we are a small league one club and they are giants and they seem proud to be associated with us which is great!

Ben: QUALITY. I love that fact that we can have some living history at Notts and the Italian Magpies are keeping it alive!

If we don't make the play-offs (as seems likely) what are your hopes for next season?

Natalie: Hopes for next season to be settled and with a settled team, gaining automatic promotion.

Ben: Next season I would like to finish comfortably in the play offs. I'm hoping that we can get a decent manager in and establish a solid starting eleven and get rid of all the dead wood at the club to free up a bit of money. If we can buy some quality in the summer that fits into our style of play, there's no reason why we can't. Enoch is a good example of players bought without thinking about how he would fit into the team. Just seemed all a bit rushed. Hopefully we can get a decent manager in that can build up his team and then next season have a proper run for promotion! You Pies

Pride of Nottingham would like to thank both Natalie and Ben for taking the time to answer our questions, we would also like to thank Iain also for showing interest.

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Yes it is Will. I enjoy this myself :)

Hopefully others won't get bored as I plan to keep doing it, I may mix things up but I keep things very hush hush until I actually do them now these days. Natalie and Ben are very kind fans and I really appreciated them taking part. Natalie took no time to respond and Ben is a lifesaver!!

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