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  1. Can we have these questions answered please Nottingham Post? I thought you had an exclusive with Alan Hardy recently, so why didn't you put the questions across for the fans?
  2. I wouldn't trust these types of accounts, those that spread any and every rumour aren't worth being followed.
  3. Welcome to PON @Ancient, how long have you supported the club?
  4. Honestly, I would say I am a bit of a fair weather fan. Supporting Notts has its limits and you can naturally get tired of all the hassle attached with following a club like this. I have no interest in any other teams but the club can get difficult to support at times.
  5. I hope the Danish consortium have a plan and understanding of football, it would be risky coming into the English game with limited foods and taking on a club like Notts which hasn't had the strongest foundations for a number of years. Yes, you just have to hope for the best.
  6. @cheeky~k8 The new owners will pay for it, Alan Hardy sort of shot himself in the foot by denying the club owed Puma their money but mentioned how the new owners was picking up the bill. It would be scary to think what would happen if this all fell through.
  7. I fail to see how the protest has been successful, a little bit of media coverage isn't worth shouting about and I would believe it's had zero impact on Alan Hardy. I wouldn't even call it a protest, no message was heard and it seemed like a handful of people wanting to steal the thunder and limelight from Hardy.
  8. I'm pissed off with the club right now. The way they treat us is disgraceful but once the takeover is completed, others will forget but for me it will take time. I am not bothering with pre-season as things stand. I will go to league games, yet I want Alan Hardy gone.
  9. It's going to be a task to settle in the squad with the takeover stalling and lack of time to prepare them for the new season.
  10. So the club won't be putting together their own full or extended highlights? I thought the only thing dropped was the actual live games??
  11. I won't be going unless we have players in and the takeover finished, there won't be a point otherwise.
  12. I actually prefer the Orient goal, I just think it shows his class. Well taken goal...
  13. Welcome @ExiledPie You will enjoy PON if you join in, see you about.
  14. Lack of football minded people, even with the previous owners they struggled to appoint the right staff. That's half the battle if you want a properly ran football club.
  15. Yeah, I will be there. Notts are taking over Swindon tomorrow!!
  16. Welcome to the site and community @CUFC2019.
  17. Ross will be fine, the defence has improved and he knows this is his last chance. He would be on my release list but if he keeps up from his last performance I might just change my mind.
  18. I might go down on the day, at the moment I have work late Friday and a friends asked me to do something on Saturday.
  19. Mindlessly boring with very few positives to speak of, I agree due to it being one not to remember it does make it harder to give praise.
  20. Classy goals, I have seen the Mason Bennett goal numerous times and it just gets better.
  21. I imagine @Chris comes up with all sorts of jokes like this, it sounds like a cheesy dad joke. lol

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