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  1. QPR 2-0 Rotherham United Stoke City 0-2 Norwich City. Joker. Accrington Stanley 1-1 Crewe Alexandra Doncaster Rovers 2-2 Blackpool Barrow 0-1 Oldham Athletic Exeter City 3-1 Colchester United Altrincham 1-4 Bromley Wrexham 1-2 Sutton United
  2. Barnsley 1-2 Nottingham Florist Luton Town 0-1 Blackburn Rovers. Joker. Rochdale 1-1 AFC Wimbledon Burton Albion 2-2 Northampton Town Salford City 1-3 Bradford City Tranmere Rovers 0-0 Grimsby Town Boreham Wood 3-0 Altrincham Wrexham 2-0 Aldershot
  3. @allardyces tash oh for sure, we as a nation have a mentality of a smaller nation. We can compete we just choose not to for what ever reason. Don't get me wrong players don't help themselves at times but when they are setup defensively there's only so much they can do.
  4. https://downthewritewing.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/criticism-surrounding-england-southgate/
  5. @liampie well not really considering Belgium only just beat them 2-1. Not to mention despite losing heavily, they also pressured Belgium in the reverse fixture to the point Iceland were dominating and leading. We're a team that needs to attack more.
  6. @Chris I get your point and I agree it is easier to play against a team like Iceland and it is harder to break down a parked bus like they did tonight. But, if we have attacking play like this against teams of high calibre like Belgium, France, Spain etc. Especially with the likes of Sancho, Foden, Grealish then we could be away because those kind of teams will be more open to counter attacks or easier to get behind because they'll take the game to us more. Tonight Grealish once again proved himself, Foden shown why he could be a contender for a start, Maguire shown why he can be a vital member.
  7. For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed watching an England game. Iceland played a very defensive game but the attacking play from England was brilliant. It's just a shame it's taken till there was nothing at stake for Southgate to play such an attacking style of football rather than his boring defensive play. Foden and Grealish deserve to start together, they both love to drive at the defence and can be a frightening thought for any defence. Was also nice to see Maguire back to his old self playing almost as a centre midfielder. I really hope that Southgate realises that we should be playing this type of attacking football regularly as we could genuinely be a threat if we play like this.
  8. @Chris but the fact is we had no creative players in midfield. Same as the rest of the games we were defensive. England games used to be fun, now it's abysmal. We don't have a problem with passing, we have some of the best passers in our team he just don't use them. But, it's Southgate who's forcing the issue of relying on players. Fans want from players but Southgate doesn't do that.
  9. We all have our own opinions on international football but the internationals should he cancelled while the whole pandemic is around. Here's why I think it should be stopped. Iceland have been given exception to travel to the UK despite playing in Denmark that are on the UKs travel ban list. Secondly, let's trace players for example Harry Maguire played against Ireland. Maguire plays for Man United. David De Gea is a team mate of his and plays for Spain. David De Gea is team mates nationally with Sergio Ramos who plays for Real Madrid. Real Madrid have multiple nations in their squad. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that start a spread in multiple nations? Plus, Alan Browne tested positive a day after playing for Ireland against England. Players will be going back to club football with which their are multiple nationalities. For me, the internationals shouldn't be going on. We're in lockdown to avoid spread and have travel bans in place yet nations can travel from place to place.
  10. @RetroPie exactly, we can boast about our attacking options but what's the point when we don't use them as effective as we can
  11. Another England game, another disappointment. Englsnd cannot now qualify in the Nations League. From the moment the team sheet was announced, it was inevitable that it wasn't going to have a good ending for England. The only positive was Grealish getting his first competitive start for England and he played excellent. First half was not great at all. The free kick that led to Belgiums second should never have been given. Kane was unlucky not to equalise, Lukaku did well defensively. But other than that chance, we looked like doing nothing. Second half was much better, we were getting behind and creating chances more but it was with help from Belgium as they sat back pretty much the whole second half and let us attack and even though they weren't bothered about attacking as much, they still effortlessly got behind our defence and created dangerous chances. Southgate needs to realise this formation and some of his selections do not work before it's too late. This nations league campaign with these players and formation has been diabolical. When Grealish was attacking and looking to drive at the defenders, you could see how annoyed he was having to play it backwards. We allowed Belgium to regroup quickly rather than catch them on the break which we could have done on several occasions. Not to mention that Belgium were missing Hazard and Carrasco who would have added to their attacking threat.
  12. @liampie interested to know how it's a stupid game? It's a historic game, England's first international was with Scotland. Its about bragging rights. Also it's in a major tournament, imagine if they were the ones to eliminate us it'd be embarrassing and would never live it down. Vice versa if we beat them and eliminate them, bragging rights once again. Remember the last time we played them in Euro 96? Electric. Obviously if fans aren't allowed in grounds by then, it kind of dulls the occasion. I get what you're saying it not being Germany but our rivalry with Scotland shouldn't be over looked. @CliftonMagpie absolutely would feel like a win to them and would be disappointing for us like that time we drawn with them 2-2 in WC Qualifying thanks to a last minute Harry Kane goal.
  13. @menzinho i think they could be a surprise but nothing spectacular. The England v Scotland game will be great hopefully fans will be allowed in
  14. Totally agree with this part. Speaking as a father, my daughter started her first year in school last year but because of the first lockdown she missed out the rest of her first year from March. She went from learning so much at school to then slowly forgetting most parts. Even with home schooling. Children at the same age as both mine, 5 & 3, home schooling isn't exactly a learning environment. Home is where they feel comfy. TV, toys, their own things, all distractions from them learning. Since my daughter went back to school in September, she's learnt so much more again and has even been praised and awarded a certificate for her willingness to learn. There's only so much schools can send out to help children learn but a child still learning in their first few years of school may get confused by teaching methods at home as it may not be the way it is in schools.
  15. @Dripsey3 you'd love to see them beat England? https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.a9b821acea2e0cc801d3307214edafb1&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fqeA0jZAlsCHAI%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=qcsSBRH2JREGPLqtd5FDW6O6e73oxPzJjsZMY6X4rXs%3d @DangerousSausage I'm more excited at the prospect of Trent v Robertson tbf
  16. Northampton Town 1-2 Accrington Stanley Shrewsbury Town 0-2 Swindon Town Carlisle United 2-2 Cheltenham Town. Joker. Colchester United 3-1 Leyton Orient Harrogate Town 2-4 Crawley Town Barnet 1-0 Bromley Altrincham 1-1 Aldershot Chesterfield 2-2 Maidenhead United
  17. @Chris I don't particularly like the Scots, mostly due to the rivalry with England, but it's the only time I'll ever be glad for Scotland qualifying because we will be playing them. Wales, they were arrogant last Euros, obviously we put them in their place when we played them. I lost respect for them when they celebrated us losing to Iceland. But I did say the same thing at wor, it's very small nation like for them to celebrate qualifying for a tournament like they've won something.
  18. Social media is usually fully of negativity which is why many try to avoid it. This subject is no exception. I understand both sides of the case tbf but I lean more to keeping him. My opinion is that we should keep him for the simple fact that most have the misconception that we should have walked this league. But, it's not as simple as that. Before the season started we weren't sure if we'd even have a season, had football not stopped when it did for the lockdown, I believe we could of potentially challenged for the automatic spot as we was on a good run during that time. Plus, say we do sack Ardley. Ardley is gone and a new manager comes in say an experienced manager from League one or two. The new manager then goes on and loses his first 8 games and finishes bottom half of the table. What then? During covid, football is pretty much anyone's game, there's going to be some strange results. We've seen it with like Villa beating Liverpool 7-2. Didn't get chance to see the game on Saturday but from what I've heard it was poor BUT we had a few weeks without football due to players testing positive. Before that we were on a good run and the game we lost against Maidenhead we had a couple of the starting 11 missing for positive results. Just think this time last year, how we started the season and how we ended it. But, on the other hand of the argument it can sometimes be understandable when you see the tactics he uses in certain games that just doesn't seem to work it often feels like he's forcing it to work when it never was going to.
  19. My brothers are 10+ years older than me and growing up I was surrounded by the likes of Oasis, Stereophonics and Blur. (I still stand by my statement of Oasis being the greatest band of all time). I also grew up listening to the likes of ABBA and Motown which was usually the choice of music played at family parties as my grandad used to DJ at pubs and do his own karaoke (he's also the reason I became a Notts fan, so another thing he passed down ) But tbf, I like all kinds of music. My taste ranges from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Phil Collins to Clubland and Stormzy.
  20. With Scotland winning tonight, they progress to the Euros. Date for the diary.. June 18th 2021. England v Scotland!!
  21. Golden Grahams. The only place that sells them where I live is Morrisons, we never really shop there but I always make a trip down just for the cereal
  22. @liampie from a football perspective absolutely great! @thommo legendary @Joshua anything by Linkin Park is always a banger!
  23. @DangerousSausage that is epic, it's in a few movies never knew what it was called but I'll give you that one. This is one hell of a choice, well played!
  24. Just been listening to some music whilst doing the washing up and some of them have some incredible intros. What is everyone's favourite intro to a song? Doesn't have to be the best but your personal favourite. Mine would have to be either Sweet Child o'mine or Bittersweet Symphony.
  25. Brentford 2-0 Swansea City Norwich City 2-1 Millwall Crewe Alexandra 1-1 Gillingham Sunderland 1-3 Ipswich Town Lincoln City 0-3 Portsmouth Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Mansfield Town Cambridge United 2-3 Salford City Harrogate Town 1-4 Tranmere Rovers. Joker

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