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  1. I understand that purchasing merchandise is a good way of supporting the club, but in my case I think to support Notts through membership would be the best way. I have Forrest fan friend and he told me he donated some money to Notts when it needed them most.
  2. Hello Just wanted to donate some money to the club but did not find any "Membership" on the website. As you know I am Evertonian (and I hope you remember my story and why Notts County) but I really like Notts County. And as Evertonian I am not sure if it's good idea to buy any club merch but Everton's. So what do you think if there are enough Notts supporters outside of Nottinghamshire or UK to provide Official Notts County Membership? Or it is there already and I just can't find it? Thanks
  3. Coventry City 2 - 1 Reading Stoke City 1 -1 Nottingham Forest Joker Fleetwood Town 1- 1 Cheltenham Town Shrewsbury Town 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyll Hartlepool United 2 - 1 Walsall Scunthorpe United 1 - 2 Sutton United Halifax Town 2 - 2 Maidenhead United Kings Lynn 0 - 1 Southend United
  4. When I lived in Kiev I was sure that ticket's price in English football is unreasonable high. Now I live in Canada and I can say that price isn't so awful. Even more, I would say many clubs could increase it. I understand that nobody wants to pay But real world to enforce us to help our clubs by our money. Of course if we want more than "just play"
  5. Hello guys, Two weeks ago Harry Redknapp said about Notts County: "They should be in the Football League. It's a great, historic, football club. They should be playing league football." I shared this with Russian-language Everton fans (as I told already I am Everton supporter), we have a chat-room, and offered them to discuss what they think about Notts County. Is this "great" club, big club or just club which has great (big or regular) history? There are few young guys (early twenties) their answered: we don't even know this club. I must confess I was unpleasantly disappointed with this answer. But common idea was that Notts County is definitely not small club but club is far far away from big football now and much below their actual level. And it has really great history. What do you think what kind of club Notts County is? No doubt Notts should be playing league football. If we're talking about the club's resources, what is the real level of the club in the historical aspect and at the moment? Thanks
  6. As I told already, Notts squad is just good not enough But let's still hope
  7. Slocombe - 50/50 Pilling - Keep for future Steele - Out Kelly-Evans - Keep Brindley - Keep Lacey - Keep Rawlinson - Keep Turner - Out McCrory - Out Chicksen - OUT Barnett - OUT Doyle - Toooooo old. OUT Reeves - 50/50 O'Brien - OUT Boldewijn - 50/50 Roberts - Keep Sam - 50/50 Forward must scores more Rodrigues - Keep Wootton - Keep Knight - No idea Summary: Notts County needs to build almost new, more talented and younger team
  8. Actually I didn't think about franchise system.
  9. @DangerousSausage I didn't mean to merge the clubs. My point is if one club in the same city have more opportunity than two. Does Derby County have some advantage over Nottingham's clubs? Or Leeds United over Birmingham's. I am not talking about how the clubs use their opportunities, it's obvious that Liverpool's or Manchester's clubs are better managed than Leeds United. Once again my question is if one club in the same city initially or by definition have more opportunity than two.
  10. What if... What if we had one big club in the same city? Outside London of course. For example: Aston Villa in Birmingham Sheffield Wednesday in Sheffield Everton in Liverpool Notts County in Nottingham etc... I will try to explain what I mean. Look at Bristol - big and important enough city in England but they don't have really strong team. If they put all their resources into one club Bristol Rovers as the oldest in the city they could get more benefits. Is not it? Leeds and Derby have one club and those clubs are more successful than Bristol's. So what do you think, is that good idea to have one big club in the same city?
  11. Birmingham City v Barnsley 0-1 Derby County v Coventry City 2-1 Crewe Alexandra v Swindon Town 1-1 Blackpool v Portsmouth 1-1 JOKER Forest Green Rovers v Newport County 1-1 Colchester United v Crawley Town 2-0 Solihull Moors v Hartlepool United 0-2 Wealdstone v Torquay United 1-3
  12. QPR v Rotherham United - 1:1 Stoke City v Norwich City - 0:2 Accrington Stanley v Crewe Alexandra - 1:1 Doncaster Rovers v Blackpool 1:0 Barrow v Oldham Athletic 1:0 Exeter City v Colchester United - 2:1 Altrincham v Bromley - 2:2 Wrexham v Sutton United - 1:1
  13. Barnsley v Nottingham Forest - 1:2 Joker Luton Town v Blackburn Rovers - 1:2 Rochdale v AFC Wimbledon - 1:0 Burton Albion v Northampton Town - 2:1 Salford City v Bradford City - 2:0 Tranmere Rovers v Grimsby Town - 2:1 Boreham Wood v Altrincham - 1:0 Wrexham v Aldershot - 2:1
  14. Northampton Town v Accrington Stanley 1:2 Shrewsbury Town v Swindon Town - 2:1 Carlisle United v Cheltenham Town - 1:1 Colchester United v Leyton Orient - 2:1 Harrogate Town v Crawley Town - 1:1 Barnet v Bromley - 1:0 Altrincham v Aldershot - 1:1 Chesterfield v Maidenhead United - 1:2 Joker
  15. Preston North End v Birmingham City - 1:2 QPR v Cardiff City - 2:1 Portsmouth v Charlton Athletic - 1:1 Wigan Athletic v Northampton Town - 2:1 Cheltenham Town v Forest Green Rovers - 2:2 - Joker Stevenage v Grimsby Town - 1:2 Yeovil Town v Chesterfield - 2:2 Bromley v Eastleigh - 2:1
  16. BBC: "County, who won the FA Cup in 1894, have never failed to reach the first round of the FA Cup in their history'' /
  17. Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers - 2:2 Bristol City v Swansea City - 1:1 Accrington Stanley v Bristol Rovers - 1:1 Lincoln City v Ipswich Town - 1:2 - joker Oxford United v Swindon Town - 2:1 Morecambe v Forest Green Rovers - 1:1 Salford City v Crawley Town - 2:2 Stevenage v Leyton Orient - 0:1
  18. Millwall v Luton Town - 3:1 Norwich City v Birmingham City - 2:2 Burton Albion v Rochdale - 1:1 Northampton Town v Swindon Town - 0:1 Grimsby Town v Harrogate Town - 2:2 Joker Tranmere Rovers v Leyton Orient - 2:1 Bradford City v Walsall - 1:1 Wealdstone v Chesterfield - 1:0
  19. @KB1862 How do you want to change something and keep Southgate? And who was the last team manager without negative tactics? Even when England had kind of dream-team with Gerrard&Lampard&Co... What about Jordan Pickford, he is Everton fans as well as club headache. He is weak link, but it is too hard to replace him of his price and salary. Carlo Ancelotti said: "He is a great goalkeeper. He has my total confidence." But I think he said this to be polite to Jordan. Gareth Southgate is in better position than Ancelotti, but probably he bow to Ancelotti, if Carlo said: "He is a great goalkeeper" it means he is a REALLY GREAT goalkeeper
  20. Why PrideofNottinghamTV Youtube chanel doesn't work anymore?
  21. Birmingham City v Sheffield Wednesday - 2:2 - Joker Rotherham United v Norwich City - 2:1 Portsmouth v Doncaster Rovers - 3:1 Charlton Athletic v Wigan Athletic - 2:2 Walsall v Exeter City - 1:1 Mansfield Town v Bradford City - 1:3 Weymouth v King's Lynn - 1:1 Solihull Moors v Boreham Wood - 2:0
  22. Accrington Stanley v Rochdale 1:2 Swindon Town v AFC Wimbledon 2:1 (Joker) Cambridge United v Newport County 1:1 Port Vale v Carlisle United 2:1 Walsall v Colchester United 1:1 Bromley v Torquay United 2:0 Maidenhead United v Hartlepool United 1:2 Yeovil Town v Wrexham 2:2

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