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  1. Hmm... like most I've got no interest in the competition, but I was at least expecting a better performance considering the players we put out. They were only up against a Newcastle youth side, it was a chance for the likes of Dennis, Vaughan, Husin, Thomas, Patching and Kellet to make an impression and by the sounds of it they didn't. A bit of a missed opportunity there...
  2. I was only able to listen today but I was incredibly surprised to hear Brisley in centre mid. I get that he's big and he'll win headers but his passing and general skill level is pretty low, on his good day he's your basic, kick it, head it, win type of defender. I can only guess he was a kind of stopper and I can't imagine he really helped build any attacks. It's also not exactly a vote of confidence for the likes of Vaughan and Husin. My only tiny gripe with Kewell would be substitutions, when we went a man down against Crawley I was surprised he didn't get fresher legs on quicker, we waited for about 20 minutes, they should have been on much sooner in my opinion. Likewise today, we didn't really have many opportunities until the pen, but he chose to keep it as it was. Why bring Dennis on with about 5 mins left, what is he supposed to achieve? He's proved can be very effective in this league, give him a bit more time. That all said, not really complaining 9 points from the last 3 games is fantastic, unbeaten in 5 as well. On the whole it's a big improvement and it finally feels like our season has started!
  3. As Milsom will now be serving a 3 match ban, that opens up a spot in our midfield and we're not exactly short of options! Vaughan, Husin, Kellet, Crawford and Patching will all be vying to take the spot. Personally I'd go with Vaughan, he's very skilful and whilst no longer the most energetic I think Hewitt's mobility can help offset that. I am intrigued by Crawford though, having come through at non-league level I think he could cope with the physicality of League 2 football. So who would you like to see partner Hewitt? Or would you pick a different pairing altogether?
  4. I did not think after 10 games of the season we'd be in a kind of must win situation. I think the next two games against Crewe and Macclesfield are massive. If we come away with 0/2 points we are seriously in for a relegation battle this season. If we get two wins I'll feel comfortable we're in for a season of mid-table obscurity. The performances have been better; Stevenage are a good side, Northampton are (no disrespect) not so much, but we were away from home. Crewe are a real Jekyll and Hyde team, on their day they play well and get a good result to go with it. Luckily they don't have good days too often. I think if we start well and score first we'll win it. (Please God let us win it) 2-1. Hemmings and Ward.
  5. Not conceeding 3 goals would be a start, maybe it's time to try something other than 4-4-2? You can vary formations when you have and haven't go the ball 3-5-2 to a 5-3-2 or 4-3-3 to a 4-5-1. We haven't really adapted to stop the opposition so far this season. Last weekend was better but I've still got doubts about our defending. 2-2 (and that's being hopeful!)
  6. I'm hopeful Stevenage will underestimate us (rightfully so) and we'll see the results from a proper week of training with Kewell; that being play like Barca and ease to a 3-0 win! However if recent form is anything to go by Stevenage will probably score a late winner and beat us 2-1. I can see it now; a hopeful ball into the box finds their striker in plenty of space unmarked and 6 yards out. His attempt is fumbled by Fitzsimons who drops it. Our defenders in a panic try to clear it but get in each others way and can only watch as the ball is scuffed into the back of the net. I know we're only 7 games in, but we really need a positive result tomorrow!
  7. Are these panic signings? Criminal that we didn’t sign a left-back to compete with Jones at the start of the season (I’m not buying Kellet as a left back) and get another experienced centre back to compete with Duffers & Brisley. Jamie Turley by all accounts was very good in non-league and was signed by Feeney for Newport. He suffered a knee injury which required him to have an operation. He didn’t play a league game for them again and spent last season on loan at Boreham Wood where he helped them finish in the play-offs. Cedric Evina effectively lost his place in the first team to a 21 year old at Crawley at the back end of last season. Strange one, he seems to always impress clubs in spells but has been released from his last two. Kewell didn’t sign him for Crawley in the summer even though he was available, I wonder why? I’ll reserve judgement until they’ve played a few games for us, I agree that we need a keeper though. And so much for quality over quantity ay?! Is that 7 centre backs we have now? JAYSUS!
  8. I'd love to see more of Crawford and Patching. From completely different ends of the spectrum. One having broken into the first team in the physical all action of non-league and the other schooled at one of the best academies in the country with numerous caps for the England youth team. I'd send them both on loan, they cannot just play development football we'd be completely wasting them. On paper in a couple of years time they could be a bloody brilliant pairing for the central midfield. Is it not a bit depressing to think our middle two could both be 35, I'm having flashbacks to Smith and Jones (not the comedy double, fooled me though) and their complete lack of mobility.
  9. Right, the positives... Well that's one of the long trips done. Erm, Enzio can bang them in when he gets the chance. And; that's it. Maybe I'll switch the England game on, they're good at the minute I bet they're winning... Oh...
  10. I've read two posts on twitter; one from a Charlton Athletic fan who said he looked good for them when he was on trial with them this pre-season. And anther from an MK Dons fan, who said he was one of their best players from January onwards and thought he'd be class in League 2 even though he was getting on a bit.
  11. I thought so too, hopefully he can back it up with some positive results in the coming weeks.
  12. I'm a big supporter of Fitzsimons but even I'll admit this season he's regressed. I can't imagine it's helping as there’s no competition for the GK shirt, Fitzsimons was effectively told he was the new Number 1 in the summer and his current understudy is a youth team player. Where is Pindroch? Actually who is Pindroch? Is he real or just a figment of all our imaginations? Hopefully Kewell will bring in another keeper, get some competition for the spot back and maybe we'll see the Fitzsimons we saw last season...
  13. I didn't know there was a Brazilian international named Menzinho! I used the name for a different reason so it's a complete coincidence. I got the name when I started playing football as a kid, when asked what position I play I said anywhere as I just wanted to be a part of the team and being small and left-footed I got placed at left back. Then a couple games in we were missing a couple of players, I played much further forward and scored a hat-trick. As my surname is Menzies I was jokingly called Menzinho as the coaches were all totally amazed that this 'left-back' was picking the ball up, knocking it past players and scoring. It kind of stuck and I didn't play left-back much after that! One for you @AmericanPie, are you a big fan of the Don McLean song or is the origin of your username simply that you're stateside and if so where about?
  14. Today was frustrating to watch. A lot of good points have already been made and yeah how have we become so disorganised? This obsession with becoming a slick-passing side has taken its toll on the start of the season. It feels like there’s an onus on going out to entertain (not that we have been) and this whole rigid, defensive outlook has completely gone out the window. The transition into this new system has been bad, really bad. The players look like they don’t know what to do with the ball when they have it; nobody wants the ball and the movement and awareness is shocking. Couple that with how we’re so bad without the ball as well at the moment and it really feels like we are back at square one. There’s a lot that needs working on and I hope Harry Kewell can sort it so I can post something more positive!
  15. Doidge has gone! Pretty fantastic news for us, he's one of the best strikers in the league in my opinion. If we play Hewitt at RB with Husin and Vaughan in CM again I'll go for a 2-1 loss. If we play Hewitt in the middle, I'll go for a 1-1 draw. Hoping for a win (obviously) but I'm just not feeling confident. Kewell was at Notts' training session today and hopefully got them together to gee them up!
  16. Gone Dundee, does he know it's absolutely freezin' up there in winter? They're bottom an'all. So... *End of thread*
  17. I think part of the reason the defence has been so poor is because the midfield in front of it has offered very little protection. Vaughan can't cover the ground, Husin off the ball is weak and Thomas and Enzio don't always track back. Hewitt and Milsom in the middle both cover the ground, get stuck in and therefore offer the back four that little bit more protection. I hope Milsom is fit and can come in straight away because he's the type of midfielder we've been missing. I never really wanted Kellet to come in and play LB, having seen him in the past he's too good on the ball and is wasted when he plays there in my opinion. I'd much rather see Milsom there if Jones is injured.
  18. It's been pretty much confirmed by BBC Nottingham Sport and Leigh Curtis that it's happening. To be honest the more time I've had to think about it the better I've felt. From all accounts he wants his team to play out from the back but isn't afraid to change things up. Maybe he'll be a great fit, he should be more suited to the type of players we have at the club and the style of football it would seem AH wants us to play. He's going to need to hit the ground running though cos from what I've read he's certainly not most fans first choice!
  19. We're interested apparently, he's a centre back from Preston with one international cap for Ireland, but he's only 5'10". (Maybe he's got some leap on him?) I wonder if it was someone KN was looking to bring in? It would be strange to sign someone without the new manager being in place. https://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/3046928/motherwell-and-notts-county-keen-to-land-andy-boyle-on-loan-from-preston-north-end-as-kevin-oconnor-joins-crewe-Alexandra/
  20. I think the 3rd manager under contract might be Michael Flynn from Newport. They're 5th at the moment and if he can get a team with Scot Bennett at CB to 11th in the league he must have something about him!
  21. Pretty underwhelming names in L2 assuming the better managers will be happy at their current clubs. Kewell in particular he's been alright at Crawley but nowhere near as good as KN was with us (bar the start of the season). I wonder if we're delving into the National League for our next manager? Dave Challinor from AFC Fylde, Daryl McMahon from Ebsfleet or Paul Doswell from Sutton United all have decent records. Anyone here follow a bit of non-league football? I can't say I know much.
  22. I don't know how to feel about this, I get it; we're bottom and we've spent a lot of money at our level for this season. However Nolan did very well last season to get a squad that in my opinion was (loanees aside) a pretty average L2 squad, into the play-offs. I think at the close of the season in some behind the scenes meeting something must have been said about trying to change to the style of play. I know it wasn't great to watch at times but Nolan got system that worked for the players. Big guys upfront, a bit skill out wide, 2 battlers in CM that provided the back 4 with protection and a style that revolved around getting the ball up the pitch quickly, getting the ball into the box, pressing the opposition and winning the 50-50 balls. In the space of 3 months we've bought in technically good footballers and tried to change the style of play to pretty football with a manager who all his career has played this direct and physical style of play. Somethings got to give and a guess it's easier to get rid of Nolan then revert back to our old ways with players that don't really now fit this system. But WHY did we change something that fundamentally worked for us? A system that got us into the play-offs. Had we signed the likes that fitted that system in the summer we probably would have started the season with a better points return. If we're so intent on playing on the floor football, you need a proven manger that gets results that way or we could be in for a long slog of a season...
  23. I've always thought Noor Husin looks like he could be Sanchez's younger brother...

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