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  1. It would be good to extend it but from how much they break down now, unless that changes, it won't be worth the cost or disruption
  2. Ive swapped school volunteer work to helping my kids with their work on school days(seen as now its at home). Ive done abit more tidying up & cooking more food than i'd like to. Being at home all day, especially on sunny days is starting to make me miss days out & picnics on warm sunny days. Im actually looking forward to going to a local shop for food . I usually hate it coz of my anxiety and other people but its so much easier when less people are out & they stay away when they are.
  3. Only one thing that i know i could never actually do. Bring my first born back to life.
  4. @thommo if people dont overbuy that would be good but currently some things arnt available online so people have to go to the shops for some things. There also isnt enough slots available for the amount of people wanting to use it... Alot are missing out.
  5. Im guessing we will be stuck in non league even though we did so well to get in the play offs this year. If only this could of been last season... We could of hoped they didnt relegate anyone.
  6. Yes most people routines have been completly changed or gone all together. People really do need to listen.... Id love to go on our summer holiday this year but its looking doubtful. I definetly know my kids are off, they may have work to do but they are also eating way more food than they do on a school day.
  7. The last week was an odd one. School closing fully on fri but superpie was off last week from wed coz it closed for his yr since then. We are all stuck in unless i essentially need to go and get food or medication so we'll have to make the most of it and ive got to help my kids with school work, especially my youngest. Seems odd to not have a routine im so used to though. Its only got this far because people haven't listened to social distancing.
  8. I wish people would keep their distance normally, people also need to listen to not going out unless its essential. Until some people left who arnt listening stop, we will be in lockdown for a long time.
  9. I get the feeling it will cancel this season but i do hope not... Notts got so close.
  10. I do wonder if the game will go ahead.
  11. Not good news, such a shame. I can see this being an issue for other clubs at the moment too unfortunetly.
  12. If we cant go with id go with @chipmunx option. I wonder why!
  13. They seem to know more about football stats and get players in that others may not have looked at. I know partly down to the manager too. The bills are being paid and money is still invested, i just hope it carries on but not have too much financial strain on them.
  14. Everyones basically doing what id love them to normally, stay away and not many ppl be out. Now we just go to skeggy as a holiday. I did like tenerife & corfu when i was younger too, the sea was much clearer and warmer. Skegness has more for families to do though.
  15. No one will be given a chance to play at the moment.
  16. Apart from feeling ill at the start of the week, i've helped out at school and done usual house stuff. Ellie was then ill on thurs & friday. At the weekend i picked up one of Ellies birthday presents, a baby crested gecko. She loves it!
  17. It is needed but a shame because we were doing well, if it was last season i dont think as fans we would be as bothered.
  18. It does make sense but i also can see alot of issues with it as it currently breaks down alot creating a big backlog of trams as it is.
  19. Neal Ardley & the squad are doing well at the moment.

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