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  1. Some never wanted moyes sacked in the first place Joe. I am confident we can turn things around, its slowly resolving.
  2. Well done everyone! glad to see the sites doing better. Make this place somewhere to be proud of guys!
  3. Thats good I think you will also! All the best with the survival fight.
  4. Does anyone think notts might slip up? Good replies so far, very positive. Good luck
  5. This as been pretty popular over on MUP and our fans are pretty much behind moyes, only a small minority feel he is not the right person. The majority of our fans think 10th to 5th, I think 5th is the target now. Where do you think Notts will finish?
  6. Win, lose or draw I am a happy fan. I am not one of those who blame moyes and the majority of fans I know appreciate he needs time. I dont know any united fans who dont go to games, its probably like your neighbouring side. I pop my head back in and your all discussing us!
  7. I noticed you guys was two to nothing up and very early on. What the hell happened? Keep fighting!
  8. The players have not settled with Moyes, majority of our fans blame him but its always the same when you takeover somewhere. Chelsea are not a better side, they have got good form and a manager who is used to their squad. Juan Mata is exactly the type of signing we require and will help us correct things. Our defence is the problem!
  9. Voted. Have fun voting everyone, nice to see PoN growing with each visit I make.
  10. Ha! My thoughts exactly! Horrible looking, mind you the pond looks fun!
  11. I agree that players need to see some sort of time out before they receive a red card, it might actually benefit the game and reduce blatant fouls. A quote of how many foreign players is something I am also in favour of seeing but I think it should be more of limit on how many can be fielded. I disagree with the triple ruling, this would be a major step back imo. Captains should only be able to discuss things with the referee, yet players who have been fouled should be able to apply. Last two I would agree with.
  12. Well done Notts! If the Match Report is anything to go by, it seems things are slowly being fixed. Keep fighting!
  13. I am not going to lie, I skimmed through. Good read! I wished I genuinely had more time to read this. This does not seem to mention his song? As a United fan, I am surprised. >http://youtu.be/dibEEI-vW4Q
  14. I heard you guys beat the blades today! Shaun Derry seems to have made a huge impact, I know it is still early days but are you guys generally happy with the direction hes taking your club? The jury is still out with Moyes, I was nervous about our game today but we won. Best of luck with the rest of your season.
  15. I've been a way for to long. It seems your growing from strength to strength, happy new year to you all.

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