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  1. batonncfc

    Can we start to get excited yet?

    Notts are playing like sharks right now, they sense a goal and press for it. Enzio must have believed he could win the ball back for Macclesfield and his attitude towards not giving up rewarded the whole squad with a deserved penalty. I think we could all tell the first win would undo the issues, the focus and balance is there now. I am excited but at the same time I am grounded.
  2. batonncfc

    Daily chat thread - Wednesday 10th October

    I am on my break at work right now, so just scanning for news and I thought I would post a little on here. Not a lot to say, it's getting colder outside.
  3. batonncfc

    Guess the magpie

    Mark Draper
  4. batonncfc

    Defence is a problem

    He did okay today but he doesn't voice himself much. The whole club is the problem now. It's not just one thing, it's a group of issues collectively burying the team.
  5. batonncfc

    Can we welcome a new addition to Pon

    Hi @Julie, welcome to PON.
  6. batonncfc

    How many PON members can reply once to this?

    [18] - I'm pondering how Notts can be this poor, the clubs a laughingstock again.
  7. batonncfc

    Daily chat thread - Saturday 8th September

    All thrills later as I will be listening to Notts. Right now I am preparing myself for the worst and another potential defeat.
  8. batonncfc

    Paul Hart leaves Luton for Notts.?

    He has a lot of experience which should help Harry Kewell. I would get Paul Hart also involved in helping to prepare the youngsters for first team football.
  9. batonncfc

    Exeter City on IFollow

    I might join the match chat but it's my radio where I will be listening.
  10. batonncfc

    Just for fun, caption this!

    Nolan: "I could kiss you Harry for catching the eyes of Alan Hardy. I can move towards bigger and better things"
  11. batonncfc

    One of lads had is tweet on the news

    Was this on Sky Sports News or another programme? Do you give signatures yet @Piethagoram?
  12. batonncfc

    Can we welcome our new member to Pon ..

    Welcome to PON @Phil4nic
  13. batonncfc

    Songs for England in Euros

  14. batonncfc

    EFL Trophy

    It should be scrapped completely in my humble opinion.

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