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Alex Bass Energised by Notts County Move Amid Ambitions for Success


Notts County has finalised the signing of goalkeeper Alex Bass from Sunderland, adding a talented and experienced player to their ranks. The move, which has sparked excitement among the club's fanbase, is seen as a significant step towards fortifying the team for the upcoming season.

In an interview, Bass expressed his enthusiasm for joining the club, saying, "I'm really excited to be here. It's something that I really look forward to. The pull of the club and everything that's going on was a real appealing thing to me, and I'm delighted to be here."

Reflecting on his previous campaign with AFC Wimbledon in League Two, Bass considered last season a success despite narrowly missing out on the playoffs. He stated, "It was a good season. I think they wanted a bit of stability after the season they had before, and we did that. Just obviously just missed out on the playoffs, which was a real shame. But on a personal note, I felt like I had a really good season. So hopefully another season here to kick on, and we'll go again next season."

Bass's individual accolades, including a close call with the Golden Glove award, were interrupted by an untimely injury. "It was an annoying one. Obviously, personal accolades are really good to get hold of, and unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to get that. But there's always next season, and hopefully, we'll take it home with us this season," Bass said with optimism.

When asked about the appeal of Notts County, Bass spoke highly of the club's atmosphere and potential. "It's a great club. I played here last season, and it was a great atmosphere, a big club. I feel like it could easily go higher, and hopefully, we can do that next season going forward. You never know; you look at the clubs that have gone up, you can go up again, and that's a big thing that we'll hopefully do here."

Acknowledging the crucial role a goalkeeper plays in Notts County's style of play, Bass is keen to embrace the responsibilities. "Yeah, definitely. It's a big position, I think, as a goalkeeper, and you need to have a calm head when things aren't going your way. I like to think that I've got a nice calm head, and I'll just go into the position and really push forward and hopefully have a really successful season," he remarked confidently.

Richard Montague, Head of Recruitment at Notts County, highlighted Bass's commanding presence and impressive shot-stopping abilities. Bass concurs, noting the importance of these traits in League Two. "Yeah, definitely. I think, obviously, being in the league last season, I know what it's all about. You've got to be a commanding presence in your box. You've got to come and take your crosses, your punches, little things just to get the ball away from danger. Your centre halves love it when you come and catch the ball in the 90th minute and just kill the game. It's something that I've really worked hard on in my game, to be that commanding presence, and hopefully, that will continue."

With pre-season in full swing, Bass is keen to settle in quickly and integrate with the team. "Great feeling, everyone has been very welcoming and glad to have me on board. And likewise, I'm glad to be here. Hopefully, everyone can form a good partnership together and push this club higher up the leagues," he enthused.

As Bass begins his search for a new home in Nottingham, his focus remains firmly on contributing to a successful season. "Yeah, definitely. We'll be looking straight away. Hopefully, get up here as soon as possible and go from there. I'm staying over tonight, and hopefully, try and find some houses tomorrow to get settled."

With Alex Bass on board, Notts County's future looks bright as they aim for promotion and success in the upcoming season.

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i am confident that we have signed a quality keeper, he speaks very well and his previous experience is impressive. its going to be exciting watching the team play, as if we are solid at the back that must give encouragement and some freedom to the players who are attacking.

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I think Alex Bass is going to be a fantastic addition to the Notts County squad. His comments about his previous season and how he missed out on personal accolades despite his strong performance show he’s determined to achieve more. I’m confident his experience and positive attitude will be crucial for the upcoming season. It's also refreshing to hear about his eagerness to settle down in Nottingham and get straight to business. This could be a turning point for our defence and really push us towards promotion.

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Alex Bass being signed by Notts County is quite the statement! The way he spoke about the club's atmosphere and potential has got me pumped for the new season. His experience at AFC Wimbledon will be essential, and it's great to see a player who's not just talented but also truly committed to his team's success.

His calm demeanour as a goalkeeper, especially in crucial moments, will undoubtedly help the team. Really looking forward to his impact on the pitch!

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I'm really thrilled about Alex Bass joining Notts County. His experience in League Two with AFC Wimbledon will bring a lot of strength to our backline. It’s great to hear his positive outlook on the club and his eagerness to contribute to potentially rising through the leagues. His calm head and commanding presence in the goalpost are exactly what we need.

His comments about the warm welcome from the staff and his excitement to settle in Nottingham show that he's committed to the team both on and off the pitch. It’s always beneficial to have players who are focused not just on their game but also on their integration into the club's culture. Really looking forward to seeing him in action this season.

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Alex Bass is the quality goalkeeper that we needed and I'm over the moon that he has signed for us.

All three players who have signed for us wanted to come here because they were attracted by the way Notts play and the quality players that we have in the team.

They were also attracted to Notts because they acknowledged that Notts are a big club and they wanted to be part of the possibility of future success.

Things are really looking up for Notts for next season and I for one, can't wait for the season to get started.

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Having someone like Alex Bass join Notts County is exactly what we needed! His tenure at AFC Wimbledon demonstrated his skill, and his near-win of the Golden Glove, even with that unlucky injury, proves his calibre. His interview was genuinely insightful, highlighting his professional journey and his excitement about what lies ahead. It's clear Bass sees the potential in our club and is ready to help us climb the leagues. Can't wait to see him defend our goalposts this season.

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Settling in Nottingham: It’s heartening to learn that Tsaroulla intends to settle in Nottingham. This commitment bodes well for the club, especially considering his age. Having him around for several more years would be beneficial. His signing not only promises personal growth but also has the potential to spur players like Tiernan Brooks to elevate their abilities further.


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Alex Bass seems like the perfect fit for Notts County. His experience from AFC Wimbledon, combined with his obvious enthusiasm and calm demeanour, should make him a valuable asset to the team. I’m really intrigued by his comments on the club’s atmosphere and potential for promotion. Goalkeepers with his level of focus and drive can really make a difference in tight matches, and it's reassuring to hear that he’s keen to develop further. Here’s hoping he can help us secure that much-needed promotion!

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