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What would have happened................?

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If Notts had gone for a more experienced manager when they sacked Kiwomya, there were three other managers who were available at the time if memory serves me well, Nigel Clough, Steve Cotterill and John Gregory.


Clough went to Sheff Utd., and they just missed out on the play offs finishing 7th after being down the bottom with Notts, Steve Cotterill went to Bristol City who ended up finishing a very creditable 12th and I think John Ward was available and he went to Crawley who were also near the bottom and he steered them to safety and a finishing position of 14th.


So had one of these managers been appointed would we have had an easier time at the end of the season and not had the nail biting finish we did have?


Not that I would change anything because I think Derry has done a fantastic job.

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Nigel Clough went to Shef U who,IMO,were greatly underperforming and did what Steve Mac did at Derby.He brought in some good loans and tweaked the way they played.The circumstances were a bit different at Notts.SD inherited some poor players,with the wrong attitude and others who seemed to be 'lost' I don't think anyone else could have done a better job.

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I'm with @super_ram on this one.

I don't think anyone was a shoe in. The players may have acted the same as when Derry came in, who knows.

Could SC do the same as 4 years ago with these players, not a chance.

John Gregory would not have gone down a treat with the Notts Fans, we would have been like it is such an underwhelming signing.

Nigel Clough? Ha ha ha, going from Derby to Notts County would have seemed 1,000,000 miles away. Nice thought though. I have a feeling he is going to do better than his dad

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I don't think it would have made much difference. Sheffield United were in a totally different position to us in that they already had a pretty good side who for one reason or another, took half the season to click, and he also had a far bigger budget to help dig them out of their hole with. Even a few weeks after we'd beaten them in January they were 2nd bottom.


It's a very similar story with Bristol City and Steve Cotterill. Their rise to safety may not have been as big as that of the Blunts but he still had far more resources to work with than what Derry has with Notts.


As for Crawley, the sacking of their manager was  a very odd one. They may have been near the bottom 4 at the time but you have to remember that they lost something like 6 home games in a row to the weather, and in the end they finished about as midtable as you could get.


I don't think any of those managers could have done any different at Notts to what Derry has done. Cloughie junior and Cotterill both went to much bigger clubs with far greater resources, bettter squads and far greater budgets.


Someone else who I seem to remember coming up at the time was Danny Wilson. Even I wanted him at the time but in the end he ended up going to Barnsley, who were in a similar position to us at the time, and he couldn't save them from the drop.


I think the appointment of Derry proved a masterstroke in the end. He was a breath of fresh air, and being a young rookie manager there was no real pressure on him to dig us out of what was an already big hole. He united the club, and he and Greg Abbot have put the "Notts" back into Notts County.


I think it all bodes very well for the future. Players now want to come here again to work with the manager and Greg Abbot, and Abbot ofcourse has, and will continue to be a big help for Derry, with his years of experience at this level.

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I think we would have still managed to survive if we had taken on someone along the likes of Danny Wilson.

However, I don't think any of the other candidates would have restored the fan base and gave much optimism. Also, it's unlikely youngsters would be getting a push and we might still have deadwood around. I can see why Notts went with SD, he's got the passion which makes you instantly connect and the majority of other managers might have been a stock gap.

It's good we have a manager who won't be leaving when it gets tough, if SD can do well. I can see him easily building us up, credit to Greg Abbott too!

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