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  1. This would be my choice too. I think O'Brien's ability to get stuck in and work hard makes him head and shoulders above others, he's just a very tidy footballer. Jamie Turley was unlucky to go, considering Elliott Ward being absent, maybe the club should have tried to offload him? Mitchell Rose looks a capable player, I like him in midfield and at right back.
  2. Many happy returns to you @Ellie_Pie10.
  3. A lot of talk but very little news being mentioned, I think Coventry are clutching straws with their hopes of returning. They need new owners more than ever now.
  4. No, I haven't. With the amount of debt attached to attending and the struggles to gain employment I think working is the best route into it. Training is especially easier with the right company.
  5. No, we look as good as gone to me but I live in hope.
  6. I think very few stood out as having a good enough performance, most was average and a few very disappointing.
  7. Hello there, welcome to PON @J1894S.
  8. A draw would have been a better result for them, I would have been thrilled to see Notts win 2-0 but it wasn't to be. Today just was very empty.
  9. Take care of yourself @Chris, I wish you a speedy recovery.
  10. Come back with three points, we need a win and the games MASSIVE.
  11. I would be curious if any players have been rumoured, not that it changes things I think we have had a great January recruitment drive.
  12. It seems to have gotten all quiet on the takeover front, has anyone heard anything? It's perhaps for the best that the club handles this internally with the focus on the pitch being at a high time high.
  13. Fantastic work with all the prints, I hope they're selling well and I hope to see PON improve further.
  14. He looks dreadful, hard to see how he made it as a pro even with pace when he can't run with the ball or show any sort of trickery.
  15. What point did you lose faith in Hardy and the club? Difficult question I guess to answer but I would like to ask all fans who read this, not only to comment in detail but share your thoughts as this makes discussions more interesting. Recent events have made me disillusioned beyond repair about the ownership of the club, for me Alan must go. I hold some faith that Notts can survive but it's very little. Worrying times again for us all.
  16. If only Duffy took inspiration of Hardy and cleared off, he's a laughing stock of a defender and needs to go ASAP.
  17. Hemmings isn't really a tidy a finisher but he would be a welcomed return, what he does is create movement and time for others to have a go.
  18. Looks okay but ineffective due to the players around him, the tactics seems all wrong.
  19. Welcome to PON @faz1961, do say hello when you can.

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