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  1. I agree with @Chris. Pineapple has to be the best pizza topping in my opinion I don't know how you could say anything bad about it. @DangerousSausage @Piethagoram
  2. Luke Chapman looks like he could be decent fit for our team.
  3. Grealish deserves a move but I agree that a team like city aren't the right move for him
  4. I think we will do well this season and we have made some decent signings
  5. 4 sound like a good number of signings to make to me
  6. I thought he would retire but if he still wants to play he should go for it
  7. I hope he plays well in the 2021/2022 season
  8. It's disappointing that we didn't win the tournament but at least we made it to the final and even the 3 players who missed the penalties have done us proud.
  9. Not really surprised he moved to a team like blackpool
  10. I think there are some good players out there we could sign
  11. I think Jim or Sam deserve it the most and will probably do the best job at leading the team on the pitch.
  12. He's a good player but we are going to miss mark ellis.
  13. It's a shame to see him gone as I thought he was a brilliant player for us who helped us a lot.
  14. I think we played well and deserved rather a win or a draw we played to well on the attack to lose in my opinion but sadly our defence lacked a bit
  15. A good game although we let off the gas as we got to half time and they started to get back into it
  16. Good performance from notts just switched off at the end of the half when we conceded from Barnet's first shot of the match.
  17. I think notts will win but I'm not sure about the score I think it will at least be 2-1 but I think notts might score more than 2.
  18. Kyle Wootton took his goal well, he put off their keeper by acting as if he was going to pass. Notts lead 1-0
  19. I am ready and looking forward to the first game of the season Im not sure how well do but I reckon well have a promotion spot in the table.

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