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  1. Thank you ,to all at Notts County. From the owners, staff to the players for giving us something to be proud of.
  2. I am a traditional fan, so B&W home shirt.
  3. Let 's all do the Hughey !! This must happen, it would create a good atmosphere around the club.
  4. @steve61 I joined from Twitter, and I haven't looked back since. I find the forum refreshing to chat and make points about Notts, but the content is top notch. The admin here does a fantastic job at running a Notts community.
  5. I feel a lot more confident about the midfield now we've signed Matt Palmer, he should be able to get Notts going in games.
  6. A lot of unknowns being signed, that will make it difficult to judge some sides but I think Notts has a wealth of experience amongst the new blood. I don't think Notts needs to worry about any team so far.
  7. Delighted but I do feel IB needs to sign another experienced CM. We have the defensive side covered, just need to add the legs and creativity now.
  8. I don't like either, fans will say there's not much you can do with black and white but there's a million designs out there better this this.
  9. Notts might not have been interested in him, looks like a typical Non League player. John Rooney would be a realistic player worth putting a bid in for, he's got goals and usually helps teams to the top. Fits Notts previous transfer model of being related to a famous Premier League player.
  10. Good analysis and discussion, I for one would like to see two more strong signings that adds a bit more power to the Notts County lineup.
  11. I sometimes don't see the point in trialists, once you play them in a friendly it alerts other clubs and if a player is good enough, surely they're worth signing on what a scout says. It makes me think some might not be deemed good enough or ready just yet. With the reserve team in place it made a lot sense, as the players tended to be younger and more upcoming.
  12. I agree that settling in eases the nerves, I think the return of fans will help Notts out during this upcoming campaign. Joel Taylor sounds up for it.
  13. I don't buy training wear, but the black polo shirt might be something I get for those warm games!
  14. 4 would be the minimum in my eyes, no more than 6 by the start of the season. Players need to fill in if injuries happen.
  15. Two key areas I see, having more quality in terms of goal scorers and players who can add height to the squad so that set pieces can be defended properly.
  16. Positive sign that players are getting a 2-year-deal as standard, shows we are building with the future in mind and not just to disassemble the squad at the end of every season. Joel Taylor looks like a promising signing for Notts.
  17. I eat in the Navi or Embankment pub before games. I don't ever eat in football grounds.
  18. Perhaps a transitional signing? League experience at a lower level and good enough for the next tier.
  19. I can't see Kabongo Tshimanga signing for anyone outside of the football league, he has been immense for his club. Andrew Dallas would be worth the punt IMO.
  20. I am glad Notts are getting Wrexham out of the away as early as possible, they're building a team to fight for promotion and we already have a good core of lads.
  21. Good squad member, he might know he won't feature much but I wouldn't be surprised if DKE forces himself into the squad.
  22. Surprised is the word I first thought of, good luck to him but hes far past his best.
  23. Not the advertisement he would've wanted for his career, I wondered why his appearances remained 0 after leaving Notts.
  24. Still plenty of time, usually Notts has the players on trial and sign the majority throughout the pre season friendlies.
  25. Passionate player, who is still at a good age but in his interview he didn't seem to like the word experienced which is what he offers Notts the most. Good to have him tied down for another 2 years!

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