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  1. To round up what the Germans would call an "English week" (a week with matches on the Saturday, the Tuesday and the following Saturday), it's time to dig out those well-worn crystal balls once again. Kick-off is Saturday at 3pm, and remember your jokers! Birmingham City v Swansea City Blackpool v Preston North End Shrewsbury Town v Cambridge United Accrington Stanley v Portsmouth Bristol Rovers v Newport County Hartlepool United v Harrogate Town Chesterfield v Boreham Wood Solihull Moors v Halifax Town
  2. Just seen the highlights - ouch. To be fair he was looking to square it, but he squandered a promising break. Rodders was unlucky with that free kick (part of the ball looked to be over the line, but not quite all of it), and Roberts would have buried his chance if he'd thought about it a bit less. Other than that, far too little. No disrespect intended, but our strongest team bar Wootton MUST be beating Southern League opposition, however well they acquit themselves. Good to see the away end looking full. Shame they weren't rewarded.
  3. Kick-off is TOMORROW (i.e. Tuesday) at 7.45pm. Don't miss out! @Dripsey3, @nottsnutter, @4everapie, @jimbob, @magpiejue, @barnet11uk, @KB1862, @Chris, @Feral Fox, @allardyces tash, @TheSkipper, @Joshua, @Alex, @CliftonMagpie, @Canadian
  4. I might as well post my predictions while I'm at it... QPR 2-1 Blackburn Rovers Sheffield United 1-2 Millwall Gillingham 1-1 Doncaster Rovers Portsmouth 0-2 Ipswich Town Rotherham United 2-1 Wycombe Wanderers Harrogate Town 0-2 Tranmere Rovers Oldham Athletic 1-0 Walsall Salford City 2-0 Rochdale (joker)
  5. The results: Millwall 0-2 Luton Town Nottingham Florist 2-1 Blackpool Cambridge United 2-2 Ipswich Town Fleetwood Town 3-0 Crewe Alexandra Lincoln City 2-1 Charlton Athletic Bradford City 2-2 Bristol Rovers Crawley Town 0-1 Sutton United Exeter City 2-2 Newport County --- This week's winner is @gtownjohnno with 13, while @Dan also made double figures. Congrats! @gtownjohnno - 13 @Dan - 11 @4everapie - 9 @Dripsey3, @DangerousSausage, @TheSkipper - 7 @nottsnutter, @liampie - 5 @magpiejue - 4 @super_ram, @jimbob, @barnet11uk, @KB1862, @Chris - 3 @ARLukomski, @GrannyPie - 2 @Megan_Elizax, @Joshua, @CliftonMagpie - 1 --- Getting a slight sense of deja-vu here - @Dan has once again overtaken @Dripsey3 to take top spot, while @gtownjohnno moves a bit closer to the top... Dan - 93 Dripsey3 - 91 gtownjohnno - 83 nottsnutter - 74 4everapie - 73 super_ram - 71 jimbob - 68 magpiejue - 64 DangerousSausage - 63 barnet11uk - 60 ARLukomski - 54 Megan_Elizax - 54 GrannyPie - 49 KB1862 - 46 Chris - 44 Feral Fox - 29 liampie - 28 allardyces tash - 17 TheSkipper - 14 Joshua - 14 Alex - 7 CliftonMagpie - 5 Canadian - 4 --- But there's no time for any of you to rest on your laurels - the next round is on Tuesday, so the fixtures have already been posted. Go and give it your best shot!
  6. Hi everyone, it's time for our first midweek prediction league in a while. The rules are the same - you get one joker - and the matches kick off at 7.45pm, so I'll need your submissions by then. Good luck! QPR v Blackburn Rovers Sheffield United v Millwall Gillingham v Doncaster Rovers Portsmouth v Ipswich Town Rotherham United v Wycombe Wanderers Harrogate Town v Tranmere Rovers Oldham Athletic v Walsall Salford City v Rochdale
  7. Was out and about yesterday so didn't tune in this time, so my view isn't worth much. But in general, we've placed all our bets on Wootton and the two Rs. If they have a poor day or the opposition susses us out, we haven't got much else. And that would appear to be why we've got ourselves a bit of completely unnecessary fixture congestion, with a plum tie against Rochdale the reward.
  8. Millwall 1-1 Luton Town Nottingham Florist 1-1 Blackpool Cambridge United 0-2 Ipswich Town Fleetwood Town 1-1 Crewe Alexandra (joker) Lincoln City 2-1 Charlton Athletic Bradford City 2-0 Bristol Rovers Crawley Town 0-2 Sutton United Exeter City 2-2 Newport County
  9. There's a bit of a balancing act here. If we make too many changes, it looks like we're not taking the opposition seriously. We shouldn't be making 9 or 10 changes. On the other hand, a bit of rotation would give some of our squad players the chance to show what they can do and could even result in a better performance. Players like Vincent, Sam and Mitchell have a point to prove and were brought in to get us back into the League - they aren't raw youth team players. Vincent in particular needs match practice. But rotation works better when the players who are being brought in and grafted onto an established spine rather than throwing together 11 players who have never played together before, so I'd hope to see Cameron, JOB et al in there too.
  10. Wow, I hadn't really picked up on that. He's admittedly not cut a very confident figure in his last couple of appearances, but he gives his all. How is singling him out going to help? Unfortunately some people don't understand football much at all, and with social media they've got a voice. Either they find a scapegoat or it's "sack the manager" (some have been continuously calling for the manager's head ever since Cotterill left) or it's "bring in a 20-goal-a-season striker" (like it's that easy - I've seen the club criticised for not bringing in Paul Mullin, as if he'd have rejected Wrexham's Hollywood owners and 8k a week if only Notts had given him a call). Again and again.
  11. Although some teams (ahem) will spend Saturday tearing strips out of each other for the right to play the likes of Crawley Town in the FA Cup, there's a full league programme on in the Proper Leagues. And so we have round 12 of our prediction league - the matches kick off at 3pm, and you get a joker each. Millwall v Luton Town Nottingham Florist v Blackpool Cambridge United v Ipswich Town Fleetwood Town v Crewe Alexandra Lincoln City v Charlton Athletic Bradford City v Bristol Rovers Crawley Town v Sutton United Exeter City v Newport County
  12. Tamworth's glory days of the National League and Gary Mills are over, they play at the same level a Hornchurch now. Theoretically we should have too much for them, but we've been knocked out of our stride lately and will be nervous. Whoever we field will need to keep a cool head and let their quality show, otherwise it could be a long afternoon. As for the team, I expect some different names to be given some match practice, Vincent being a prime candidate.
  13. Bananas and oranges. Apples are too r*d, where are your principles? Grapes I can tolerate as you can get alcohol out of them. Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. I tolerate people who eat this concoction, but only on the condition that I don't have to share it. Grapefruit is just vile in all its forms.
  14. The results: Ipswich Town 2-1 Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 Bolton Wanderers Barrow 1-1 Leyton Orient Hartlepool United 2-1 Northampton Town Mansfield Town 0-0 Oldham Athletic Boreham Wood 2-0 Dagenham & Redbridge Dover Athletic 1-2 Barnet Wealdstone 1-2 Eastleigh --- After a couple of lean weeks, we've got some higher scores! Our winner this week is @Dripsey3 on 13, closely followed by yours truly with a spectacular 12! @Dripsey3 - 13 @DangerousSausage - 12 @Dan - 10 @nottsnutter, @ARLukomski, @allardyces tash - 9 @4everapie - 7 @jimbob, @barnet11uk - 6 @GrannyPie, @Chris, @liampie, @Joshua, @CliftonMagpie - 4 @gtownjohnno, @Megan_Elizax - 3 @super_ram, @magpiejue, @TheSkipper - 2 --- So we have a change at the top, with @Dripsey3 sneaking past @Dan once again. And plenty of movement elsewhere too: Dripsey3 - 84 Dan - 82 gtownjohnno - 70 nottsnutter - 69 super_ram - 68 jimbob - 65 4everapie - 64 magpiejue - 60 barnet11uk - 57 DangerousSausage - 56 Megan_Elizax - 53 ARLukomski - 52 GrannyPie - 47 KB1862 - 43 Chris - 41 Feral Fox - 29 liampie - 23 allardyces tash - 17 Joshua - 13 TheSkipper - 7 Alex - 7 CliftonMagpie - 4 Canadian - 4 --- And that's us for another week. The next round is on Saturday, so the fixtures will be online from Wednesday. Have a good week!
  15. Not 100% sure @upthepies , it seems to be a combination of things. An absentee chairman who has overseen a promotion or two, but who has now presided over two straight relegations so it's all gone sour. I'm guessing that he's financed the club by "loaning" money to it, so the 20m figure is what he's put in. I think the Trews did something similar. It doesn't mean he will ever see it back. Call me selfish, but I'd prefer them to struggle on for another season or two. We don't need yet another promotion rival with money to burn! A 4-0 home spanking against Chesterfield later, they've now sacked their manager too. But worry not, Stan Collymore has ridden in like a knight in shining armour to save the day: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58862741
  16. I didn't get round to posting, but I thought a gritty, ugly 1-0 win would have done us a world of good, so I'm delighted with the result. It was just important to get back to winning ways and just get the basic things right again. Looking forward to seeing the highlights of this one!
  17. @4everapie, you've forgotten the matches at Dover and Wealdstone. Ipswich Town 1-1 Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday 1-2 Bolton Wanderers Barrow 1-1 Leyton Orient Hartlepool United 2-0 Northampton Town Mansfield Town 1-1 Oldham Athletic Boreham Wood 2-0 Dagenham & Redbridge (joker) Dover Athletic 0-3 Barnet Wealdstone 2-1 Eastleigh
  18. The rules are the same, 3pm Saturday is kick-off time. Good luck - and remember those jokers! Ipswich Town v Shrewsbury Town Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers Barrow v Leyton Orient Hartlepool United v Northampton Town Mansfield Town v Oldham Athletic Boreham Wood v Dagenham & Redbridge Dover Athletic v Barnet Wealdstone v Eastleigh
  19. The capitulation coming three days after the Woking game just makes it all the more shocking. If it were a one-off we could just write it off as one of those things that happens in football. But in the last 20 minutes of the last two games we've shipped seven goals and taken zero points when we should have gone away with four at the very least. I can't help but wonder if the team has a mentality problem. Have some of the players got the idea lodged in the back of their minds that they are too good for this league? They train in good conditions, play in a nice big ground in front of crowds of more than 5,000 and in many cases played a good chunk of their careers in the Proper Leagues and/or had offers from League Two clubs in the summer. Obviously the club signed them because the recruitment team think they are too good for this league (and can therefore take us out of it). But if they were, we wouldn't be tenth. Halifax and Woking's players, with all due respect, know they aren't too good for this league and have to fight for every single point. Perhaps that hasn't quite dawned on our players yet, at least in their subconscious. We have to accept the fight in order to win it. It doesn't matter how talented our squad is if it goes missing when the chips are down. Yeovil next. If you're reading, you have something to prove.
  20. The results: Cardiff City 0-1 Reading Derby County 0-0 Swansea City Fleetwood Town 1-2 Charlton Athletic Sheffield Wednesday 1-2 Oxford United Bristol Rovers 1-3 Swindon Town Colchester United 0-2 Salford City Maidenhead United 2-3 King's Lynn Torquay United 5-0 Wealdstone --- That was a tricky one. As with Notts, points were at a premium this weekend, but five of you did manage to get five points each: @Dripsey3, @gtownjohnno, @barnet11uk, @Chris, @TheSkipper (welcome back!) - 5 @Dan, @super_ram - 4 @ARLukomski, @KB1862, @liampie - 3 @magpiejue, @4everapie - 2 @nottsnutter, @Megan_Elizax, @GrannyPie - 1 @DangerousSausage (what's wrong with me this season?) - nul points --- Aaaand here are the standings. @Dan is top by a single point and @gtownjohnno joins the top three: Dan - 72 Dripsey3 - 71 gtownjohnno - 67 super_ram - 66 nottsnutter - 60 jimbob - 59 magpiejue - 58 4everapie - 57 barnet11uk - 51 Megan_Elizax - 50 DangerousSausage - 44 ARLukomski - 43 KB1862 - 43 GrannyPie - 43 Chris - 37 Feral Fox - 29 liampie - 19 Joshua - 9 allardyces tash - 8 Alex - 7 TheSkipper - 5 Canadian - 4 --- As on Tuesday the teams in the Proper Leagues are playing in something called the EFL Trophy (a competition we've opted out of for the time being), the next prediction league round is this coming Saturday. So keep an eye out for the fixtures here from Wednesday evening onwards. Thanks for playing and have a good week!
  21. Cardiff City 1-0 Reading Derby County 1-3 Swansea City (j) Fleetwood Town 2-0 Charlton Athletic Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 Oxford United Bristol Rovers 1-0 Swindon Town Colchester United 1-1 Salford City Maidenhead United 2-0 King's Lynn Torquay United 1-1 Wealdstone
  22. Time to gaze into our crystal balls again on Saturday. Kick-off is at 3pm, and remember your jokers Cardiff City v Reading Derby County v Swansea City Fleetwood Town v Charlton Athletic Sheffield Wednesday v Oxford United Bristol Rovers v Swindon Town Colchester United v Salford City Maidenhead United v King's Lynn Torquay United v Wealdstone
  23. All the best to you and @GrannyPie, @super_ram. Wayne Rooney's reign has been "interesting", but for all his faults he does really seem to have thrown himself into his first management job. Others would have been looking for the door.
  24. Possibly, it all depends on how we react to our last result. It's certainly handy as it keeps them within shooting distance. The only thing is that Woking are our next opponents, and they'll arrive full of confidence after beating Furlough FC - quite the banana skin.
  25. The results: Blackburn Rovers 5-1 Cardiff City Nottingham Florist 1-1 Millwall Morecambe 3-3 Accrington Stanley Oxford United 1-1 Gillingham Hartlepool United 1-1 Exeter City Sutton United 4-0 Carlisle United Dagenham & Redbridge 5-1 Solihull Moors Stockport County 2-1 Wrexham --- Congrats to @super_ram, who got this week's highest score! @super_ram - 11 @gtownjohnno - 8 @jimbob - 7 @4everapie, @Megan_Elizax, @GrannyPie, @ARLukomski - 6 @Dan, @Chris - 5 @nottsnutter, @barnet11uk, @KB1862 - 4 @Dripsey3, @magpiejue, @DangerousSausage - 2 @Joshua - 1 --- Overall, @Dan nudges past @Dripsey3 to re-take first place, but the top end of the table is looking a lot tighter... Dan - 68 Dripsey3 - 66 super_ram - 62 gtownjohnno - 62 jimbob - 59 nottsnutter - 59 magpiejue - 56 4everapie - 55 Megan_Elizax - 49 barnet11uk - 46 DangerousSausage - 44 GrannyPie - 42 ARLukomski - 40 KB1862 - 40 Chris - 32 Feral Fox - 29 liampie - 16 Joshua - 9 allardyces tash - 8 Alex - 7 Canadian - 4 --- And that's yer lot until next Saturday. Fixtures will be online from Wednesday evening onwards. Ta for playing!

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