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  1. The lack of coverage is shocking, you would have thought Notts had fallen off the face of the earth by dropping out of league two. Its very poor.
  2. Mine would have been the 76/77 season, I think it was a 1-0 defeat to Layton Orient.
  3. Notts at Wembley tends to be a sign of better things to come, it would be nice to go back. For those who put no importance on this, think about what happens if Notts wins it and make the playoff final. That excitement and experience will just be empowering.
  4. I don't know much about Ricardo Moniz, it seems from past discussions here that he's fondly remember for his short time here. His CV will look attractive to clubs, I bet some obscure team will jump at his approach.
  5. Keepers do have the hardest job on the pitch. You have 10 men to attack and defend a game, only one keeper to protect the net. The odds favour one on ones.
  6. Options within the current squad should be explored before looking elsewhere, Ardley has a duty to keep the players happy and for the sake of the teams morale he should look to trust what he has within the squad.
  7. You couldn't even make it up, what will they think of next? Football has fallen into a dangerous territory where idiots think they can adapt the game to suite themselves.
  8. The barn garage is up, its looking quite good. Plenty of space inside to store my truck until its sold. As for the house I have spent the most part of the week trying to sort downstairs, whilst having a contractor work on the staircase. Not much else I can add to this. I hope all are well.
  9. If there's option and Neal Ardley has a chance to keep fans happy, that is the first option which should be explored.
  10. I wonder how many PON members use the PiesPlayer. Features Live audio commentary of all league matches Full league match replays* Extended match highlights Interviews and features Full pre-match press conferences Behind the scenes content Post-match interviews Is it worth it? Will I get the live coverage in America? Is it available on a mobile?
  11. Good idea for a discussion. Agatha Christie's Marple Agatha Christie's Poirot Midsummer Murder Murder She Wrote Diagnosis: Murder 4 and 5 used to be the prime time of this TV genre, very well written and entertaining.
  12. Thank you for sharing your ratings @ARLukomski and @Joshua.
  13. I am tempted to subscribe to the Piesplayer but I am unsure if I would be able to benefit from radio coverage. I watch the updates via Twitter but it's incredibly slow for a site that prides itself on being "quick". It's hard to get into matches, yet I read a lot and the jist I got was the Yeovil wanted to play a bit undermining but Notts prevailed. Winning a game with only 9 men on the pitch shows a lot of character, it's a good result.
  14. I have drifted from PON when busy, it happens. I always come back, I haven't bothered with other Notts sites because they lack the character that PON has. Welcome back @hissingdwarf. As the Starks clang say, the north remembers you.
  15. I can say PON is great for information and discussions, welcome to the community @Richard Bull.
  16. This American exile sends you a warm welcome @Iateallthepies.
  17. Dallas Renegades would be the closet XFL team to where I live. I might try to get into supporting them, from the American football games I have seen the sport doesn't appeal to me but with the XFL being new, this might be different.
  18. Brilliant edits and photos, they look very deep in detail to the black. Well done.
  19. Producing and selling talent would be one of the best signs of true progress. It would be nice to see Notts in the Championship one day, I’m just enjoying this ride.
  20. It’s easy to say focus on the league, but doing well in a cup can build excitement and anticipation. Winning does breed confidence, so I hope Notts wins at this stage.
  21. I can’t answer that easily, I do like the sound of Sam Slocombe and Wes Thomas.
  22. Jimmy Sirrel for both. It can be anyone’s guess as to when I was born, and when I first attended a game.
  23. Good luck to Nathan Tyson, I think it’s unlikely he will be back but he may secure a deal with Chesterfield.
  24. It’s a good series of books, I have read them. Interesting post too.

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