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  1. Long walk Would you rather listen to a good tv or radio show?
  2. Fitzsimmons - 6/10 - Comfortable performance, there's not much else to add. Evina - 6/10 - Great performance, all round. Turley - 7/10 - Best free transfer for Notts, he battled with things. Ward - 5/10 - Bit of a spare part at times. Tootle - 5/10 - Did well, but looked awkward at the back and made errors which he resolved. Boldewjin - 7/10 - He's in great form and grows in confidence when he has the ball. Hewitt - 5/10 - Scores an easy goal and becomes overrated again. Milsom - 5.5/10 - Typical performance, lucky strike with where the ball went but he did well. Alessandra - 7/10 - Very food player on the day, he lifts Notts on days like Saturday. Hemmings - 6/10 - Good performance, he battled for chances but was more a player to help others. Stead - 8/10 - Fans that call him don't understand how badly he's missed when he doesn't play.
  3. Solid second half performance and a good win, I enjoyed the game.
  4. That was well hard, I would never have guessed it was Dennis.
  5. Its interesting to see some of the calls for the PON man of the match, there's a few I feel was nowhere near the stand but that's how opinions work. Jon Stead was the best player on the pitch for me.
  6. I don't have anything but in the future I would be up for having a chat.
  7. I don't care how much Hardy has, how he decides to throw it around in his personal life and the only thing I want to see is him steadily investing into the club. He's doing well, he's inexperienced and everyone makes mistakes. This is interesting to know but I don't like discussing his net worth.
  8. Nice to see the SLO engaging with the community on PON, welcome @SLOLozClough.
  9. Enjoyable discussion based podcast, its much better than that two joy one.
  10. They are on the TV downstairs a lot, I don't watch them unless its interesting and I don't know any of the casts really.
  11. It's good to see Jimmy being respected by those who knew and played with him.
  12. I don't know what to expect, I just hope we see a good performance and Meadow Lane is rocking on Saturday. Hopefully to a Notts win.
  13. I don't have a job yet but after school, I want to go to college and then into car mechanics.
  14. Yeah, I got it on the day of its release. It's taken me a few days but I have picked up from FIFA 18. Very good game.
  15. Considering the way he was sacked, I think it's nice that he had a final farewell from the Notts fans. I have been told he plans to remain in Nottingham and that Alan Hardy supposedly stopped him from saying bye to the players. There's a lot of rumours but I think evin Nolan has handled all this very well.
  16. As far as the game goes, we might not have created the better chances but Notts still played well. Defensively I felt it looked like a completely different team and it seems to have restored Fitzsimons confidence. When your bottom of the league, its hard to appreciate a draw especially when it lifts you from that position.
  17. It would be nice to see some fans involved, maybe the odd ex player too but the discussion was very enjoyable.
  18. Belated but happy birthday Harry, I hope he's pleased with the hard fought point and clean sheet.
  19. I am pleased with how Jon leads the team, he's like an older brother with the players and he uses his head which seems to pay off. I like how he calmly speaks to the officials.
  20. Fitzsimmons - 7/10 - He had moments of madness but overall a large improvement and it's good to see him being vocal. Tootle - 5/10 - Not his best but just an average performance by him. Turley - 6/10 - Very solid at the back, he played well. Ward - 6/10 - A few moments but generally his experience came through when needed. Evina - 5/10 - Good first away game but he could have done more and played better. Boldewjin - 6/10 - He tried but he was very quiet, he wasn't able to work his magic much. Milsom - 5/10 - Quiet and average but that's Milsom sometimes. Husin - 4/10 - I'm not sure why he's starting so much, I felt he was the worst on the pitch for Notts. Alessandra - 5.5/10 - He struggled to get involved or to influence the game but he did okay. Stead - 4/10 - I don't knock his effort he worked hard to try to get in but the service to him limited his performance for me. Hemmings - 5/10 - Like Stead he made effort but a part from the odd chance he didn't do a great deal. Subs: Hewitt - N/A - I can't rate him because he seems lost with what his role is exactly. Osbourne - 6/10 - Looked good when he had the ball and confident which is good to see.
  21. It was always between Jamie Turley but I feel Ross Fitzsimons deserves it.
  22. I'm pleased for Enzio, he's settled in well and lifted his game. He deserved the MOM IMO.

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