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  1. These all look amazing!
  2. Doing school work from home and staying in my room most of the time, just watching TV and stuff,
  3. Good video, nice work with the highlight parts.
  4. Welcome to PON @CooperPie
  5. Only big event was school closing due to the Coronavirus, people had stopped coming. I think some who said they were self distancing/isolating just went out regardless. It defeats the point of it. Now I am at home I am learning off my Chrome book and trying not to get bored.
  6. I enjoy playing football and happy to play anywhere, I'm the best in goal but I am confident at the same time. Centre defence or midfield I am most happy.
  7. Bransislav Pindroch Ben Hall Damien McCrory Connell Rawlinson Maworuna Amevor Noor Husin He Zhenyu [Donga He] Craig Mackail-Smith Virgil Gomas Shola Ameobi Kyle Wootton
  8. I hope in my life time that I get to see Notts at Wembley, I thought it would be this season.
  9. I love Spain, the beaches, food, sea and all the things you can do. I don't have a favourite part, I think everywhere that I have been in Spain is just as beautiful as the rest. I much prefer how it's laid back, compared to Italy where tourists are hustling by to make the most of their trip.
  10. It's nice to have no false promises, gimmicks or the chairman doing his media rounds for attention. They seem like the typical owners any club would wish for, prepared to back and invest into the club but leave everyone to do their jobs. I feel some of the previous owners wanted to nanny people too much or do everything, you have to trust your staff. As far as I am concerned, they're a breath of fresh air.
  11. Enjoyment and togetherness. I think what the Reedtz brothers have done is breathe new live into the club, they're actively involved but leave the staff to do their jobs. I do feel to some degree we have been lucky, partly due to the signings but its all been amazing work. Having signed Kyle Wootton and Cal Roberts, it has shown the clubs willing to invest and Neal Ardley can work with players who are quality. Getting rid of those only interested in themselves or the previous regime must have given Notts a new lease of life.
  12. Nottingham League Two I don't have a job, I'm 14. 3-4 seasons Anywhere away from school.
  13. It's going to be different for each team, Andy Holt has done well for his club and I hope they don't suffer. I'm curious how Chesterfield, Macclesfield and some of the other clubs who are already in danger before this forced break will cope.
  14. Welcome @Rio Doherty
  15. If only it had come about when the league had finished, it wouldn't be as big of an issue to delay the start of a campaign but towards the end its just a pain. It's only 8 games I think, so if they were played in concession it could still be completed but its down to people isolating themselves.
  16. This is terrible, I feel sorry for the Barnet staff that might be forced to face hardship over this.
  17. Good to know the clubs in safe hands, I hope they don't suffer financially because of this forced break.
  18. If it happens, I think could come back and walk the league with the current squad. It's not many miles away from that, I just hope the form can resume where everyone left off.
  19. It's good to have a site like PON, I will continue to post and start discussions on a regular basis. If not Notts related, I will try to find something others would join in with.
  20. If they can't fulfill the fixtures, end things as they stand now.
  21. The season can't just be cancelled, Liverpool need to be given the chance to secure the title. Imagine if this was our club? They either end it as it is now, or find time to play the remaining games.
  22. McDonnell 6 - He was fine, not much to say. Brindley 6 - Good going forward, lacked a bit at the back. Rawlinson 7 - Solid performance where he never looked like he would slip up, fantastic CB. Lacey 7.5 - He's superb at handling pressure and works so well with Rawlinson. Bagan 7 - He looks the real deal already, would love to see Notts try to sign him. Great player! Roberts 9 - Fantastic performance, he ran all game and caused a lot of problems. It was nice to see him being clapped off. Rose 6 - I thought he just looked better than average, it was one of his best games but he could have shot at times and made poor choices instead. Doyle 7 - Did everything right, pulled the strings and lead with passion. Boldewijn 6 - Better than recent weeks, I'm happy to this. Dennis 10 - Anyone notice that Dennis now tries to get forward and has supplied some great crosses/passes to open up play? He's at his best. Wootton 10 - I agree he looked for fouls a little too easily, his foot work was a joy and his movement made him really hard to mark. He did exceptionally well. Thomas 6 - Moved well but really didn't see much. Crawford 7 - Just neat and played like someone who was sending a message to say select me. Used his time well. Wilson - N/A - Not enough time to rate him
  23. School as always. We have to use hand soap between classes and, virtually everytime you go somewhere. I will be glad when this virus has gone, people panic too much. It's a good measure but surely if we have to do this, it would be best closing school for a bit?

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