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  1. Fitzsimons 7 - He looked confident throughout the game, it was great to see him back. Brindley 5.5 - Just average for me, nothing beyond that. Rawlinson 7 - He did very well, commanded his position and worked well with Lacey. Lacey 8.5 - Looks like a great CB in my eyes, will only get better. McCrory 5 - Good going forward, poor at the back but he put in effort. Shields 6 - He put a lot of effort in the game, chasing balls and looking eager to get stuck in. Rose 9 - MOTM performance for me, he looked fired up and did very well. Doyle 6.5 - He did everything you would expect, a good performance. Boldewijn 7 - He looked like a different player when he got fired up. Wootton 8 - What a loan signing he's becoming, he looks confident with us and just works hard. Thomas 7 - Good performance.
  2. I play a lot on my PS4 when I have free time, most is taken up by school and surfing the web tho.
  3. Merry Christmas! Thank you for making me feel welcome on PON. I hope every member has a great time.
  4. Who can fill Jim O'Brien boots? With him likely to be out for some time, if not the rest of the season. Who can step forward and take his boots?
  5. I wished BT Sports would do more games in the National League, they could afford to choose several games and then you wouldn't have to wait. I can't wait for Notts to get out of this.
  6. I break up from school this Friday, then it's party time!
  7. It's just an accident, it couldn't have been helped. We just need him back and stronger than ever, hope news comes out soon about how long he should be out for.
  8. I'm fearing another defeat, everything seems negative and I don't think Neal Ardley will make changes. If Sam Osborne doesn't start after he won the Chesterfield game, it will just lead to people wanting him out. He needs to get a response from the players.
  9. Who do you think will be next to leave Notts permanently? I think Tom Crawford might end up being released, I can't see him earning a lot in wages and I think Neal Ardley will now want to strengthen his pack.
  10. Home Alone 1 and 2, its action packed fun.
  11. Quite an easy question to be fair, most of the squad have departed the club which is shocking.
  12. Good stories, it's nice to learn more about the new owners.
  13. I think Bird will do well with Boston, I do feel he could be doing a job here but Neal Ardley does now need to find another defender to fill in. I know we have Alex Lacey but what if he gets injured?
  14. No idea, it could be Adam Campbell or Ronan Murray though.
  15. I don't think Bird will get any more game time at Notts, like Tootle and Fitz. I think Ardley just wants a fresh start.
  16. I hope he don't return, nothing against him but we can do better.
  17. I am saddened to see him go, you can't blame him he was never going to be played.
  18. Welcome to PON @Mark159
  19. Unless Ardley states who he meant, its anyones guess.

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