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  1. Not sure about Nemane yet, he came on and ran round like a raggy doll to begin with and he clearly only uses his left foot for standing on. He has potential but is still very raw. As for the game generally, I thought Torquay worked hard from the start without looking that great, but we just seemed a little slow. We need to get the ball to Ruben & Cal more as we were just too crab like with our approach play. I counted at least six times when we could have taken a a shot from around 25 yards out but decided to go sideways rather than test the keeper (who had a very easy day). First half was pretty bad, but we did look better in the second half when we switched to a back four. At least we didn’t lose, but we also didn’t deserve to win the game. I can see us being a lot better on Monday though.
  2. Most memorable line I always remember wasn’t actually football, but hockey from the 1988 Olympics where GB beat Germany. Barry Davies came was doing the commentary and as we scored the decisive goal he said “Where were the Germans? But frankly, who cares?”
  3. Still look to be a CB and GK short. I would like to see Brooks go out on loan until Christmas to give him some game time and would like cover for Lacey until he is back, just not convinced it is the right thing to have either Brindley or Chicksen playing there regularly.
  4. It is a real shame that he is leaving Villa, but going to city might make Jack to be honest, he won't have to play as many games with their rotation system (probably 30 odd games rather than the 40 some at Villa) and he will get to show his talent in the Champions league. Personally, I wouldn't have gone there, but there are probably only 3 clubs that would be willing to pay that sort of money and two of those are spending their budgets elsewhere. His alternative was to stay at Villa, who are showing promising signs, but are still arguably several years away from competing for a top 4 place and I don't think Jack was willing to wait that long. For all the greatness that is bestowed on Pep, he hasn't won the champions league since 2011, despite managing two of the most powerful sides in European football since leaving Barca.
  5. You would be very lucky to find a 25 goal a season man in this league to be honest as anyone who normally gets that amount will be looking to move up the ladder. Wootton has the ability if everything falls into place to hit 25 goals in a season, but he would need a lot of chances to be created and the season after he would most likely be gone. I remember Gary Jones hitting 25 goals in one season, never did it before or after and the only genuine 25 goals a year man you could say Notts have had on their books for generations is Lee Hughes.
  6. On paper you would say that he is a really good player, but I just have this nagging doubt that it might not work out and I don't know why, maybe it's because his career appears to be going backwards. Hopefully coming back to his home area will give his career the reboot it needs.
  7. now that's a signing I didn't think we would make. Happy with this one.
  8. @Chris Love the "Solihull Moors are my local non league team, I go and watch them every now and again"! Obviously such an authority on Non league football!
  9. Substantial breakfast when I get up, followed by a Cob or Pitta bread of some description before setting off. I will only ever have a coffee in the ground, whereas my son will always buy the bare minimum of a drink and carton of mushy peas.
  10. There are so many scenarios to deal with as there will be players we have looked at who might be holding out for a football league deal, so are delaying a decision. It looks like we are being a bit more methodical in our approach and I'm hoping that we have stopped the offering of stupid wages to entice players as that has never worked out well for us.
  11. Spot on mate, for too many years Notts signed journeymen, it is refreshing that we are now looking at the other end of the spectrum. Especially as there is experience in the squad already and we aren't talking teenagers with the new players, they're all in that 22-25 year old bracket.
  12. Describes himself as a defensive midfielder and doesn't look to pass it square, which is good. Only 5ft 9in, so isn't going to help out much defending set pieces. Looks like a potentially decent signing, he is young and already has experience of the league. Looks as though he needs to fill out a bit more.
  13. We don't need JOB now that Messi has become available on a free!
  14. England playing 7021, going to be a thriller. Can someone wake me up when some creative players get brought on please?
  15. Let's just hope that Southgate doesn't take away yet another attacking player in order to shore up the defence and we're left chasing the game. I'm taking comfort in the fact that Germany have never beaten us on this day in history! We've never beaten them either, but I'll gloss over that fact (1982 England 0-0 Germany).
  16. England really do need to up the tempo for the rest of the tournament, so pedestrian for too much of the game.
  17. I should be getting mine and my lad's tickets this week hopefully. Can't wait to get back to be honest. I did not get to as many games as I would have liked the first curtailed season in the league and really struggled with it last season. A return to normality and hopefully a promotion season is all I'm asking for.
  18. Could be a blessing in disguise to be honest. Quite pleased that we can now have an almost complete rebuild in midfield and put more focus into that area. A strong, mobile midfield is half the battle to getting out of this league.
  19. Quite right @Joshua, but we have had a lot of dross as well though to balance this out. Just wish we could nurture our own youth at times. Will be interested to see if they come across each other tonight at any stage and how they react.
  20. You missed out that he's obviously a crap penalty taker as well!
  21. James should have done much better with that cross, only needed rolling across the goal.
  22. People keep saying this Turkey side is decent, not from what I have watched so far this tournament (waits to see them score 3 quick goals)!
  23. Torquay 2 - 1 Notts (That way I won't be as disappointed if we lose) Stockport 2 - 0 Hartlepool (Just think that Stockport will be hungrier)

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