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  1. Nonsense. The UK have ordered only 7 million doses of the Modena vaccine whilst the EU ordered 240 million (initial 160 and a further 80). The EU did offer for us to join their purchase program but that would have meant the 800k people already vaccinated would have still been left at risk from their dithering.
  2. Oxford vaccine being passed should really ramp up the roll out as it will enable pharmacists and other outlets to administer it.
  3. That would be called an Aeroplane mate.... I’m not a fan of this government and it has made some gigantic mistakes and wasted shed loads of money regarding COVID, but will give it (or rather the MHRA) credit with passing the vaccine for use and the NHS for distributing it. The EU’s response has been very slow and they had to bring this decision forward because countries are desperate for the vaccine. I’ll be interested to see numbers when it comes to vaccine distribution on how all the 27 countries will receive the same amount of vaccine per head at the same time.
  4. Meanwhile... UK covid-19 vaccinations administered: 500,000+ EU covid-19 vaccinations administered : 0 MHRA Passes vaccine for use 2nd December EU Passes same vaccine 21st December Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more to get it first.
  5. Nothing like telling the opposition that we're playing for a draw right from the start of the game. If we go behind, I can't see us chasing the game very well.
  6. Best player I have ever seen, without a shadow of doubt. The only one I would like to say was as good is Pele, but I have only seen video clips of him so cannot be sure. I remember watching him throughout the 80s and he was just an amazing talent. Kicked all over the field back then with no protection, he would have had a field day with today's rules. One thing they never seem to show though is Glenn Hoddle being fouled just a couple of seconds before Maradona got the ball for that second goal against England. Luck (and the official) was definitely against us that day.
  7. From the sounds of it I fully expect Nottinghamshire to be placed back into Tier 3 so won't be allowed any fans back just yet, plus we will not be able to travel outside of our area in order to watch any away games if Notts are playing against a Tier 1 or 2 side. Maybe with a bit of luck we might get to be able to watch a game by Christmas, but expect it will more likely be January / February.
  8. Quite @lambleypie. I'm not concerned about the Moderna vaccine and only getting low numbers of it, it's a nonstory really pushed by people trying to score political points. Both the Pfizer and Oxford vaccine will be available before it and we have ordered 140 million doses between the two of them. I doubt they will get to me on the list until the back end of next year at the earliest and you young ones won't get it at all.
  9. Sorry @Chris, I could not disagree more with your first part. If anything, years 10 and 11 are old enough to cope with remote learning, plus it is the older teens that spread the virus more than younger pupils. Younger pupils HAVE to have face to face schooling as for most, nothing will be done at home and some, especially those from poorer families it seems will never catch up in the future, which would be a tragedy as basically you are throwing away nearly halve a generation of kids by leaving them with no future. Out of all the schools I attend, not one member of teaching staff has wanted their school to close and they are the ones who you could say are at greater risk of contracting it. Totally agree regarding University students, they should never have reopened and that probably all comes down to the money they generate. They are all working remotely now anyway so should have stayed at home to do it.
  10. Tough one to call as is Ardley now just a football radar puppet or does he have any say, because you wouldn’t think so with some of the acquisitions. Lack of strikers is a genuine issue we have and someone is responsible for that, but was Sam an Ardley signing, or a football Radar one? The Mansfield lad was a poor move all round by us as you need to get a good mix up front and ours isn’t.
  11. Shows the age difference @Chris. Think I’ve said before that Tommy is my all time favourite Notts player, not the best I’ve seen but personal favourite. Could hit it with either foot and would run across the back four before darting through. So many happy memories watching him. I wanted to put Gary Lund in and maybe should have in place of Stallard as the only thing he lacked was any pace.
  12. Opening schools and keeping them open is 100% the right thing to do, regardless of transmission. A lot of children need the routine and structure of school to aid their development and for some children, it is the only place they can feel safe.
  13. One of the best concerts I've ever been to was to see the Dropkick Murphys at Nottingham. Great night, brilliant band.
  14. Iain McCulloch Tommy Johnson Gary McSwegan Trevor Christie Mark Stallard
  15. An out and out goalscorer has left the club and not been replaced by anyone near the same quality, so I suppose that answers the question. I would rather just have 3 good strikers than 4 strikers where two are makeweights. I'd also agree that we are a winger short as well.
  16. I was fortunate enough to remember the Sinclair ZX80 and grew up during the golden age of home computing. Commodore Vic 20 & 64, Sinclair Spectrum, Acorn BBC, Atari ST and then probably the best home computer ever invented in the Commodore Amiga with its O/S, graphics and sound capabilities (although the Acorn Archimedes was some machine and was well before its time for desktop and Office application experience). The UK computer scene was pretty amazing back in the early 80s, I even remember the long forgotten Dragon and Oric computer brands that sprung up and then disappeared. Consoles ruined it a bit to be honest although I did really like the original Playstation, I guess their popularity came from just being pure gaming machines and quick load times. Favourite Games ever? Gauntlet 2, Manic Miner and Final Fantasy 7 (shows my age even more!). I suppose I must have enjoyed computers as I made a career out of them.
  17. A bit torn to be honest as I'm not really a fan of watching football on a screen, but then it is Notts. A few years ago I would have watched every game, but priorities change. I'll probably watch some, mostly the midweek fixtures I would think as it just isn't the same as that going out specifically on a Saturday to watch Notts. I would rather do something constructive during the daylight hours than sit in my living room watching the TV.
  18. Meadow Lane End now, never liked the Main Stand or the Spion Kop. My spiritual home will always be Z block, County Road Stand and I suppose I'm now the closest I can get to it!!
  19. Also bear in mind that JOB, Turner, Thomas and especially Doyle are all putting another year on old/oldish legs, that could be a cause for concern when we get to the second half of the season. I can see a real lack of goals being an issue for us this season if Wootton doesn't score regularly.
  20. Yes, like that a lot. In fact I'm the opposite as I like it more than the home shirt. Its not too bright, coming from someone who bought the fluorescent yellow shirt once upon a time, now that was bright!
  21. This is going to be the first of many if something is not done soon. A lot of clubs will no longer be able to function, lower/non league clubs don't have the luxury of vast somes of TV money to subsidise existence, they will just die and they will have to do it without their fans watching.
  22. Yes please, but would expect Utd to want him to loan him to an EFL team.

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