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  1. To trim the playing staff down will be difficult at this time , probably the best we could see happen , would be send the loan players back if the terms of the loan allowed it , loan some of our young players out which I think is achievable and would probably do them more good than putting them into the dog fight we are in ,and hope NA can get more out of a significant number of the remaining players to improve us enough to stay up and finally hope that AH can manage to find some money to bring in 2 or 3 of quality and steel and I think personality to make an impact in the dressing room and on the pitch , massive job on in my opinion.
  2. I remember when the good old , super Notts was deafening, in better times football playing wise , juve’ it’s just like watching juve’ was well sung and loud , as mentioned above the wheelbarrow song , I also like the ones mentioned by @samwatto2008 , when the kop is on form it makes a terrific atmosphere at home , away when a good following is there a great sound can be made as they are mainly together , can we create this when fortunes aren’t as good ? We can and maybe should try harder when the need is greater , COYP WE’RE THE BLACK AND WHITE ARMY
  3. I don’t mind the good humoured banter, just want the lads to give all they have , especially hard work , unity , passion for the shirt the club the fans , and then what will be will be , it won’t be anywhere near our strongest team so a point would be a good result , but I’m greedy so COYP let’s have 3 , just please don’t get a pasting, COYP
  4. If we can pick up a point at that small town in north Notts on Saturday it would be a massive boost, a big ask maybe with how things are and them being in good form , but you never know it’s a funny old game , new manager bounce would be great notts bring home all 3 points COYP
  5. Personally I think we have time /games to put a good fight in and avoid the drop , the thing that’s given me a measure of confidence is that we now have a proper manager with experience and I think he’ll turn the tide over time with much hard work , it’s going to be a testing time but I feel more confident now , liked his message to the fans as well coyp and come on NA , we are staying up we are staying up
  6. It’s a massive blow will be a big miss , need the others back ASAP to join the fight , hope enzio comes back soon and all the best to the lad
  7. Personally I think it was a mature interview, maybe standard stuff yes but signs of his intent to unify the club players fan etc create a us against the rest mentality, he seems a calm thoughtful sort , I like his first interview a nice chap come on NA and coyp
  8. Good appointment, I’ll back him for sure , good post by @liampie , the players hopefully cleared the air in a meeting and apply themselves, they need to apply themselves now with real effort and get the fans back on side , I’ll support them also if I see real fight in them .
  9. Agree @Chris my view is he’ll be a steady hand , has experience hopefully can pull the squad together and bring some order and unite the club and the fan base to fight away from trouble , coyp
  10. Looks like Neil Ardley according to radio red earlier today , dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s could announced before the weekend, think he would be ok as above would have preferred Hurst
  11. @liampie good post that , he AH has invested heavily in trying to take Notts forward, and I would argue in many ways he has done that , on the football side of it alone mistakes have been made one could argue, the appointment of HK being the one for me , the next manager MUST have experience, personality and the ability to galvanise the club very quickly to get out this mess on the pitch , Hurst for me Mr Hardy
  12. Most of the names on that list from what I hear are either not interested or out the running for one reason or another, most seem like just speculation, the Hurst one is a maybe so we have to wait and see , take your time Mr H
  13. If I would say anything about AH it’s that he can possibly see now how running a football club is a million miles away from running any of his other very successful other businesses, commercially he has done a very good job , but on the football side alone so many other components come into it and he really does have much to learn to make that side a success, are we in trouble , a very firm yes from me and the next manager must be experienced and a strong personality, these players need a long hair look st themselves .
  14. Well this game is a total waste of time as we all know, players may get a chance to play who otherwise have been excluded, who will have precious little chance to impress because of little game time individually or collectively, what starting 11 ? No idea , HK I’m coming for you
  15. Passionate that pal , so many feel that way , where is the passion on the pitch ? Something is wrong somewhere, for me it’s not just a confidence issue , go back to basics Notts forget systems philosophies put square pegs in square holes make hard work and collective effort the must have tools and stop isolating players and utterly wasting the bench , HK needs to wake up and smell the coffee , it’s early in his tenure but he must be able to see HE needs to get more from these players and THEY themselves need a long hard look in the mirror, rant over . CTID
  16. Gillingham 2 c 1 Southend Oxford 1 v 1 Plymouth Scunthorpe 2 v 3 Peterborough Colchester 2 v 0 Crawley joker Crewe 1 v 2 Bury Newport 3 v 1 Stevenage
  17. Been a solid addition and like most say above a no nonsense defender who defends well a real physical presence, good signing .
  18. Careful @Magic magpie you’ll get splinters sat on that fence
  19. It would be good to have the competition for places, but as you say @Magic magpie or ya grandad said if it not broke don’t fix it , I’m in that school of thought as well, while it’s not pretty it is effective and we are going up the league slowly but surely, coyp
  20. Millwall 1 v 1 Villa PNE 2 v 2 Wigan Bradford 1 v 2 Sunderland Peterborough 3 v 0 Barnsley joker FGR 2 v 2 Newport Yeovil 1 v 2 Exeter
  21. Birmingham 1 v 0 Ipswich Hull 1 v 2 Middlesbrough Luton 2 v 2 Charlton Shrewsbury 2 v 1 Gillingham Grimsby 2 v 1 Morecambe Port Vale 0 v 2 Exeter joker
  22. Echo what @DangerousSausage , he is a damn good pro respected , calmness personified and he grafts , best at the club for the armband in my opinion

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