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  1. My only wish for him is that he plays in a direct manner, as this would benefit other players. Kyle Wootton takes the brunt of being the player to hold the ball up, Wes Thomas needs the service and Kristian Dennis is the fox in the box type striker. None of these have the ability to run directly at players, neither are they intimidating at all. I'm pleased with the signing.
  2. Sending some birthday wishes to you @super_ram, have a great day!
  3. It's easier I feel, when players coming in are like for like replacements. The good thing about this seasons squad is the depth and variety, but I think some struggle to do what Neal Ardley asks. There's players who can come in, but we need to see them work harder, I do feel Ardley needs to set a clear expectation from his players. If it isn't met, they don't play.
  4. The ups and downs, it's real football. I would get bored of being a team like Liverpool, yes winning would be nice and challenging for the Premier League is a dream. I am more than happy seeing Notts compete in League One and occasionally in the Championship. The lower two tiers is the clubs level.
  5. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham, it's always nice to see a new member. Hello @joeheadland.
  6. I searched the price, its silly money for a 50p coin. I haven't seen any of them in circulation, I will keep an eye out but doubt I will see one.
  7. Ideally 5 years, if Notts doesn't progress or show signs of moving forward it could be much less. I would be disappointed if we didn't at least make it beyond 3 seasons as that should show some progress.
  8. Storm Dennis could hit Woking on Saturday with Kristian Dennis expected to start due to the suspension to Wes Thomas. I hope the game isn't called off, I have been very busy and Saturday would be a release for me. Two whole long weeks, it would be horrible to get to Nottingham to find it's been postponed and I then have to go back to Leeds.
  9. He looks very nervous, I hope some of the experienced players help to make him feel welcome. I am sure it won't effect his ability, as once he gets on the pitch he should be excited but we need a strong player to cover. A month seems rather short though.
  10. The PiesPlayer isn't amazing value, its okay but you might as well sub to the YouTube channel and try @4everapie's suggestion.
  11. £4 vs. Free content on YouTube. It depends if you feel the money benefits the club and if the content is worth it.
  12. Hello @Richard Bull, welcome to the community.
  13. The overuse of the word "tinpot", did we end up in the Non League by mistake? It just makes us look very silly.
  14. Hello @hissingdwarf, good to see you back on PON. Hope to see you on from time to time.
  15. How Yeovil aren't level by now I will never know, Notts are doing okay but seem to be riding their luck.
  16. Good job on all four pictures Gaffer, I can't choose between them but these are great,
  17. Changing to three at the back would create more headaches as Dion Kelly-Evans for me would have to take one of the wing positions, and with Cal Roberts arriving I am unsure how it would work. I would prefer to see Alex Lacey and Connell Rawlinson continue their incredible partnership. Once Ben Turner is 100%, then it's time to reflect on the situation but until then the current duo have done nothing deserving to be dropped.
  18. Gary Brazil, his second time in charge. I think Ian Richardson took charge of my first game that I attended, I don't really remember to be honest.
  19. It's about time really, isn't it? The quality of signings does bring a form of excitement, and the club is moving forward. I thought Notts would struggle, but its been far better than I had hoped. I just hope that our quality clicks and the form becomes solid as Notts pushes for the playoffs.
  20. Every time I think I have chance to come on here, I am given a loooooooooooong *ss assignment or work gets in the way. I've been at Sheffield every day this week, travelling back to Uni between. I wished I could be saying stuff like I have found time to go out drinking with friends, or partying in my apartment but that isn't what it's like for me. I am focused on graduating and progressing in work.
  21. I had to laugh at people moaning about this on Facebook, well, the usual clown and one other. If they think the players performed better, rate them themselves. I think some players like Mitch Rose didn't play that well, luckily others around them did but most did work well. As a team everyone did okay, but that's not enough to give people passes.
  22. It didn't work out with Ross Fitzsimons here. After last season I am surprised people didn't want him to go, but players like Matt Tootle have taken some brunt comments due to wanting to remain here. Fitz gets some sort of free pass, when his confidence is flaky at best. I do rate him as a keeper, but if he can't find a zone where he can focus, he won't be any use to us. Joe McDonnell just signals a fresh start which the club does need. Good luck to him.
  23. Charlton Athletic 2-2 Barnsley Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 Millwall Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Tranmere Rovers (Joker) Portsmouth 0-1 Sunderland Port Vale 2-1 Salford City Crawley Town 1-3 Scunthorpe United Wrexham 1-1 Dagenham & Redbridge Barnet 0-1 Hartlepool United

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