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Ratings v Bradford


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Slocombe - 6.5 - Decent, don't think he stood much of a chance with either goal. Some odd decisions with distribution at times.

Brindley - 6.5 - Decent. Bit slow in picking a pass at times.

Baldwin - 7.5 - Very good yesterday.

Cameron - 6.5 - Did OK.

Nemane - 6.5 - He's brilliant one moment and infuriating the next. 

Randall - 6 - He was fairly tidy, but he didn't do much. 

Bostock - 7.5 - Bosses the centre of the pitch with his technique. We are a different team when he is in it.

JOB - 7 - Very good performance from JOB. His runs can open a lot of things up and he does have an eye for a pass.

Crowley - 8 - Twists and spins, with so much skill. Really is a player and a half.

McGoldrick - 7.5 - You can recognise he's played levels above this. Cross-field ball to Nemane was special. What he tries doesn't always come off, and his finishing is a bit hit and miss at times.

Langstaff - 8 - His movement is tireless and he carved them up first half. Special player. 

Rawlinson - 7.5 - Don't think he put a foot wrong when he came on.

TAR - 4 - Not a great performance, defensively naïve and not able to get the better of his man offensively. 

Gosling - 1 - Useless. Looked like a player somebody who had dragged in from the pub before the game. Gives the ball away and doesn't even bother to chase back. 

Morias - 6 - Lots of energy when he comes on.


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I can't argue with that excellent assessment,more or less spot on @Super_Danny_Allsopp

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Slocombe 7 – Some moments he was very good, a couple of times he misjudged whether to come out or stay. Actually, had to make some decent saves second half.

Brindley 6.5 – A couple of good blocks second half, did better defensively than he did when on the ball. A times he really struggled to find a forward pass.

Baldwin 7 – Generally, very solid, shame he did that awful pass which was intercepted and lead to their first.

Cameron 6.5 – Generally ok, nearly caught out when he went a tad to far up the field.

Nemane 6 – A times in the first half he was a real outlet, but he struggled in the second half, think getting moved over to the left doesn’t help him though.

Randall 5 – Didn’t really get involved in the game, we used Nemane most of the first half for our wide play.

O’Brien 7.5 – I actually thought he had one of his best games, definitely tired towards the end but he did a lot of running, he always tracked his man and made himself available for a pass.

Bostock 7 – Great to have him back, positional play and general passing was good. Could tell he hadn’t played for a while though, looked a little sluggish at times.

Crowley 8 – My MoTM, great goal, his passing in the final third was a joy at times and he’s just so good on the ball, I know he’s going to take the ball, fake to go one way and then turn but he always fools the opposition!

McGoldrick 8 – A close second, rarely wasted a pass, movement was great in the first half caused Bradford real problems.

Langstaff 8 – Seems harsh cos he did score two but I guess we expect him too now! That continuing press from him through out the game was impressive too.


Rawlinson 7 – Helped sure us a bit at the back, looked focused and I was impressed with his first touches where he received the ball and skimmed past a Bradford attacker!

Gosling 4 – Can tell he’s not played for a while, really needed to be quicker when releasing the ball. Pretty sure he got disposed and then Bradford charged forward and scored.

Austin 5.5 - Lively and can't fault the effort but that deeper role does not play to his strengths.

Adebayo 5.5 – Some good runs and moments but nothing that really worried Bradford.

Morias 6 – I think he gets a rough deal, only had about 15 mins, had a couple of chances but was generally tidy on the ball.

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Another good assessment @menzinho

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@menzinho very spot on, will randall was very disappointing to me.

he did not track back much, rather waited out wide for the ball to come to him. he never ran at the players, just played a very safe and average game. i hope he comes into it more because when his contract is up, so far i would not be fussed if he left.

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I can't disagree too much with the posters above me. Crowley is a ridiculous player to have at this level, he's got no business in League Two at all. Gosling is a strange one, as you might expect he looked extremely rusty, but by the time he's up to speed his contract will be up.

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