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Magic magpie

Favourite comic books

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I'm a big Marvel fan, especially Wolverine's adventures. I'm not so bothered about X-Men itself but more the character. I also like an independent comic called Hero by Night, it's really awesome!

I also like The Walking Dead comics, I was into them before the mainstream appeal and I have several early editions of it.

There's also some other really cool zombie comics out there, so as you can imagine it's not just super heroes that I like but the actual horror genre. 👍 

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When I was younger, I used to read a lot of Superman comics but times have changed. I don't find much value in reading them anymore.

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Super Man and Batman comics when I grew up was very popular, in the UK they was hard to come by and one of my uncle's who travelled a lot to American would return with several of them for me to read.

The DC superheroes are much better in comic book forms.

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