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a players critique of Moniz... (translation)

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Johnny Thomsen joined Randers FC in 2012, and since then he has picked up and down the sidelines of the Kronjian Superliga club. In this season he has been on the pitch in all 16 matches, and it is quite impressive by a player who rounds 37 right away.

However, it was not many months ago that it looked like the end of the right back.

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Last season, Ricardo Moniz was at the head of Randers FC in a short transition, and the oxygenated Dutch really shared the waters. Johnny Thomsen was one of those who did not swing with the streetman Moniz.

In June, Thomsen signed a contract extension with Randers FC - he would not have done if Moniz remained in the club.

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- I had not extended if Moniz was still in the club. I also do not think he saw any future in me, even though I had some playing time. If Ricardo continued, it would have ended for my person, says Johnny Thomsen to tipsbladet.dk.

He describes that everything became better when Rasmus Bertelsen took over Ricardo Moniz in the spring and the good moves are still in this season under the direction of Thomas Thomasberg.

"There is peace. I have nothing to say about Ricardo, and I can easily see him fit in many places, but he is also a type that does not fit in anywhere - you can also just look at his CV. I do not think he fit into Randers FC. We needed peace of mind, and at least he did not get along, "says Thomsen.

Højrebacken finds that it was hard working days with Ricardo Moniz as manager.

"For my own sake, it was difficult to work under him because he came from another country and had nothing but life in football. This commitment was also his great strength, but in my opinion it did not fit into a squad, how many have wife and children and thus also many things in life other than football.

"He did not understand that part, and he could easily take our day off. It did not make much difference for him, but it may be challenging when you have family and other things in life, says Johnny Thomsen.

Following the resignation of Randers FC, Ricardo Moniz was employed as the coach of the Slovak club AS Trencin, but here he said his job a couple of weeks ago. The Dutchman in connection with his resignation accused the judges of Slovakia of being corrupt. 

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Blimey it sounds like a tight mess 🥃 personally I think he’s better of out of it accusations of being corrupt .. by the sounds of it there was no support from the upper management in trying to to get the team to understand him .. if I was him I would have walked to.. managing in another country where there is support is hard with the language but when you don’t have support ... better off out of it ..!

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no chance of getting moniz back but i do feel if we could have gotten promoted to league one he had the skill and understanding to push onto the championship.

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2 hours ago, Piethagoram said:

@Magic magpie....I think "judges" translation was actually a reference to referees... or in Ricardo's own immortal words, their decisions are "Bullsh*t"

At least one manager tells it the way it is with refs and they are bull s###

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Good old Ricardo Moniz and his attacking minded football.

If only Notts could take a small portion of his instructions and play well for 75 minutes.

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