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Dear Members/Visitors,

As you may have noticed recently our website has proudly opened a store which is focusing on selling quality Notts County prints.

We have a wide range already from legends, heroes and icons, to current players and artistic designs.

The prints have been received very well and the stock pile brought to cover until the New Year is moving nicely, I would just like to draw every bodies attention to the latest releases and of course all the various prints we have to offer. All single prints cost £15 and offer free UK delivery, we also offer a grouped purchase for Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler legend prints which you can snap up whilst stocks last at £25 for the pair.

All prints are A3 size, however at some point we may offer alternatives sizes.

With Christmas coming up the PON store has been stocked piled with each print to save time on the delivery, so there are a wide range of prints already available despite these being new. You must be a member to complete a purchase but all details are saved securely and with any site these days, it's just part of the way the process is handled. Orders are completed with payment via PayPal.

You do not require a PayPal account as the service allows for the fees to be paid via credit or debit cards.

To guarantee Christmas delivery all orders must be made by the 17th of December (UK deliveries).

I will offer fans overseas a chance to make a purchase, however this comes at an additional cost for the shipping and members must message me directly via webmaster@prideofnottingham.co.uk or via PM here.

It's important full names and addresses are provided, this will ensure the prints are dispatched ASAP.

Order whilst stocks last. You Pies!


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We have a wide range of legends, icons and heroes prints available.


You can make the most of the Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler offer by snapping up the remaining prints together for just £25 for the pair.

All single prints are priced at £15, the designs include Jimmy Sirrel, Jack Wheeler, Derek Pavis, Tommy Lawton, Charlie McParland, Don Masson, Raddy Avramović, Neil Warnock and Tony Hateley.

These prints are unique to the Pride of Nottingham and are the perfect present this Christmas for yourself or a loved one.

The likeness of the prints are amazing and they're printed on high quality paper and delivered to the UK free of charge. Deliveries typically take 5-7 days but we expect them to be completed within 5 days. The range covers many historic players and we are happy to take orders for future designs within the New Year, so if you have any requests please get in touch. 

Show your appreciation for some of Notts County's most famous sons by getting yourself an exclusive Legends, Heroes and Icons print from the Pride of Nottingham store whilst stocks last!

Overseas orders must be made directly by contacting @Chris as mentioned in the original post.

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Despite the woeful 2018-19 League Two season, Pride of Nottingham wanted to be different and to focus on every bodies favourite current player.

The current squad prints include Ross Fitzsimons, Dan Jones, Jamie Turley, Matt Tootle, David Vaughan, Elliott Hewitt, Enzio Boldewijn, Lewis Alessandra, Kane Hemmings and  Jon Stead.

In the coming weeks we will also be releasing Kristian Dennis.

Many of these prints have been made as per request and we pride ourselves on being different, focusing on the current players may not win everyone over but at the same time we do have our own personal favourite.

No other players will be drawn after, and requests are closed for the remainder of the season.

Once again all prints cost £15, we do not offer any grouped purchases with the current player prints.

The style is a full body portrait of the players listed above, framed nicely within Notts themed colours and printed using high quality A3 paper.

Head over to the store where you can pick up several Notts County theme prints of current players! Get on it quick and you could even grab yourself one of the signed ones, while stocks last!

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Alternative designs include Notts iconic themed designs, such a magpies nearby a broken wheelbarrow.

Again all prints cost £15 each, offer free UK delivery and are on limited stock until the New Year.

Wheelbarrow Magpies:

"One for sorrow, two for joy", the old adage goes when referring to the noble magpie, one of the most recognisable and iconic birds of Britain.

As well as being a symbol of the British countryside, the magpie is also synonimous with Notts County, itself a noble club boasting rich tradition and a fixture in the Football League.

Another icon specific to Notts is the broken wheelbarrow, a quirky and whimsical item borne out of the Black and White Army changing the words of "On Top Of Old Smokey" as sang by the deep Shropshire-accented Shrewsbury Town fans back in 1990.

I Had A Wheelbarrow:

It's been nearly 30 years since the iconic "I Had a Wheelbarrow" chant was first sung at Shrewsbury Town’s Gay Meadow on April 17th 1990.

The Shrews fans began to sing a chant to the tune of "On Top Of Old Smokey", however Notts supporters behind the goal interrupted the Shropshire accent into "I Had A Wheelbarrow, The Wheel Fell Off". Minutes later, Notts scored twice through Tommy Johnson and Kevin Bartlett.

Notts remained unbeaten until the end of the season and reached Wembley. The Wheelbarrow Song was sung under the Twin Towers as Notts beat Tranmere and stuck with the fan base all the way until today.

Our Club, Our Passion:

Supporting a football team is not a hobby. It's not a past time. It's a lifelong commitment. 

And supporting Notts County, the world's oldest Football League club, is part of a tradition which goes back more than 150 years.

Written by lifelong Notts fan and Pride of Nottingham owner Chris Buckley, "Our Pride, Our Passion" is the defining poem for all proud Magpies, wherever they may be in the world.

We challenge any Notts fan not to feel passion and emotion coursing through their veins when it comes to the words of this poem, lovingly reproduced on this print alongside a pair of magpies - "two for joy".

Meadow Lane:

Built in 1910, Meadow Lane is the home of Notts County. Prior to this year, the Magpies shared Trent Bridge with Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club until the Football League asked Notts to find their own place.

And so Meadow Lane was built, the spiritual home of the Black & White Army for more than 100 years, where fans have celebrated, cried and vented their anger for generation after generation.

The "San Sirrel", as it's also known, has had the pleasure of hosting some wonderful players over the years like Tommy Lawton, Les Bradd and Lee Hughes among others.

More designs and prints are being released weekly, stock will remain limited as mentioned so ensure you order ASAP to avoid disappointment.

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44 minutes ago, Magic magpie said:

Still time to get yours before Christmas by posting but can meet at a game. 

I'm quite happy to exchange orders in person, @cheeky~k8 is helping me massively to keep track of things and ensure the handling side is ran smoothly. I am delighted with the reception and would naturally encourage people to help spread the word.

Let's get the stock down!

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The prints are brilliant and would look good on any fans walls. I wish the PON store a great success because I realise all the hard work involved with the site and I am sure it chews up a lot of money which people won't ever realise. I think the sites always had a respectable standard, I will be ordering shortly.

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