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Match Discussion: Game 7 - The Magpies (H)

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Game 7 - The Magpies (H)

Team: Chorley

Date: 26/08/19

Where: Meadow Lane

What line-up should Neal Ardley opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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Well, Ben Turner has spoken about the players being tired, yet wanting to reward the fans - I think tomorrow will be an interesting game.

I don't know much about Chorley FC, they look pretty standard for this league going off their highlights. I think if Notts can throw a steady pace at them, whilst remaining in control of the game (defensively) good chances should come. Notts must avoid switching off for those few seconds/brief minutes where sides manage to sucker punch us.

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I'm not underestimating the semi pro teams but I expect to beat them. Apart from Stockport who are a semi pro team in professional clothing. It's still weird to think they are semi pro. 

Chorley have conceded 12 goals in their first six games but they've kept 3 clean sheets 🤷‍♂️ 

If Kelly-Evans is back I'd play him. Rawlinson isn't a right-back. Maybe put Osborne back in

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What a relief! I listened to the first half at work (no bank holiday in Germany as Jesus didn't do anything special and no miracles happened) and it didn't sound good at all. At least we were level. Finished work at half time, switched it off for the journey home and by the time I was back we were 5-1 up! I should turn my radio off more often :D

There are still plenty of things to work on (not least the defending at set pieces) but in the end we won and we won well. Two strikers scored who really needed a goal. Another positive is that we are unbeaten in four with 8 points in that time. It doesn't matter who we played, the fact is that we developed a losing habit last season and it's time we kicked it. If you go into every game expecting to get at least a point, it's easier to stay positive if you fall behind whether you're a player or a fan.

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For anyone looking at the scoreline and thinking that we outclassed Chorley, think again. For 30 minutes we were absolutely clueless, we were being completely played off the park by a team of part-timers and should have been at least two goals down. Then, with our first meaningful attack O'Brien had the awareness to set up Tyson (who's only contribution until then had been to tackle himself in their box) finished well. The rest of the half was uneventful, but we were very lucky to go in at half time on level terms. Even in the second half we didn't create a lot, but three of the goals were real quality strikes from outside the box, the sort we are lucky to see 3 times in 3 months, let alone 3 times in 20 odd minutes. The plus point is that this result should have given confidence a big boost, especially with all the strikers getting on the scoresheet. We now have to make sure this is a turning point, because the table is such that two wins may well see us in the playoff places, while two defeats will see us close to the drop zone. One final thing, it was good to see the Chorley players get generous applause from the main stand on leaving the pitch, because they were far better than the scoreline suggests.

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Guest gtownjohnno

Just wondering if Football Radar statics man was at Mondays game...... Did we get anywhere near the 650 odd passes that's commonplace in the Premier league....... backwards sideways backwards sideways sideways sideways backwards etc etc etc etc......... No wonder Chorley were knackered at the end...... Not sure i would ever get used to it.... But an excellent result..... More please... 

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Who's knocking Chorley? They played well for a side that aren't even professionals. Their keeper looked good, he was hardly at fault for conceding what he did.

Notts looked class in the second half, despite being much better than the opposition. Chorley still gave Notts a game but by the final 20 minutes both teams just passed the ball around. What I don't understand is why fans are swinging comments around when Notts plays well, then they flip it when the club loses.

Some perspective into the situation, Notts played like a team in the second half and adapted well.

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did notts deserve to win 5-1? yes i think so.

the second half notts played some of the best football against a very decent team. the scoreline does not take anything away from them, if anything it should aid them towards becoming better as in the first half they looked a very strong side.

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First half Notts struggled to suss them out.

After conceding, I felt worried that Notts was about to be outclassed and hammered by a good team wanting to send a message to other teams in this league. They lifted their performance and played well, credit is there but they fell short in the defence.

In the second half, the game was class from both sides perspective and I feel the final result is somewhat unfair but duly deserved simply because we pressured them correctly.

Good chances, much better finishing. It's that simple.

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Second half was all about confidence for Notts, they strided with every effort to score and change the outcome of the game.

This doesn't mean Chorley played poorly, yet I think some are taking their mistakes a little easy as if I supported them I would be disappointed by how they failed to lift their own game after a superb first half performance.

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