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Prediction league 19/20 round 15 - 22 October

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It feels like only a minute ago that I posted the scores for the last round (mainly because it is), and now the next round is upon us. These matches kick off on Tuesday at 7.45pm, so I'll need your predictions in by then.

Just a quick reminder - you get ONE joker each (if you post two I can't accept them), and if you copy and paste the fixtures, make sure you copy all eight of them. Good luck!

Preston v Leeds

Millwall v Cardiff City

Portsmouth v Lincoln City

Shrewsbury v Gillingham

Rochdale v MK

Cheltenham v Macclesfield

Plymouth v Leyton Orient

Carlisle v Northampton

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Preston v Leeds 1-1

Millwall v Cardiff City 1-2

Portsmouth v Lincoln City 2-0 Joker

Shrewsbury v Gillingham 2-1

Rochdale v MK 0-1

Cheltenham v Macclesfield 2-0

Plymouth v Leyton Orient 1-1

Carlisle v Northampton 2-1

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A last reminder that this round is tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Only predictions made before 7.45pm tomorrow can be accepted! @Dan, @super_ram, @barnet11uk, @nottsnutter, @Chris, @GrannyPie, @Bainbridge NCFC, @Dripsey3, @Magic magpie, @Canadian, @TheSkipper, @lambleypie, @liampie, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @thommo, @CliftonMagpie, @Truefootballfan

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Preston 2v1 Leeds

Millwall 2v1 Cardiff City

Portsmouth 0v0 Lincoln City

Shrewsbury 2v1 Gillingham

Rochdale 2v2 MK

Cheltenham 2v0Macclesfield joker

Plymouth 2v2 Leyton Orient

Carlisle 0v1 Northampton

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Preston North End 1-2 Leeds United 

Millwall 0-2 Cardiff City

Portsmouth 2-1 Lincoln City

Shrewsbury Town 1-0 Gillingham

Rochdale 1-2 Milton Keynes

Cheltenham Town 2-1 Macclesfield Town (Joker)

Plymouth Argyle 1-0 Leyton Orient

Carlisle United 2-0 Northampton Town



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Preston v Leeds 1-2

Millwall v Cardiff City 2-1

Portsmouth v Lincoln City 2-0 (Joker)

Shrewsbury v Gillingham 1-1

Rochdale v MK 0-1

Cheltenham v Macclesfield 2-1

Plymouth v Leyton Orient 2-1

Carlisle v Northampton 3-2

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@weymouthPIE (for the third time running) and @super_ram come out on top this round. Congrats!


Overall, Weymouth leapfrogs @Dan to take top spot.


The next round is on Saturday, so check back tomorrow for the next fixtures (or possibly tonight, but I'm having internet problems so no promises). Cheers and see you!





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I forgot to post the final scores from Tuesday ... they're here!

Preston 1-1 Leeds
Millwall 2-2 Cardiff City
Portsmouth 1-0 Lincoln City
Shrewsbury 1-1 Gillingham
Rochdale 2-0 MK
Cheltenham 3-0 Macclesfield
Plymouth 4-0 Leyton Orient
Carlisle 0-2 Northampton

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18 hours ago, super_ram said:

Ooer @DangerousSausage, @GrannyPie thinks you have made a mistake with her score and is giving me earache.Would you mind checking so I can have a bit of peace and quiet. 

I think you're right, I did a quick check and I counted 10. I'll double check later and post an updated table. 

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