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Pride of Nottingham Donation Drive


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I'm not going into a long winded reason behind this, however, I will say for the past two seasons I have pushed selling my artwork and on match days attempting to complete 1/2 spot the ball cards.

This has been well supported, but I wouldn't be asking if I could cope by my own means.

The suspension to football, the coronavirus and situation we find ourselves in is going to be a task. We should all support each other where possible, so I would like to ask our community to consider donating to PON - https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/donate/

Any support will go to ensuring upkeep is met.

Thank you,

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Thank you @CliftonMagpie!

I'm pleased to say with 4 donations so far, we have hit 12% of the projected target. It's a difficult time, I know but I appreciate every effort made. It's not something I say easily, those who would consider donating in times like this are gems (nothing against those who can't).



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I would like to stress I see this as a slow project, the donation drive is set to stop at the end of May - yet I might need to extend it (It all depends).

We're on 22% with 8 people kindly donating.

I sent a bulk e-mail out a few days ago, I felt overwhelmed by the support it gained. Not just in the donations it received, but the positive messages sent wishing me well. Naturally, it seems as if some feel bad for not being able to chip in - this for me shows kindness and, I can't say enough I don't expect it. I honestly thought the donation drive would be slower at this stage and, although I feel it will reach a natural point where it stops. I will be thankful for all considerations, not just from those who donate.

As I say, I see it as a slow thing hence why I'm not mentioning it much. I have tweeted about via the PON Merch account, RT via the main PON account on Twitter but that's all for a few days - if not late next week.

Thank you for all who have donated, it takes a lot of pressure off my family.

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On 30/03/2020 at 20:09, TheSkipper said:

I will donate soon @Chris.

12 hours ago, AmericanPie said:

I wish you well @Chris, you deserve to reach the target for all you do.

At this stage I cannot donate but I will keep it in mind when I can even if you do not ask.

No rush, I've set the donation drive to run up to May which is where I have put things into perspective at this stage.

The funds raised will help massively towards keeping the lights on.

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3 hours ago, hissingdwarf said:

Done. Sorry it couldn't be more.

I’ll either sound boring or too polite, but it’s me. Never be sorry for helping, it’s the thought and, consideration that matters.

We have all been dealt a blow with this pandemic.

Thank you @hissingdwarf

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I'm aware that things around PON have been quiet largely due to my absence, yet the footing of the site and, our community is in better shape.

I would ask that any members able to spare a donation, please do consider supporting us.

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