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Ratings: Rodrigues FC v Chesterfield

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Slocombe: 5 - Their first goal was a good strike, might feel he could've done better. but couldn't do anything about their 2nd. 

Brindley - 5 - Doesn't look the same player that was bombing down the right when he first signed last season. Feel a bit sorry for him as when he does go forward, there's no midfield inside for him to play to. Defensively his side was OK.

Rawlinson - 5 - Didn't think he did a great deal wrong, but can't give any member of a defence that let Denton and gang put 2 past them more than a 5. The right hand side of defence was OK.

Ben Turner - 2 - He is still a donkey and largely went unpunished today. Nice how he let Denton go and stand on our smallest player, DKE, for their 'winner'. I used to think Turner was an asset for games like this, against teams who played this type of 'football', but he is even a liability for that too. We would do well to offload him ASAP.

DKE - 3 - Their winger had the beating of him and did well to keep himself in check and avoid a second yellow. Feel a bit sorry for him as he had the defensive-duo (sarcasm) of O'Brien and Enzio in front of him. Improved when Rodrigues came on, but their first goal was at least partially his fault. Not marked down for the Denton goal, should never have been made to mark him.

Doyle - 2 - Slow, boring, predictable and even inaccurate passing. If you are taking that long to make the pass, you better be sure it gets there. When they put pressure on him, he made mistakes too and he was unpunished. Needs a rest if he had anyone to replace him.

O'Brien - 2 - Offers nothing defensively. You can tell he was a winger before because he doesn't know how to defend and it shows. Passes going forward were woeful and he is too slow to provide work-rate or forward runs. Him and Doyle can't play alongside each other, even in a 3.

Reeves - 2 - In my mind he was probably slightly better than the other 2, but not by much. Rubbish.

Roberts - 5 - He hit the post. Did he touch the ball after that? Can't remember, because our tactic was to keep hoofing it up to him, giving him no chance.

Enzio - 5 - Scored the goal. Was a menace at the start. Can't defend.

Wootton - 3 - You might think 3 is harsh for somebody that scored the winner, but he was on 1 before that. Bring back Wootton of last season. The one from the past few games is pathetic. Spent more time on the floor in the past few games than Jon Stead managed in 3 seasons (and that's saying something!). Held up absolutely nothing and can count himself very lucky to A: have started and B: not have been hooked on 60 minutes instead of Enzio. 


Rodrigues - 10* - Took the game by the scruff of the net, tackled, fought and won the game for us. Takes players on, tries to play the strikers in, expansive, quick passing. Superb cameo and superb player. Needs to be one of the first names on that teamsheet. Better defensively than who Ardley is starting ahead of him, so no excuses now conservative Neal!

Sam - 8 - Sam came on and again looked good. Held the ball up, linked play, everything we missed for 60 minutes until he came on. Should probably have been up the middle, but linked well with Rodrigues.

Ardley - 2 - Gets a 2 for the subs made on 60 minutes. Would've been on 0 without it. Feel like the result has delayed what might be inevitable. If I were Danish with a football analytical company, I'd be looking at available managers with decent stats in this league and the ones below, just in case these type of performances don't change. 


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Slocombe 5 Expected him to save that shot... 

Brindley 4 So wasteful  in forward positions, countless passes missing

Turner 3.5 Involved in 1st goal but twice gave possession away needlessly in dangerous positions

Rawlinson 5 Better game, and better with the ball at feet

DKE 6 All attacks come down the left as DKE makes his passes. Tried to block the 1st

Doyle 4 Tried but no longer the Doyle of old

Reeves 4 Expecting more drive

JOB 3.5 Not a wide man. Too many missed passes

Enzio 4 No longer looking comfortable on the ball. Goal, yes, but not much else

Roberts 5.5 Cracking shot against the post. Double marked second half

Wootton 5 Would have been 4 but rose to the occasion



Rodrigues 7 Only player to pass, move past people and score

Sam 5.5 Proving to be a handful. Should have scored at end

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I didn't listen to the game, so again I can't comment on the performance. I said last season that Ben Turner would've been a player that should've been released, he's injury prone and quite slow. I wished Neal Ardley had stuck with Pierce Bird and, Owen Betts.

I can't say if the criticism of Kyle Wootton is fair or not, from what I have seen this season he's been in good form.

It might be a tad harsh though, as when we played regularly he was on fire.

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