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Just wondering if anybody has seen any official figures about the live streaming.... I personally have watched all the games home and away and on the whole have been satisfied with this service...... Any information would be appreciated... 

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16 minutes ago, DangerousSausage said:

I've heard it mentioned a few times that about 2000 people are buying the home streams. Haven't heard anything about the ones for away matches, I'd assume less though. 

Think that's for the bigger games. Stockport, Wrexham, Chesterfield and Hartlepool essentially. 

I know a lot of people live in a house where more than one person would normally attend matches. That will knock a lot off the number of streams purchased, I imagine. 

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the club has said in the past that fans are choosing to purchase the higher amount of stream cost, which would go to some way in helping the costs. dont forget they dont need to pay for stewards or policing which will help too.

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Can't help with numbers, but here's a few comments from Chesterfield fans on the quality of the Notts live stream:

"I personally thought the Notts stream was very good.

Good commentary supplied by Radio Nottingham, very balanced and impartial, good replays of key moments".

"That is definitely the best coverage and commentary team so far, although the Daggers commentary team ran them close.

I loved the Iffy Effiong passage of play when Mark Stallard said ‘that wasn’t his proudest 10 seconds’".

"If there was one criticism and its a minor one , its that they cut to another camera at times to early, but by far the best away stream this season".

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