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Ratings v Furlough'ers

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Pilling - 1 - It wasn't just one thing. He's small, Chesterfield identified that and piled the pressure on and he couldn't cope. He has to stop the goal. Kicking awful and taking lots of risks with the ball at his feet, at one point trying (unsuccessfully) to dribble past their striker. Stockport will target him.

Kelly-Evans - 4 - Part of a back 4 bullied by Chesterfield in the first half.
Rawlinson - 4 - As above.
Lacey - 3 - The worst of the back 4. Hoofing to nobody first half.

Miller - 3.5 - He's still not a defender. Crap distribution.

Doyle - 3 - Too slow. 
Reeves - 3 - Too slow and not enough quality.

Rodrigues - 2 - Incredibly poor. Lost the ball repeatedly. Delivery never beat the first man.
Enzio - 6 - The only one who escapes that **** show with any credibility. Beat his man, final ball lacking.

Sam - 3 - He's not good enough.

Wootton - 4.5 - He was OK. Linked up some play, missed half chances (didn't even contact the ball).

Knowles - 4 - Rubbish
Effiong - 2 - Donkey. 

Ardley's tactics - 0 - Awful. 3 immobile centre backs and Ardley's first half tactic: hoof it up to the three tree trunks. Surprisingly they dealt with that easily.


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Pilling 3 Should have saved that free kick, no excuses. Kicking terrible but did redeem himself with a good save at the end when Chesterfield broke.

DKE 4 Denied space in forward positions, hence the lack of crosses

Rawlinson 4.5 Coped reasonably against nimble forwards.

Lacey 4 Some loose passing

Miller 3.5 Defensively stretched. Was it his foul which gave the goal scoring free kick away?

Doyle 3.5 One horrendous hospital pass, mixed with some over hit passes

Reeves 3.5 Below par

Rodrigues 3.5 One great shot in the first 5 minutes. Again heavily marked . Dead balls not up to his usual standards

Enzio 4 Disagree with @Super_Danny_Allsopp rating. Some fleeting glimpses but not nearly enough for our allegedly most expensive current player

Sam 3.5 very frustrating because you want him to get into shooting positions. Never confident with his own touch at times, but still prefer him to Effiong's touch, which was appalling 

Wootton 4 He just couldnt bring others into play in the areas that matter


Knowles 3 Worked position to put in a great cross but fluffed it

Effiong 2 Beautifully put through to go in on goal yet his "touch" sent the ball 20 yards in front. #Unprofessional


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Hard to be objective after such a dismal display, but here's my ratings:

Pilling 4 - Looked dodgy throughout, their goal looked well within his reach, one great save at the death.
DKE 5 - Usual effort, but passing and crossing was poor.
Miller 5 - Got forward well, looks a bit suspect defensively.
Lacey 5 - Never got to grips with their forwards.
Rawlinson 5.5 - A difficult time at the back, at least he used the ball better than most.
Doyle 4 - Sloppy passing, did nothing creative.
Reeves 4 - See Doyle.
Enzio 6.5* - The only attacking spark we had. Tried to give the forwards something to work with.
Rodrigues 4 - Very poor. Too many wrong options and wasted every free kick we had in dangerous areas.
Wootton 4.5 - Didn't get much in the way of service, but was poor with the crumbs he had.
Sam 4 - A couple of decent runs but no end product.

Knowles 4.5 - Tried, but nothing came off for him.
Effiong 3 - Oh dear!

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Not much to disagree with above, so I'll add some random thoughts.

Pilling - Reminds me of Fitzsimons in that he looks a decent shot-stopper, but otherwise doesn't inspire confidence. Was caught dwelling on the ball a couple of times (once resulting in a ricochet that could have gone anywhere, including the net), and the goal was entirely preventable - low, not particularly hard and in the centre of the goal.

Enzio stood out because he at least tried to keep in on the deck and run at their defence. All too often we resorted to crosses, which seldom beat the first man. Rodders was the worst offender, but by no means the only one.

Wootton and Sam had so little service, it almost seems unfair to rate them. Sam tried to get involved, but was constantly caught in possession.

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