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Ratings v Unbiased Commentators

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Pilling - 6 - Dropped a couple again, took too many risks with ball at his feet again, made a couple of good saves again.

DKE - 5.5 - Not as good as he has been previously. Not enough contribution going forward.
Lacey - 7 - Dominated.
Rawlinson - 8 - Colossal. 
Barnet - 5 - Felt like Walker had the beating of him. Distribution poor at times and caught out positionally also.

Enzio - 5.5 - He was OK, but rarely threatened.
Doyle - 6.5 - Did his job well. Didn't give them too much space and passed well when he could.
Roofe - 5.5 - A bit more athleticism, but also his distribution was poor at times. Ran past the line on occasion.
O'Brien - 5.5 - He was decent, but unspectacular. 

Wootton - 5.5 - Feel sorry for him as his only service really was being hoofed up to him, but didn't win anything.
Rodrigues - 5.5 - Again, feel sorry for him as rarely given quality ball in space. 

Roberts - N/A - don't think he touched the ball, but great to see him back.
Knowles - N/A - don't think he touched the ball.

Ardley tactics - 3 - Some might see that as a point gained. I just don't see us winning the league if we can't beat that Stockport team. They can't score, neither can we and that's the sort of game you get. Too above average sides play out a bore draw.

A note for their commentators. I think they should have had about 27 penalties if their co-commentator was anything to go by, including for fouls done by their own players. Baffling attempt at being objective, despite repeatedly claiming to be. Highlight was when he repeated praise for the freekick, saying Pilling was nowhere near it.... he was right, because it was a good 4 feet the wrong side of the post and it hit the advertising board. 

For their goal, it's impossible to tell if Rooney was offside. I initially thought he looked offside, but despite their repeated claims that another player was onside, then later saying Rooney was onside too, they never showed us anything close to an angle that would've told you. Normally I'd take their word for it, but as they were so biased throughout, I'll reserve judgement. 

Why did they think that was a great game to watch? It wasn't! It was terrible. I can't remember a decent passage of play, all the chances came through swinging balls in with the wind, hardly Barcelona. 


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Pilling 6.5 Two great saves, one 1 on 1 and a match saving fro a direct free kick. Kicking is poor and one feels I am waiting for a mistake to happen.

DKE 5.5 Opposition teams now denying him the space in his forward runs. Difficult times defensively but held up under pressure well.

Rawlinson 7 MotM Headers and blocks

Lacey 6 Junior partner to Rawlinson, less able to dictate passing from the back

Barnett 5  a weaker performance but as DKEand Ruben get marked, he has more space down his side. Maybe not used to its best ability

Doyle 5 Increasingly making mistakes but as the king pin, couldnt get Notts going

JOB 5.5 Workmanlike but faded 2nd half

Rodrigues 5 Seemed an inability of the rest to feed him the ball.

Enzio 4.5 Tracking back so much better but gives away stupid free kicks. Brief attacking glimpses

Wolfe 4.5 Learning his trade but needed too much time on the ball

Wootton 5 No service, end of


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we need roberts and rodrigues to be the players who are prepared to take on the opposition when we are struggling to be creative. its good to have roberts back but it will naturally take a few games for him to settle in again.

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