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Ratings : Altrincham v Notts

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Steele 5

Rawlinson 5 More confortable in a back 4. One horrendous loss of possession could have cost a goal

Ellis 5 More comfortable on the ball

Turner 3 Thank you and goodnight. A mistake in possession waiting to happen

Brindley 5 better 1st half than 2nd

Barnett 4 Loses concentration at the back

Enzio 4.5 For all his talent, just mentally not up for the fight. One scuffed shot in a promising position

Ruben 6 Great free kick over the wall. Only player capable of ghosting by his man

Reeves 4 Swuare ball square ball repeat...

Doyle 4 legs have gone and so has his influence on the game

Wootton 5 Holds up the ball, yet another good chance missed


4 Chicksen...even when space ahead he just checks inside. Mistake at the back nearly cost us again

4 Knight ..little evidence to see where all his goals for BPA came from

4 Knowles First touch as bad as Eli's



Just check the BBC published formation?

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Steele 5 - Could have saved the goal but did make some decent saves when needed

Rawlinson 4 - Got up the line a few times but some simple errors and lack of urgency to get to the ball first almost allowed Alty in

Ellis 5 - Comfortable with the ball at his feet 

Turner 4 - Was ok in the first half with his passing, trying to link play with the strikers but still got an error in him

Brindley 4 - Decent first 20 making runs forward, then looked bored sh**less for the rest of the game

Reeves 4 - Too many sideways passes again. No cutting edge

Doyle 4 - Same as Reeves. Error prone in the first half

Barnett 4 - Tried to get balls into the box but if he's a footballer then I've got a chance still

Boldewijn 4 - I think he knows he's going. Just going through the motions

Wootton 4 - It's almost sad how out of form he is. Needs someone to pick up the pieces from him. Oh Kristian and Wes, where are you?

Rodrigues 6 - The only player who was going to make something happen for us. May as well have done it on his own


Chicksen/Knight/Knowles 4 - Didn't contribute anything to the game. Knowles seemed absolutely desperate either to give the ball away or get sent off

Off to the seaside next season for Grimsby and Southend

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Steele 3 This keeper will continue costing us points and all opposition managers should be instructing to shoot from anywhere.  It doesn't matter a great deal because our season is over.

Rawlinson 4 Doesn't play well in a back 3. Much more comfortable in a 2.

Ellis 5 Steady

Turner 4 He was OK, but he's just not a good footballer. Looks like he's playing in slow motion. 

Brindley 5.5 Nice to see him back. Cuts inside and is our best RB.

Barnett 4.5 He was OK when on. Stupid decisions in attacking third.

Enzio 2 Looked like he was about to trip over either the ball or his own feet. Created nothing, did nothing.

Ruben 6 Blows hot and cold, but clearly a step above those around him.

Reeves 1 Sick and tired of watching him try and play. Backwards, sideways, negative. When he does play it forward it always results in giving them possession. Joke of a footballer. 

Doyle 4.5 Good passer. 

Wootton 5 He was OK but wasn't likely to score. 


 Chicksen 5 - average

Knight 4 - Raw.

Knowles 3 - Looked to be helping them try and score rather than us.

Please just end this season so we can offload the deadwood.

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