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The Pride of Nottingham website has been upgraded, as a result some customisations and features have been disabled.

As I run through what requires work/fixes, please ensure you report any bugs.

Take note of any errors, or potential issues.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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20 hours ago, Chris said:

@Feral Fox: If you go to respond to it, does your text appear in the reply box? Text should automatically be saved.

If it's lost, unfortunately there's not much I can do.

Don’t expect you to do anything mate. Just flagging it up as the error occurred similar time to you putting up the thread here. No issue.

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@Feral Fox I know mate, usually text is saved by the editor but on this occasion it seems lost. Possibly due to the upgrade process/site going offline as you typed the comment - I did aim to do this in the early hours, though I wanted to make a start on the plugins etc.


Most features have been turned back on, there's a few third-party things that require upgrading but this will be done at the earliest oppatunity.

Example, the moods has been disabled.

(I had patched the CSS but it blocked the @mention and edit functions).

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