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Transfer Committee Comes Up Top Trumps


Back in mid-April, Notts County chairman Ray Trew announced during a radio interview that he would be creating a transfer committee at the club.

This would consist of six members – all unknown at the time of the interview – who would discuss each player, before the manager, Ricardo Moniz made his final decision, as any manager should do if the chosen players were good enough for the club.

After this interview, fans’ opinions were somewhat negative concerning the direction chosen by the club. The general opinion is that this would ultimately lead to bargain players being approved, as the general mood at the time was low.

However, nobody knew for sure how this would work out and regardless it was the direction in which the club opted to go for.

As the close season began, activity around Meadow Lane seemed very slow and fans hung onto any sort of transfer speculation linked with the club.

When Notts made their first signing, it seemed that the mission of the current board and manager was to settle the worries and minds of loyal fans.

The process of transfers is something generally handled on the quiet side at Meadow Lane it would seem. However, it wasn’t long before speculation and optimism started to creep into the fan base, with Ray Trew publicly voicing his thoughts on potential signings.

Notts quickly started being linked with European talent, namely from the Dutch and Belgian leagues where Moniz has managed or dealt with before. Even names within the English division seemed to impress the majority.

As the optimism increased, so did the transfers and, on merit, it seems that the transfer committee is doing a good job, as is Chief Scout Guy Branston who is heading the recruitment drive.

It’s a little too early to say if it’s a complete success, but looking at the business done and achieved by the committee so far, it is certainly showing other clubs how it needs to be handled.

With the club developing squad based on quality and not quantity, it’s easy to become excited when the players linked are of various skills and age ranges. It seems the five-step plan mentioned within local media really was the footprint for the success aimed towards the 2015-16 League Two campaign.

Personally, I am satisfied with the direction in which the club appears to be going. I am also very keen to see the season underway and for fans to quickly jump on board, as success on the field for me can only be measured by the fans in attendance and naturally if Notts do get off to a bright start, the players arriving could seal a brighter future for this football club.

It is a promising start for Notts, which does not warrant any sort of negativity remotely, and I am encouraged by the response I have seen.

Let’s hope this season is a successful one for us, so we can finally push on together in the right direction.

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The recruitment this season does appear to be taking more priority, which is a good thing and if by having a group of people who decide on the qualities a player possesses, maybe this will continue to help the Notts manager with his selection and of course the squad building process.

I agree it seems to be working, well done Notts. 

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It appears to be doing very, a slow start mind but it does take time for negotiations to start, then for it to lead anywhere.

I do have to say it looks all positive right now.

Access the right players, get the qualities we want and move forward. This should be how it works!

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Good read Joe, credit where its due.

I am not convinced anyone other than the manager should suggest or sign players, yet I admit there is no harm in discussing the players before that decision is made.

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Like the article, but I honestly feel that the transfer 'panel' is really GB or RM saying to Ray "we like this one can we have him" and Ray going "go on then. I'm in a good mood!"

In all seriousness the panel has got to be a good move for the club long term because we have been lumbered with players previously who have failed and failed spectacularly. This is not to say it wont happen again, but the more we do to involve other people in the decision, the more the responsibility is shared.

The concern was always that RM would loose his overriding vote in the panel, but it seems that the players in are all of his type and have some background with him or the countries he has managed in.

Good job Notts, all of you involved.

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hopefully its only the start of the success, any work that goes into signing the players must be demanding and after the previous seasons. i think its best that we changed our approach, i think if they all speak to the player and others the decision will be easier.

looks to have worked okay to now.

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Until we see the players come together and perform as a team in games that matter I will reserve judgment on how good a committee is but the Kop will soon tell if they get it wrong.


 As everything is to go to a committee will we need to start looking for emergency signings now, in order to get them by Christmas.


Do the panel have the football knowledge to tell who is an asset to the squad, and who should hang up their boots.


Are they in tune with Ricardo and what he requires to bring his plans together.


Maybe we should have our own version of X factor on Notts TV. Let every one get to choose. 6, 60 or 6000 votes the only person that matters is the manager.


I will ask what will happen if the side fails to jell, or we are "lumbered with players who have failed spectacularly". will the manager or the selectors get the boot... 

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Having lived in Australia for the past 9 years, this is how the Aussie Rules teams do it. They have a recruitment committee, which the head coach sits on but is by no means the final say. As there's no buying and selling of players, only trades and the draft of the best kids in the land, the recruitment process is vital. You stuff up a first round draft pick, or worse 2 or 3 in a row, and your club has little to no chance of success in the proceeding few years. My team (the Western Bulldogs) absolutely screwed it up between 2007-11, hence we've been down the bottom. Since then the recruitment manager changed and we've picked up some absolute gems, and the future is looking bright.

So I guess what I'm saying is that it is a process which is the norm in some sports, and by all accounts some of the signings Notts have made are quality, so it appears to have worked. But only time will tell!

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I think the system does the chance to work under its own merit, by the basis of the signings it would seem Ricardo is bringing useful contacts and the words used by those signings highlight a want to be a Notts County player.

I am more than prepared to see the club try anything which the aim is to make us a successful football club.

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