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  1. Ellie_Pie10

    Who Was In This Film/movie?

    Russell Crowe-Robin Hood Matt Bomer
  2. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Bedtime,squishy and Little Kids StarWars
  3. Ellie_Pie10

    Would you rather?....

    Do things by myself SOMETIMES depends Would you rather have a powerful Computer or a moderate computer?
  4. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Red,Gooey and Sticky Lego
  5. Ellie_Pie10

    Would you rather?....

    Maths Would you rather play with Lego or mobabile?
  6. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Listen,sound and can be colourful Pillow
  7. Ellie_Pie10

    Would you rather?....

    Win Properly Would you rather Climb mount Everest Or Run a Marethon?
  8. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Water,blue and float Butterflys
  9. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Boring sometimes,food and LOUD Spongebob
  10. Ellie_Pie10

    Would you rather?....

    Paper Would you rather read a book or write a book?
  11. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Plastic,Sticks and Build Candles
  12. Ellie_Pie10

    Would you rather?....

    Be Honest Would you rather ride a car or a Motorbike?
  13. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Clothes,shop and plants Strawberrys
  14. Ellie_Pie10

    The First Thoughts Game

    Open door,unlock and boring colour Glitter/lava lamp
  15. Ellie_Pie10

    Would you rather?....

    Play an Instrument Would you rather play a piano or a Violin?

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