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  1. Iconic view, lovely place to walk and unwind too.
  2. Hello Super, Please pass on my well wishes to your wife, I hope @GrannyPie is feeling much better now. Infections can be tricky things to cope with so I am pleased that she is on the mend.
  3. I, like others refuse to trust anything Alan Hardy says. He's not relevant now anyway so who cares.
  4. It looks like Boyes was left in as a clue as the third, unless its a mistake. I am happy with the two confirmed.
  5. Rather than putting him on furlong, I would be inclined to work with him and encourage him to return. He knows how bad COVID can be, as it's been confirmed that he had caught it. I think Notts can highlight how they've managed to reduce the chances of players catching it. I do not know if he's got a new born or not, I have read this. It's a difficult situation for all, but getting Wes Thomas back on the pitch would be a goal I would try to achieve if I was the manager.
  6. Some cities are big enough to warrant two big teams, such as Liverpool. Others aren't as much. This reminds me of when the council purposed that Notts merged with Forest, it just won't work.
  7. Good player, one who will improve with more game time and better players around him. He will go on to be like Curtis Thompson. Missed opportunity by Notts to develop him as a player that would set a standard for other young professionals coming through, it just shows the doors closed and not prepared to take the time to give our own young players the game time needed to improve.
  8. To be challenging for promotion shows positive signs, the most important being that we have a squad that is capable of playing well enough to be in the mix for promotion. Last season, Notts lost to a better side and it could be said it was unlucky not to have the 12th man advantage if fans was able to attend. That could've lifted the players spirits but I do feel pleased to see the club heading in the right direction. No gambles, just a steady plan and a natural progression.
  9. Good win, up to 3rd now and Enzio slowly got more involved as the game progressed. His pass to assist Kyle Wootton deserves some praise, he could've easily gone it alone.
  10. Steve Cotterill is experienced enough to get them moving in the right direction, it's a good appointment in my eyes.
  11. Tom Walker is an exciting player, if Notts gets him involved more it could unlock the game.
  12. Mine would be Arthur Mann, a cracking player for Notts.
  13. A greener space in the city centre would be nice, with food outlets and a better shopping experience would be idea. Broadmarsh could be much bigger if it was built correctly, in the day I preferred it over the Victoria Centre.
  14. Jason Turner always provides an insight into club matters no matter what, I appreciate his openness and willingness to address any potential concerns before the fan base starts asking the questions. It's a smart way to address things.
  15. Maradona will always be remembered for his special talent, on the international stage he made a lot of World Cup's more entertaining. I have never felt angered by what he did against England back in 1986, there was a lot of players that would dive or do other cheating antics. It's more common these days to see the theatrics on the pitch, even Thierry Henry handled the ball for France in order for them to qualify. His persona was also entertaining off the pitch, but his demons and constant drug abuse was always alarming. It does still hit home that such a gifted talent could unexpectedly pass on like this.
  16. Diego Maradona has died aged 60, love or hate him he was a great player that excited fans on the pitch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54810392
  17. With all the stopping and re-starting, the strikers will be effected IMO but at least Sam is off the mark.
  18. Good performance and result, but to be expected.
  19. Absolutely, I agree. I don't think he takes the Nations League as serious as other competitions, which is his agenda but England should be more attacking minded.
  20. Good to be saying hello @TheMagpieCircle, I enjoy your videos. Welcome.
  21. I believe Joshua is referring to his work rate and effort of putting himself about the place, not his defensive ability. Butch played a big part in keeping Notts up. Not just because he scored the vital goal that gave the club safety, but because he never stopped running, never stopped trying.
  22. I can't say I want Neal Ardley gone either, I think he has done a good job so far and it has the potential to go either way. One note I would like to add, the football has been a lot better under him. We look like a team and are able to play it on the ground. I do feel Notts would benefit from a bit of hoof ball from time to time but I see the importance with insisting that it comes back down to the floor.
  23. The biggest question will be what will the players fitness levels be like? Defensively Notts cut off when the energy levels start to fade which leads to those mistakes we all know. I'm hopeful, but I see a draw to be truthful.

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