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  1. Notts rode their luck in the first half, the plan worked out in the second.
  2. If Notts moves the ball quickly and with purpose, the team looks like a very good side. Issue is those individual mistakes. I think Neal Ardley sees the bigger picture but doesn't understand some of what happens before his own eyes. He's very defensive of some of the players.
  3. There is cover, Tom Crawford can do well but he has to match his work rate in those important games he gets. Likewise for any other fringe player.
  4. I would have preferred the first game to be at Meadow Lane, but I think Notts can progress if they play well. It won't be like Coventry in the League Two playoffs, win or lose they've given their all.
  5. Just keep living your life, it's to short to worry about these things.
  6. Welcome to the community @Jenny Wakeford, hope you enjoy PON.
  7. Good addition, I thought he looked good. One of those players who want to play and do well, you can see that. Bigger test coming up, I think he should start in the next league game.
  8. Yeah, two legged. I almost fell off my seat when I read about this on the official site. Credit to the new boys, both teams deserve praise but the cleanliness of Notts shown. Yes, we are a few levels higher, but the eagerness to do well and start brightly shown most.
  9. Just seen this @super_ram, happy birthday. I hope you and your wonderful family are all well, send my regards to @GrannyPie. All the best.
  10. Reading between the lines, I think the league will have told them to make sure it doesn't happen again. They can't control the weather but as a club, they could be more prepared. Taking the cover off the pitch well before the kick off seems risky. The club could have done their pitch refurbishments sooner, so I would assume they have been warned.
  11. 3 more seasons maybe, it's hard to say. He could light up the league or end up being one of those the club releases. It's down to getting the most out of him while he is here.
  12. Hopefully, I agree. It's interesting to see Ardley start long, but leave out this lad despite DKE only covering.
  13. Let it be, I am sure next season the club will review this and think that they could have done more by the early bird purchases. We are in this together.
  14. It might take him a few games to get going, but I do feel Notts needs Alex Lacey back.
  15. Welcome to PON @joeheadland.
  16. Win or lose, the club still has the playoffs. Wembley would be nice but I don't think the game has a lot of importance in truth. The draws okay, I wish the underdogs all the best.
  17. Pleased to see that cover has been added, is Bakayogo injured then or just out of favour? I know Damien McCrory is out for a few weeks.
  18. Show no fear, respect them but just take on their players. If Roberts and Enzio took on their men, it would eventually lead to nerves creeping in if they keep pushing.
  19. One of the worst conditions a human can suffer from, as it slowly destroys you.
  20. My first game was in the 71/72 season against Leyton Orient. It wasn't a league game, but Notts beat them in the cup 3-1 at Meadow Lane.
  21. I don't think the club should be putting the commentary as a reason to purchase the PiesPlayer.
  22. Agreed, if you don't watch the highlight runs its a joke.
  23. Enjoyable article, do I remember right they they did a similar piece on Alan Smith when we signed him?
  24. If the commented player is keen to come here and do well, I would take him. I'm not fussed who Notts works with, at times it will be a smaller big club but its down to Notts to prove can help.
  25. Football Radar has the potential of flipping the club in the right direction and could have played a big role in this seasons recruitment. I would like to see the stats compiled for the youth players, so that the coaches can get the best out of them.

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