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  1. I couldn't possibly say. I don't get the obsession with Notts fans with not being able to give a manager a few seasons to do something right, even if it doesn't start off well. The foundations of success can take years to built, and I think Neal Ardley has done well to say there have been some major limitations thrown his way. If he hadn't of built a squad due to the sale or lack of it, where would Notts be? Improving is something that will take time. I think some managers like Ardley try to avoid complicating things, he probably demands respect and effort, those that give it might have earned his loyalty. Midfield does look like an area which could use some improvements.
  2. It could be the thing that helps right now, if you have a bit of poor form or the performances isn't up to scratch than having some bonding time could release some pressure.
  3. I have limited knowledge of what the bench is like or how good the fringe players are, it seems some are struggling to find their feet but lets face it this season was always going to be one of those where the club would be in a transitional period.
  4. I might not know many people in person on PON, but I do enjoy seeing what @super_ram has to say and I am pleased @GrannyPie is well. You have a wonderful family. Have a great birthday Super, hope you get mobbed by your grandchildren.
  5. It seems a little bizarre to take a lad on loan for only cover, the parent club must see it makes the loan worthless? Sending him somewhere he's likely to start especially if he's considered to have a bright future is the only thing that makes sense. This doesn't to me.
  6. I'll be listening to the coverage online via the PiesPlayer, I think Notts might be the team setup to be defensive. I can see them attacking from the word go, they might not be able to break us down easily but I think a side like them will have done their home work.
  7. The history, it would be easy for me to forget about the club since I am here in the U.S but I feel connected to them more than ever with the invention of the internet. If you spend years supporting a club, you have to find something you enjoy. Notts will never be the easiest club to support, but I can see that many of the other fans around the club share the same enjoyment as I do. I wished I could attend more games, however, it's not practical and moving back to the UK although appealing for the football. It's not practical now, since I have decided to settle down. The enjoyment of supporting a club like Notts is holding onto the fond memories and fighting during the tough times. I'd like to think it makes the club stronger in the long term.
  8. @meg_walshx how did your trip to Skegness go? I bet it was a bit breezy there! I haven't been for a very long time. The past week, I have been sorting stuff out with the house. I'm considering renting one or two rooms to give me some company around the house, a few locals have expressed interest. I like my privacy, but spending time doing the bloody thing up and occasionally socializing in the nearest bar, well I miss work.
  9. I have zero interest in the Premier League now, but I think the honors should go first to those who have succeeded in the history of the league.
  10. No chance over here, but if you collect coins and require someone to keep a look here in the States I am more than happy to do it. Some of the coins here are really something!
  11. The club may think about it when the times right and then do something about it, it's hard to say that Lifeline members don't deserve a thank you for helping the club through a difficult time. All the money seems to be helping Notts, so I am all for that.
  12. It's been mentioned, but it's not dominant in the US news. I believe they have a new case but reports are few and far between. Just clean your hands with soapy water or alcohol based hand cleaner and, avoid coaching or sneezing on someone else. That's how it spreads, no fear if you take the right precautions.
  13. I'm relying on you guys for the information, I feel like the recent form will see Notts drop out of the playoffs but I would like to think the club can finish the season off within them. At this stage I dare not say, a few wins might change my mind.
  14. The club has every right to voice their opinion, I do feel the National League should have listened more to Notts but at this stage we have to get on with it. There's nothing else that can be done by us.
  15. I would welcome other fans ratings or thoughts, it's always good to see them.
  16. It all depends on his happiness, how he progresses and what he achieves here. I would like to see him reach at least 3 years, this will give Notts time to find other players around his age to build a long term squad.
  17. Neal Ardley sees the team train, we as fans do not. He's aware of the players attitudes, what makes them tick and will have studied the opposition. Notts won't win every game, Ardley won't make every correct call and he will get things wrong. Provided Notts aren't near the relegation during his reign under the new era. These types of games need to be forgotten, I am sure the players will want to put it right. You can't celebrate a win, if you overreact by a poor defeat in my opinion.
  18. He's not a player I am all that familiar with, I can't comment on his time at Notts either. He sounds like one of those who may fall under the radar.
  19. This season has always been a work in progress type thing, to make the cup final could be a good boost. At the moment I don't think the poor league form is to do with the cup, it looks more like a run of poor form but Notts should bounce back. I think it's likely that the club will make at least one visit to Wembley this season.
  20. Good to see him introduced to the Football Hall of Fame. He's a player that deserves to be listed as he came into football with Norwich and did very well for them, among other clubs.
  21. Welcome to PON @joeheadland, say hello when you can.
  22. Poor result but only because it seems Notts never got going, I don't know how much the weather impacted this but I thought Notts would have done better. We can't be too disheartened.
  23. Give him chance, he may do better if everyone else isn't a sitting duck or underperforming.
  24. Useful information shared, I have a laptop which is running Windows 10 but I haven't installed any antivirus software as of yet.
  25. Fantastic article! Thank you for sharing it @Piethagoram.

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