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  1. Sounds like a sensible idea to extend the tram network, if it goes along the embankment it would miss a lot of traffic.
  2. Firstly happy birthday Denno! His best goal this season is against Aldershot in my humble opinion, but all of his goals have been important. Take them away, we wouldn't have many of the points we do now.
  3. Neal Ardley needs to show more faith in him and give him more game time, even if it means bringing him on late into a game.
  4. I'm glad that he's proving himself, Notts needs that. He should be above Rose in the pecking order right now.
  5. I hope we hear some more news on the radio tonight, someone told me at Barrow that Slocombe has been training more. I don't usually buy rumours but it sounds like he's getting close, he will be a huge return.
  6. I no longer collect things, I used to and I have a lot from the 80's and 90's stored away.
  7. Family and the habit of going, Saturday's especially wouldn't be the same without watching Notts.
  8. I would take the league, it means more and if the club don't go up sooner or later, I do question how long some of the supporters will remain coming to games? It makes more sense to focus on where the club can actually progress.
  9. Its good to pick up a win like this on the road, it comes as a surprise but we do have a good side. It just takes a bit to get it out, think the sending off changed everything but still feel the points would have been ours.
  10. There's a lot of scaremongering going on, with these things there always is. Just take care and be mindful of bugs.
  11. Hello @Alex, plenty of friendly faces here which you might have seen already. Welcome from me. It's great to see you joining in.
  12. Terrible performance no way around it, lucky to leave with 3 points but a win is a win. Only a handful of players did really well. Jim O'Brien should have started in my eyes, they looked wasteful and poor. A good Notts should have walked over them, I'm not sure why after Notts went 1-0 the game took such a twist but the same level of application from the players was needed but it simply wasn't there.
  13. Got there in the end, the pitch looked crap still but the game was playable.
  14. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham Jenny.
  15. Red and Brown, Ketchup in the fridge but brown in the cupboard.
  16. It's a signing that should give the club a boost, if he's got goals in him, great because we need them right now.
  17. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @joeheadland.
  18. I don't know if the recent league form is down to the cup, I just feel like its something that should be made aware of.
  19. Very poor, looked clueless and nervous throughout the game. He just didn't look like someone who knew what to do, his inexperience shown.
  20. Very poor display from Notts, the squad looked clueless on the pitch and lack any sort of game plan. The new keeper and the CB had a nightmare of a game. It's hard to just blame them, the whole squad just played very poorly.
  21. AVG has been used at my work place in the past and did the job well.
  22. I wouldn't worry about it at this stage, I think fans just have to sit back and go for the ride.

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