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  1. i feel confident notts will win but i dont think it will be easy by any means, notts will probably play well but struggle to score at first.
  2. Peterborough United 0-2 Barnsley Stoke City 2-0 Blackburn Rovers Bolton Wanderers 0-0 Cheltenham Town Plymouth Argyle 0-1 Wigan Athletic Northampton Town 0-1 Leyton Orient Swindon Town 2-0 Harrogate Town Grimsby Town 2-1 Boreham Wood Wrexham 0-1 Bromley joker
  3. in his interview the media team person mentioned he would be playing as a wing back, not sure who he would replace unless we have injuries?
  4. nothing at notts would surprise me, we have the horrible habit of allowing players to leave on a free. i would not begrudge kyle wootton for moving on, but i would hope that sees notts gave him the platform to flourish and therefore would sort something out so that he could leave helping the club obtain a fee.
  5. this is brilliant, nice that it can be shared and downloaded.
  6. saturday should be a better result, take the draw but try to go on a winning streak. the past two games could really have been better.
  7. by now i think we should be defending better in situations like this, eastleigh deserved the win. good goals but poor on our part.
  8. he never seems to give the ball away stupidly either, just calm passing and moving into an area to support. average ratings for the rest of the team.
  9. i think if you are with people who can laugh and not take it to seriously, then quizzes can be great fun. even if other teams go over the top with them, a group laughing together can distract that. on my own i like having a go, but prefer them with others.
  10. if the clubs allows ruben to leave on a free or less than £1m then i would be disappointed.
  11. this is quite the shame as i hoped we could extend his stay, he looks a very solid upcoming keeper and the way hes been doing, i think sam slocombe would have had to wait to get back in goal due to the performances. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2021/november/patterson-kean-announcement-191121/
  12. he was right by rawlinson a lot of the time, it looked like a 451 formation with taylor drifting into the middle. in the first 30 mins, chicksen was terrible. his header gave them the opportunity to score their second goal.
  13. i dont think he should play as a cb either, i much prefer cameron filling out wide when cover there is needed. he knows to get back and to defend, chicksen looked like he did not want to leave where he stood.
  14. palmer also only signed a one year deal, so its important that rodrigues, palmer and wootton are given new deals. i think the pr work with showing rubens family round meadow lane is an attempt to show him how we value him.
  15. disappointed by the ways rochdale scored but its football, i thought we gave a good account of ourselves and as others keep saying its time to get out of this league.
  16. Middlesbrough 1-1 Millwall Swansea City 0-1 Blackpool Fleetwood Town 2-1 Morecambe Sunderland 0-0 Ipswich Town Barrow 1-0 Crawley Town Bristol Rovers 1-2 Tranmere Rovers Barnet 0-2 Torquay United Woking 1-0 Stockport County joker
  17. eastleigh always give us a game and they tend to come out on top, i think they have won us twice in recent years at their ground? i know we lost the opening game against them. i think they also beat us last season. something for the current form to be wary of.
  18. shows more behind a training session and the tactics, i would hate for notts to do something like this as it would benefit the teams we play.
  19. the first goal for them is beautiful play, its annoying how we fell for that as it seems a training ground move. once in position of putting in a cross, it was always going in.
  20. i had someone on twitter mention that they liked how the ref allowed things to go which is fair enough, but at times there was clear fouls on notts players and he would not give them. it came across as very biased in the first half, i dont recall how many fouls they got but it does not take away from clear fouls not being rewarded. it was almost like he would not give notts any decisions, especially on kyle wootton who was heavily manhandled at times. i would not say he cost notts the game, the defending did that and chicksen being awful. but i do think he was poor giving advantages to the away team when at times words should have been had at the minimum. i think rochdale played well, so good luck to them but both their goals come across as things we should do better with.
  21. i think if notts can score early or even get the first goal, they will be able to retain the lead but i have the feeling it will go to penalties instead. rochdale looked a decent team from what i have seen, they play as one and we need to be careful not to treat them like we have already won. i do think morale is high for us right now but if rochdale scores first, then i think it will be a draw and pens to decide.
  22. if only i could hit half of 10 more often, i think i would be much higher. plus if i did not forget.
  23. i dont think on social media notts interacts that well with fans personally, there is times but it seems like they interact more with people known to them. also, the difference between what they do to reach out for fans suffering. they go above and beyond for some but do little for others. its the same with the deaths in families and i find it saddening. we are all equal. getting mark draper back would be good, he was wasted as the kit man last time.
  24. i like how hes connecting and spending more time with the fans, its really nice to see. he said in one of his interviews how he speaks to the fans who go into the suites at meadow lane before games, i think things like this shows his commitment as its a nice tough. his interviews are fine, i dont find them boring. i have other peoples in the past.

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